Feb 24, 2020
A Profecia Do Juízo Final
Posted by Scott Mariani

Quando o ex operacional do SAS Ben Hope resolve desistir da sua vida de resgate de v timas de rapto e voltar aos seus estudos de teologia, que abandonara anos antes, devia ter percebido que o Destino acabaria por decidir de outro modo De imediato tem um pedido de um professor amigo para que procure a filha Zo Bradbury, uma arque loga b blica que desapareceu na Gr cia semQuando o ex operacional do SAS Ben Hope resolve desistir da sua vida de resgate de v timas de rapto e voltar aos seus estudos de teologia, que abandonara anos antes, devia ter percebido que o Destino acabaria por decidir de outro modo De imediato tem um pedido de um professor amigo para que procure a filha Zo Bradbury, uma arque loga b blica que desapareceu na Gr cia sem deixar rasto Ben em breve se encontra envolvido na mais perigosa miss o at ao momento Qual o antigo segredo b blico que Zo descobriu E quem est disposto a fazer seja o que for para o proteger medida que a investiga o o leva da Gr cia para o Sul dos Estados Unidos e por fim cidade sagrada de Jerusal m, descobre que n o s o apenas as vidas de Zo e a dele pr prio que est o em jogo, mas as de milh es de pessoas As hip teses de xito s o aterradoramente baixas enquanto Ben corre a tentar impedir um desastre que poder desencadear nada menos do que o pontap de sa da para o Apocalipse, tal como predito no Livro do Apocalipse

  • Title: A Profecia Do Juízo Final
  • Author: Scott Mariani
  • ISBN: 9789896571498
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Profecia Do Ju zo Final Quando o ex operacional do SAS Ben Hope resolve desistir da sua vida de resgate de v timas de rapto e voltar aos seus estudos de teologia que abandonara anos antes devia ter percebido que o Destino


    Let s round it up to 3.5 stars Come on , bring us a detailed rating system Scott Mariani continues to impress with his third novel in the Ben Hope series With continued enthusiasm, Mariani pushes Hope to the brink to entertain readers until the final pages Having made a promise to his wife that he would retire from this dangerous life once and for all, Ben Hope formally retirement With distant thoughts of life in the SAS and then as a kidnap and ransom operative, Hope attends a local wedding, r [...]


    A fast paced thrilling story of kidnap, power struggles, political machinations, bribery and religion Ben Hope is his usual magnificent well trained one man fighting machine and war zone rolled into one At times I did wonder why he was eliminating so many people just for one spoilt selfish bratty rich girl However as always the book was a page turner with unexpected twists along the way It helps that Ben Hope is gorgeous, caring and heroic and wants to see truth come to light Another great book [...]


    6.5 10It s time to play a game of Make up your own generic adventure title.Pick one word from the left column and one word from the right column below Beethoven ConspiracyCairo SecretHindenburg SealHitler LegacyNewton TreasureOprah CypherChurchill CodeKennedy ProphecyGandhi RelicEinstein CurseCombine the two words with The prefixing them and there you go Title created and the plot now needs to be loosely based on those words Example The Gandhi Relic Gandhi s flip flop is secretly hidden but with [...]

    Leonardo Navarro

    Tuve que continuar con la saga porque de verdad me gusta Y me sigue gustando Pienso que ste fue el m s ambicioso de los que he le do, aunque no me atrap tanto como los dos anteriores En este, Ben Hope se trata de retirar de su ajetreada vida , pero algo surge y tiene que volver a la marcha andante de su desastrosa profesi n Me he fijado que la experiencia con el armamento de Scott Mariani siempre est presente en todas sus novelas Y en esta m s Es interesante la descripci n cuando quepa debidamen [...]

    Terence M

    Audio Book 10 hours 24 minutes 3.5 rounded up to 4.0 stars out of 5.0Finishing book 2 of my mini binge of Ben Hope novels, I am pleased that the Hope character in The Doomsday Prophecy has pretty much lived up to the expectations engendered by reading book 0.5, Passenger 13 and book 2, The Mozart Conspiracy Ben Hope is a hero , not in the true sense of the word, but he is our own sort of super fighting hero who manages to get out of tough and tricky situations without too much suspension of beli [...]

    Syazwanie Winston abdullah

    This is quite fast paced Not too many drama Just nice enough info on the historical facts There are some parts where I felt it was not needed but guess, Scott Mariani needed fillers Now I need to hunt for the other 16 Ben Hope s books.


    La primera parte es bastante frustraste, pero a partir de la segunda las cosas mejoran, lleno de acci n como nos tiene acostumbrado Mariani y al final resulta bastante satisfactorio.




    Brilliant and full of action as always but with a very sad twist.

