Feb 17, 2020
A Odisseia de Homer
Posted by Gwen Cooper

A ltima coisa que Gwen Cooper queria era adoptar outro gato J tinha duas gatas, para n o falar de um emprego em que lhe pagavam uma mis ria, e estava a tentar recuperar de uma separa o dif cil At que a veterin ria das suas gatas ligou para lhe falar de um gatinho de tr s semanas, abandonado e maltratado, cujos olhos tiveram de ser retirados cirurgicamente Gwen era aA ltima coisa que Gwen Cooper queria era adoptar outro gato J tinha duas gatas, para n o falar de um emprego em que lhe pagavam uma mis ria, e estava a tentar recuperar de uma separa o dif cil At que a veterin ria das suas gatas ligou para lhe falar de um gatinho de tr s semanas, abandonado e maltratado, cujos olhos tiveram de ser retirados cirurgicamente Gwen era a sua ltima esperan a de encontrar um lar Foi amor primeira vista O gatinho era uma bola de p lo m nima, preta e assustada e, mesmo tendo consci ncia das dificuldades que ele enfrentaria por causa da sua cegueira, Gwen decidiu adopt lo e ele tornou se os olhos pelos quais ela passaria a ver o mundo Baptizado de Homer uma homenagem ao poeta grego supostamente cego, criador da Odisseia e do seu her i, Ulisses , este gatinho cresceu at se tornar um animal forte, confiante, cheio de entusiasmo e com uma vontade inesgot vel de brincar Ou seja, um gato temperamental, divertido e dengoso como qualquer outro Mas foi a lealdade inabal vel de Homer, com sua capacidade ilimitada de amar e o seu entusiasmo por superar obst culos, que inspirou Gwen a mudar a sua vida e seguir o seu sonho de se mudar para Nova Iorque Afinal, o seu gatinho cego era um exemplo de for a, supera o e coragem E, quando conheceu o homem com quem viria a casar, Gwen percebeu que Homer lhe tinha ensinado a li o mais importante da vida que o amor n o algo que possa ser visto com o olhar.

  • Title: A Odisseia de Homer
  • Author: Gwen Cooper
  • ISBN: 9789727119899
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Odisseia de Homer A ltima coisa que Gwen Cooper queria era adoptar outro gato J tinha duas gatas para n o falar de um emprego em que lhe pagavam uma mis ria e estava a tentar recuperar de uma separa o dif cil At que


    Sometimes you see little kids clutching books at the library and dramatically telling their friends, OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER and I kind of feel that way about Homer s Odyssey, but I will try to have dignity about it ZOMG A TINY BLIND KITTEH Now that I ve gotten that out of my system, I will say that this is different from the roughly one million other books about cats who teach their humans about love and life in that the author Gwen Cooper is not, how you say, socially awkward, an [...]


    From a ridiculously long list of to read books, I chose, shortly before the start of Passover, HOMER S ODYSSEY A FEARLESS FELINE TALE, OR HOW I LEARNED ABOUT LOVE AND LIFE WITH A BLIND WONDER CAT as my next read The coming of Passover had nothing to do with my looking at the shelves of waiting to be next books and making Gwen Cooper s memoir the chosen one Nevertheless, this choice turned out to be another message from the universe that, in a life in which so many occurrences seem random and sen [...]


    I don t want to sound unkind, but I fear that will be inevitable.Gwen Cooper seems like a perfectly nice person, even if a bit self important, but I feel like if she were in my wider social circles and I found out she was attending a function I would be like oh Really Gwen s coming because there is something about her tone that is unbelievably irritating A friend bought this for me as a present because I have a blind kitten of my own Dirty Diana, who is now 8 months old and has had both eyes rem [...]


    It is not fair to say that I read this book To be honest, I read up to page 120 I never give up on books and usually force myself to persist until the end Even one of my favorite books of all time, The Poisonwood Bible, I almost gave up on several times during the first 100 pages Recently, when the newsletter came out and, at the top, it said you ve been reading Homer s Odyssey for 70 days I was appalled I knew I was having a lot of trouble finding time to read it, but let s face it when you re [...]


    When it comes to owning cats, I think a good rule of thumb is that one cat is fine, two are better they keep each other entertained , but having three cats is bordering on making one a crazy cat lady if you are of the female persuasion Notice you never hear of a crazy cat man why is that Anyway, Gwen already had two cats when she heard about Homer Poor little Homer born with a serious eye infection The vet had to remove both eyes to save him, and then finding an adoptive home for the little guy [...]


