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J.R.R Tolkienin kesken j nyt myyttinen kertomus luomansa maailman, Ardan, Esiajoista ja Silmarilien kohtalosta , jota h n ty sti 1910 luvulta kuolemaansa saakka.Christopher Tolkien kokosi ja toimitti is ns kuoleman j lkeen t m n j lkeenj neist papereista teoksen nimelt Silmarillion, jossa Esiaikojen tarinat ovat suurin piirtein siin j rjestyksess kuin C Tolkien aJ.R.R Tolkienin kesken j nyt myyttinen kertomus luomansa maailman, Ardan, Esiajoista ja Silmarilien kohtalosta , jota h n ty sti 1910 luvulta kuolemaansa saakka.Christopher Tolkien kokosi ja toimitti is ns kuoleman j lkeen t m n j lkeenj neist papereista teoksen nimelt Silmarillion, jossa Esiaikojen tarinat ovat suurin piirtein siin j rjestyksess kuin C Tolkien arvioi is ns halunneen Varsinaisen Silmarilien tarun Quenta Silmarillion lis ksi teokseen kuuluu nelj lyhyemp kertomusta sek liiteosa.Teoksen p teemoja ovat vallanhimon ja luovuuden v linen ristiriita sek kaiken katoavaisuus.

  • Title: Silmarillion
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien Christopher Tolkien Kersti Juva
  • ISBN: 9789510091036
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Silmarillion J R R Tolkienin kesken j nyt myyttinen kertomus luomansa maailman Ardan Esiajoista ja Silmarilien kohtalosta jota h n ty sti luvulta kuolemaansa saakka Christopher Tolkien kokosi ja toimitti


    I had tried to read this book multiple times in the past and had basically given up, but I finally realised that I was attempting to read it the wrong way I was trying to read The Silmarillion like I have read and reread LOTR, as a story, an epic story of course, but still a story Now, while The Silmarillion is of course partially a story, it is at least for me first and foremost a religious type document, a biblical, mythological account of the Elder Days of Middle Earth So this time, I read Th [...]

    The Crimson Fucker

    Ever since I joined GR I ve been putting off the writing of this book s review but since I m high as fuck on cold medicine I feel like I can do it so here suffer thru it Along long time ago a little 3rd world kid with an afro became fascinated of what he read on the internet about some British writer named Tolkien he wanted his books it became his obsession so he embarked on a quest to find his books and read the shit out of them but alas The book was no where to be found on his dumb little isla [...]

    Bookdragon Sean

    Writing a review of the Silmarillion is like trying to review the Bible Where do you even start There s just so much story in here Any attempt to convey it in a review would be to do the book a massive disservice There would only ever be enough space to talk about one or a few elements of the work So instead I thought I d give my reasoning as to why every Tolkien enthusiast needs to read this in order to fully understand Tolkien the sheer depth of the work It is said by the Eldar that in water t [...]


    Buddy re read with Shii I ve been contemplating whether or not to tackle the challenge of actually reviewing this masterpiece for quite some time now In the end, after having finished reading it for the second time, I realised that I should at least throw out my thoughts on it So here we go This is in my eyes the most impressive book ever written.Notice how I did not say best That was completely intentional I do not believe it is the best book ever written, even though I know others think so, an [...]


    The Silmarillion is a must read for any Tolkien fan It s filled with legendary characters, great history and amazing places Also Beren and L thien stares dreamily into space


    How To Build A Truly Convincing Fantasy World1 It s all about the language Make sure your world s language is convincing, and you re pretty much there Conversely, if your language sucks then everything else will.2 Your book can t include than a few sentences in your invented language without losing your audience But it can include plenty of names So what people will really judge you on is the quality of the names.The rest of this review is available elsewhere the location cannot be given for po [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani

    The Silmarillion, J.R.R Tolkien 2009 1385 455 9648249407 1386 624 9643342662 1393 9786007721070


    Sauron was become now a sorceror of dreadful power, master of shadows and of phantoms, foul in wisdom, cruel in strength, misshaping what he touched, twisting what he ruled, lord of werewolves his dominion was torment.Ah, Sauron, Maia of Aul beyond doubt the singularly most enthralling antagonist whom I encountered as a young reader, possessing all of the malevolence and dark charisma and naked power of Satan, but unhobbled by the multi aspectual morphology of Christian theology and popular cult [...]