    David Highton

    Good fast paced stuff, pretty violent and pretty far fetched

    Sue Seaman

    love this authot

    Steve Braker

    The Doomsday Prophecy is a great romp taking out hero Ben Hope through loads of different great locations the investigative research Scott Mariani put into this novel is considerable and should be lauded.The book has a rather depressed hero throughout the story which does reduce the enjoyment somewhat as poor Ben had recently had a dreadful loss in his life and is finding hard to move on, this guy is fictional, and the troupe is rough, rugged hero carrying loads of problems I think maybe Ben was [...]


    Thrills and spills and all are okay but this is like screenplay turned into a novel Anything can be done in a book No expense is involved no matter how fantastic So what this book needed was research into Revelation and Christian extremist politics and less words about helicopters crashing.


    As with the first 2 books, this is action packed, fast paced and enjoyable However, issues are starting to form, the luck of the hero, the ease of outsmarting the bad guys, there s no real anticipation of what might happen next Its things like this that that will not raise these books to than just an easy action series.

    Pam Boulton

    n excellent thriller Each these books seem to be pacifier than the last I really thought that they couldn t get any better but th have They are addictive Ben Hope is a multifaceted character A tough man with a softer side This character has grown with the books A really well drawn character.



    Mr Michael R Stevens

    Formulaic but enjoyable, used in the same way that the Reacher books were used, between other books as light reading, easy to pick up and put down

    Alan Garbett

    These Ben Hope books get even better as they go on, action packed throughout.


    Enjoyed this one, too.

    Barbara Bewick

    Cannot put the books written by Scott Mariani down, gotta keep reading Fantastic Reads.

    Colleen Elizabeth Edwards

    Well and truly hookedAnother Ben Hope , once again unusual thrilling story line,Fast paced , high action well written, couldn t put down tillThe end read it you will enjoy it


    This is one of those books full of unstoppable action that you can t put down till you finish it More or less like Matthew Rilley but with much realism and an unforgiving hero It s the third book of the series so I ran into a broken and depressed Ben hope trying to change his life and failing badly when a bomb on Greece puts him on a path of death and revenge I loved it, lots of action, some history and an excellent character im looking forward to follow if I can get my hands on the next books [...]


    Simple read, unpredictable and believable, which i like.


    As the third in the Ben Hope series, we re expecting much from the Doomsday Prophecy we kind of know what Hope is capable of and we know just how far reaching conspiracies can be We want the thrills and spills, we want to wonder whether these things might actually be happening out there, and we want a little bit besides It s an addiction of sorts, the preferred fix for armchair adrenaline junkies.The Doomsday Prophecy keeps us waiting a little longer for the action and the real intrigue to unf [...]

    Anita Kumar

    This book really did start well I swear It was interesting and mysterious enough to hook you in Desperate for answers, I whizzed through the pages, sucking it all in up till the point the entire story turned out to be a bummer All was well until the character reveals that the main element of mystery the doomsday prophecy is a HOAX Yes nothing but a hoax which caused the macabre death of several characters, a few good blow ups, stress and heartbreaks and the abandonment of Mr Hope s theological s [...]


    So what appears as the second in the Ben Hope series in the US The Mozart Conspiracy being the first , is actually the 3rd in the whole series in the UK Of course from Mariani each book is somewhat stand alone, but I do like to start at the beginning of series.This book picks up after the events of the previous, Ben in despair and deciding to go back to school as a theology student Of course his old past catches up to him and he defers a job to a friend This seemingly small and quick job turns o [...]


    Trying to do this without giving anything awayThis is the third in the Ben Hope series and the third I ve read in less than two weeks I m enjoying the series it s your usual run of the mill Dan Brown Steve Berry Matt Rollins etc but I like those books and of the same is good enough for me They are easy reads with lots of chapters keeping you on the edge of your seat I actually really like the character of Ben he is one of my favourites from this genre probably second to Robert Langdon He has ha [...]

    Daniel Rudge

    If you like non stop action and blood drenched adventure, then you will love book three of Mariani s Ben Hope series it goes by two names depending on the release date first released as the Doomsday Prophecy and then titled the Hope Vendetta upon re release Standard action thriller fare spiced up nicely with Mariani s prose and the view into the thoughts rattling around Ben Hope s mind Throw in some of the goriest but well written fight sequences, scenic locales and earth scattering biblical pro [...]


    I m so torn because on one hand, it was really good The action was good and I don t think there were any glaring plot holes, not that I found anyway If there are, let me know because with all the separate people it wouldn t surprise me if there are On the other hand, we find two thirds of the way through all that Ben Hope et al had gone through had been for nothing, and the last third of the book is Ben still having to do his job and sort out the mess his charge has created And then we have the [...]


    BEWARE of spoilers One man s bookflap summary is another man s spoiler.There s something here for readers of both gender stereotypes high body count and lead per minute for the guys a handsome accomplished sensitive hero in Ben Hope, who is unattainable for the women who swoon over him not because he s gay or sexually dysfunctional, but because he s apparently devoted to some idealistic higher end, plus is still pining for a dead fiancee or wife I can t recall which.Anyway, I thought the bookfla [...]

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