    The primary reason for giving this book 5 stars, in addition to my obviously loving it, is because of the author This is a genuine animal lover animal rescuer who wants nothing than to tell what Homer, a cat with no eyes that she adopted, did for her and not vice versa Gwenn already had 2 rescued cats, Scarlett and Vashti, when a young and kind hearted vet called her to tell her about a young abandoned kitten whose eyes had to be removed because they were so badly infected Gwenn says she will m [...]


    Really an exceptional read, and written much better then I had expected I loved how Cooper started each of her chapters off with a quote from The Odyssey, and then proceeded to weave the quote into the story of her little blind dynamo kitty Homer s Odyssey is much then just a cat story It s a book that can challenge all of us humans to live up to whatever potential we have within us After laughing, crying and cheering over Homer s saga, I was left with the almost overpowering urge to find a bli [...]


    UPDATE Since reading this book, I ve been following Homer and his antics on his Facebook page and his mom s blog Sadly, Homer passed away on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 He was sixteen years old and lived such a full and loved life Homer has touched my heart and the hearts of many others Here is his mom reading from her book where she met Homer for the first time Here is a touching blog post written by Homer s mom in his honor Every animal who s given the chance to love and be loved can make someo [...]


    At 24 years old Gwen Cooper was already mommy to two cats, Vashti and Scarlett So when a veterinarian friend asked Gwen to consider adopting a blind black two week old kitten, Gwen was hesitantis seemed like a lot to take on But the sweet loving kittie immediately won Gwen s heart and Homer joined the family in the South Beach neighbohood of Miami Despite his inability to see, Homer was anything but a fraidy cat The intrepid kitten was everywhere, investigating everything He climbed bookcases, d [...]

    Kelly V

    I really likes this book a lot People who know me are totally aware of my near obsession with cats, and that I am very involved in cat rescue, and that am fostering lots of cats at any given moment I can t get enough of Lolcats and can lose hours at cuteoverload and icanhascheezburger But when it comes to reading longer stories about animals and animal rescue, I usually can t handle the overabundance of sappiness and sometimes self righteousness that is ever present So I am happy to report that [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

    OMG I am in love with Homer This cat Gwen rescued from her vet is the most touching stories I have read in a while He was brought in by some people at around 3 weeks with messed up eyes They said they found him and wanted him euthanized Well the vet wasn t having any of that, she removed his eyes and when no one wanted him, her last resort was to ask Gwen who already had two cats and couldn t afford another one at the time She couldn t help herself and took him The stories about Homer learning t [...]

    Emily S.

    ETA reread in 2016 for a challenge Still love it I don t even know where to begin with this one This is a book that I won through First Reads program, and might be one of the best books I ve ever come across No, scratch that It IS one of the best books I ve ever come across I laughed, I cried, I gripped the couch cushions in terror, I raged at the unfairness of people In short, I ran the gamut of every emotion known to man while reading this book.Homer is adopted as a blind kitten and quickly ma [...]


    While it is clear that Homer the cat has a spunky and fun personality, the the book dose not Cooper s pace at times seemed like she was given a writing assignment and she was working hard to meet the required word count She is very clever at putting words into the actions and meows of her cats Instead she writes almost entirely about herself finally becoming a grown up while she was taking care of three cats As grown ups we know that choosing an apartment requires an assessment of the family nee [...]


    I enjoyed this book, for the most part It s written well, stylistically, and Homer is a fascinating little guy I loved reading all about his life The addition of other facets of the author s life was less interesting, but I can see why it was necessary to do so.The philosophical ramblings of the author are what lost this book a star and a half for me It went on and on and on about the nature of love and bravery and the universe, and I got bored Very bored But still Cat Cute, brave, adventurous c [...]


    Yes Yes Yes This is one cute fuzz ball of a book Following in the tradition of Dewey, Wesley the Owl, and the Alex Chronicles this is a book any animal lover can sink their claws and teeth in and wag their tail about Homer is one cute kitty who loses his sight due to an infection in the first two weeks of life For those of us who are squeamish for the poor kitty who loses his sight, don t worry as for the first 10 to 14 days kitties don t open their eyes So Homer doesn t know what he is missing [...]


    Homer s Odyssey was a book I discovered merely on a whim while searching for other feline tales to sniff at and swoon over Humbly told, it is an outstanding yet sweet and inspiring account of a very brave little kitten to a very brave little cat living his life in exploration of the world around him What I found most moving was the fact that his disability had the opposite effect to the way he lives his life he pursues it with endless wonder plainly for the fact that he desires to both see and t [...]