    Charlotte May

    Oh woe begotten spirit, fall now into dark oblivion, and forget for a while the dreadful doom of life I must admit I struggled Though I love the Lord of the Rings and the Middle Earth Universe with all of my heart, tackling a large part of its history in this manner was tough going The world Tolkien created is absolutely extraordinary, without a doubt Unfortunately The Silmarillion is written as a long history or mythology of biblical proportions Name after name, battle after battle, son after s [...]


    Though I had many near misses with The Silmarillion throughout the years having been introduced to Tolkien s universe by discovering The Hobbit in my school s library in 5th grade , I finally slogged my way through it during the summer after my sopho year of college The first two years of my undergraduate degree were rather gruelling, and I wanted, than anything else at that time, to just read a bunch of books I wasn t required to read After making my way through The Complete Sherlock Holmes, I [...]

    James Trevino

    Time for James s unpopular opinion I liked this better than The Lord of the Rings Before saying I am crazy, hear me out actually, if you have nothing better to do, then read this review if you have, then I gave this 5 stars, so you know my opinion anyway See, you can t say I don t care for your time Silmarillion tells the tale of the making of the world by Eru, the God of Middle Earth and all that followed through the first two ages of creation, up until the events described in The Hobbit and LO [...]


    The Silmarillion is difficult to read and I don t think it is even meant to be read straight through like a novel Another reviewer put it best when he said The Silmarillion is like the Bible, it s the Bible of Middle Earth It s the magical setting of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and it tells the history of the place, the inhabitants, the languages, and the legends that came before Bilbo and Frodo For you Ring fanatics, you haven t finished the story until you ve read the history.


    The first fantasy book I ever read and still my all time favorite That said, it s not for everybody It s been compared to the Old Testament, and that s still the best analogy if you think that Moses leading his people out of Egypt is the stuff of grand drama, then this is the book for you, Tolkien fan or not If you don t, then you probably ought to give The Silmarillion a pass, no matter how much you liked Tolkien s other work This is not Lord of the Rings Plus it s quite literally the Old Testa [...]


    Buddy read with Markus Is this book really that hard to read No, if you take it the right way This books was not written to make readers like an specific plot twist or character No This book is solely the recompilation of various tales that happened in the world where The Lord of the Rings was settled in, from the beautifully written Ain lindale and the creation of E , to the end of the Third Age and the Fading Years.That being said, you ll understand that it s not odd at all to find chapters en [...]

    Jonathan Terrington

    In my humble opinion, The Silmarillion is the greatest work Tolkien almost finished It is by far difficult to read than The Lord of the Rings which I already expressed my love for earlier in the year after completing my re read or The Hobbit but its greatness is found in the way it mixes together epic fantasy, mythology and linguistics to create a grand tale of creation and destruction.Part of what I love so much about Tolkien s entire Middle Earth story is that there is a cycle as to how event [...]

    Ana Tijanić

    Ne znam iz kog razloga do sada nisam itala TolkinaKako god, moja prva knjiga ovog pisca, svakako ne i poslednja.Na po etku be e konfuzijaMali milion imena bo anstava duhova i vilenjaka na jednom mestu.Bilo je ono Ko be e ovaj , Da li je to Valar, Majar ili vilenjak , Dobro bre, jesi li ti debil pa ne mo es da zapamti likove, kako uop te misli da nastavi sa knjigom Uhhhh D Me utim, kako knjiga odmi e, sve se vra a na svoje mesto zbog toga to se imena likovai opisi istih vi e puta pojavljuju ponav [...]

    Kyriakos Sorokkou

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    I love messy elf drama.Super excited to kick off my Tolkien re reads with this one I think I actually enjoyed this the second time around It can be, admittedly, a little bit dry at times and I definitely enjoy certain chapters stories than others, but I adore the world, so it s always a fairly enjoyable read tbh I picked up on things that I missed the last time I read it it s just a little bit lore heavy, so that s understandable Also just about everyone has at least 2 3 names each, so trying [...]


    To me, The Silmarillion is the crown jewel of Tolkien s work the silmaril, if you will I knew the basic themes long before I started the book, and after The Lord of the Rings I also knew that The Silmarillion would be what I had been waiting for The concept was not only radically new in its time, but is still unique in any given time frame a made up cosmogony and mythology well, it always is of a made up world, inhabited of made up peoples, made up history, made up languages etc Everything start [...]


    A reread I read this the first time in April 1992, during my second trip to London I ve been there many times since, and do want to go again NOTE This book is the prequel to the Hobbit LOTR books, and if you haven t yet read those two, the ending of this book has spoilers for both.The book first parts being written down in 1917 is divided in five parts the first two books deal with creation and prehistory, then comes the main part which deals with the quest to get the Silmarils, plus various sto [...]

    Peter Meredith

    Warning, this book is for Tolkien junkies only It is not for casual readers of Tolkien not the Hobbit was kinda fun, wasn t Bilbo cute sort of readers In fact I believe it might be prerequisite that in order to enjoy The Silmarillion, one must have read The Lord of the Rings a minimum of three times I am one such dedicated dweeb so I love it.


    It s not really a review, of an extra long recap way spoiler heavy links to each post are here.Heavy Spoilers below.Look Here s the deal with The Silmarillion If you re not a huge Tolkien nerd, you re probably going to throw your hands up in disgust, swearing and tearing your hair out after the first two pages.Even if you are a huge Tolkien nerd, if you generally skip past the songs in LotR and the Hobbit or can t handle creation myths you will probably end up like the people in the first group [...]


    This book was probably not the way to be introduced to the LotR world I d never seen any of the animated movies The new movies hadn t come out yet I d never even picked up any of the books Then this book was assigned as part of the course I was taking The prolgue about the creation of the world was beautiful and amazing And it fooled me into think the rest of the book would be just as good Parts of it read like the Bible And so and so begot so and so And so and so The rest of it was dry, dull an [...]

    Scarlet Cameo

    En el principio Eru, que en la lengua lfica es llamado Il vatar, hizo a los Ainur de su pensamiento y ellos hicieron una Gran M sica delante de l En esta m sica empez el mundoContinu ndo con la aventura de leer completo el Legendarium de Tolkien llega El Simarillion , la clase de libro sobre el que no tengo idea de como hablar C mo juzgas la obra de una vida C mo hablas de la manera que tiene Tolkien de explotar y dar tantos matices a su tema recurrente a.k.a la obsesi n De que manera hablas de [...]




    Final rating 6 5 starsSo, i finally finished Silmarillion I thought it would take me longer than 5 days, but i have never been so wrong What had driven me to read this was the movie adaptation of Hobbit, and since i have never read anything of Tolkien before, i decided to do it now D I am glad i did, because this book is epic really epic and amazing The history of Middle Earth was full of tragic stories and tragic families, and especially tragic love stories Most of them ended tragically so to s [...]

    Ebster Davis

    My little sister just started reading this and was telling me about it I was surprised with how much I remembered from this book We talked about the characters at the beginning of the book the Valar and Maiar, what each one s personality is like I still remember Feanor was my favorite elf even though most people don t like him And the first heartbreaking friendship between an elf and a human and how awesome Tinuviel was Tolkien didn t just write stories, he created legends It may be long and inv [...]

    David Sarkies

    Legends of the Elven People24 November 2017 Sydney If there is one phrase that can describe this book and that it is an epic tale of Biblical proportions In fact the style of the prose is as if it were written by an ancient historian, but considering that Tolkien was familiar with many of the ancient legends this is not at all surprising The thing is that this story in fact spans three entire ages of history and doesn t contain any single hero, though there is one noticeable villain throughtout [...]

    Chad Warner

    I love this book each time I read it Full of tales of the history and cultures of Middle Earth, it tells its own engaging legends, and also adds depth to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings The Silmarillion contains greater good, darker evil, fiercer rivalries, and vaster armies than those books Tolkien, a Christian, included many parallels to Christian theology, including themes such as God s sovereign plan, the consequences of pride, the Fall, divine judgement, and good and evil The book isn [...]

    Wayne Barrett

    I love this book.A a teen in the late 70 s I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy and to this day they stand as my all time favorite story ever I ve read them, read them to my children and reread them to my self several times Many times I have heard people say that the one thing that bothered them most about LOTR is all the names, places and history mentioned that they do not understand That is one of the reasons why I love The Silmarillion so much Even though it is not usually ment [...]

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