    I am not a cat lover In fact, the only reason I committed to reading it is because, upon hearing of one of my book challenges that says I have to read a book with a cat on the cover, my friend handed this to me and said I just had to read this one I still don t love cats However, I saw this book through The life lessons from an animal are definitely relatable It s how I feel about my dog So, I ll admit, I pretended that Homer was my dog that helped me get into the mindset of the author I enjoyed [...]


    I feel like I must be the last person in America to read this cat s story Everyone I mentioned the book to said, Oh, yeah, the one about the blind cat Even my granddaughter said, I ve seen him on You Tube He s famous I bought this book on sale because I liked the cover It was a good choice and I m glad I finally got around to reading it.

    Carol Collins

    Excellent, a tear jerker for sure Makes you want to hug your own kitty and let them know you ll take good care of them no matter what.

    Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life!

    Heartwarming true story of Gwen Cooper and her amazing blind cat Homer


    Truly an incredibly written book It s a biography of Gwen Cooper s life with her cats, revolving mainly around her blind cat Homer who is just ADORABLE I read this book with my mum and it s been so much fun sharing this story with her We have both laughed and cried, but thankfully the tears were few and the laughter was plentiful I would absolutely recommend this book.It s perfect for cat lovers, but easy to relate to even if you re not big on cats.

    Särah Nour

    I admit it I m a bleeding heart for animals, and Homer s Odyssey made me laugh, cry and hug my cat The premise may seem clich handicapped pet wins the hearts of everyone he meets but Gwen Cooper is a compelling and eloquent narrator, and she writes of her beloved blind cat with dry wit and humor as well as affection Her voice resonates off the page in a jovial and conversational tone, and reading this book feels like having a nice chat with Cooper across the table over coffee.Cooper was already [...]


    Exrtraordinary Dog stories are a dime a dozen, so much to the point they ve practically become cliche, typical, and, dare I say it, ordinary does anyone really care any that Lassie rescued Timmy from the old well AGAIN But an Extraordinary Cat story Now THAT is something you don t hear too much of Perhaps it s because of our culture s somewhat deluded love affair with the dog is man s best friend concept Perhaps it s because, in recent times, cats have been given something of a bad rap, having b [...]

    Nicole (( lost in the book"s world ))

    I am so glad I have this book because I am in love with this book ANDI AM CAT LOVER Oh Homer, I really want to meet him My favorite part The first time I discovered his latest achievement was by accident I awoke early one morning and stumbled into the bathroom Flipping on the light, I found that it was.ady occupied, Homer balancing on the edge of the toilet seat Oh, I m sorry, I said automatically, still half asleep It was only after I d left, considerately closing the door behind me, that I tho [...]


    This book chronicles the life of Homer, the blind cat, with Gwen Cooper a young lady who is in the midst of finding solutions to life s problems Gwen proceeds to learn many lessons and receive encouragement from watching Homer embrace life even though blind.What I loved This book is about the cat not an excuse for the human to emote about her trials and disappointments in her life Unlike a certain other best selling library cat book of a few years back Cooper understands the boundaries of reveal [...]


    I gave this one a fourth star because a I m not really a cat person, and b I feared the book might be too chick lit y and I ended up really liking it I ve read reviews complaining that it s too much of a Gwen memoir, and not Homer centered enough, but hey it s about his effect on her life Gwen keeps the book moving along well, so that I never really found it got bogged down I m glad I listened to the audio version, though the narrator s voice disconcertingly reminded me of Sue Grafton s Kinsey M [...]

    Michelle Weagle

    If you are a cat lover, you must read this That s all I can say I love Homer as much as I love my own feline family and that s a lot A great read.


    A real treat for cat lovers Homer and Gwen s story is touching, rewarding, and the life lessons learned invaluable.


    I can t resist a good cat story, and this one is particularly adorable I loved Homer from the first page, particularly for the way in which he rallied against his disability and learnt to do things that cats able to see take for granted Cooper s writing is so nice I don t like using the word nice at all and try to avoid it in my reviews, but it is wonderfully applicable here Her prose is so gentle and patient, and she really gave an insight into adopting a pet with a disability.

    Victoria Ting

    The fact that I have always had a loving compassion for cats brought me to the decision to read this book It was on the list of suggested books on and the idea of a cat book interested me Though I could say that I love to read books and cats are my favourite animal , I, strangely, have not yet read a cat novel From the range of animal novels I have read, they are all about dogs Throughout the different dog novels I have read, the authors always write about the dog s human like connection between [...]

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