Sep 22, 2020
It's a Waverly Life
Posted by Maria Murnane

Readers first met the irrepressible Waverly Bryson in Perfect on Paper, and now the woman dubbed by fans as the American Bridget Jones is back in a sequel packed with friendship, heartache, and romance In It s a Waverly Life, the formerly heartbroken singleton is now happily enmeshed in a new relationship, a new job, and a new decade Her career as an advice columnist iReaders first met the irrepressible Waverly Bryson in Perfect on Paper, and now the woman dubbed by fans as the American Bridget Jones is back in a sequel packed with friendship, heartache, and romance In It s a Waverly Life, the formerly heartbroken singleton is now happily enmeshed in a new relationship, a new job, and a new decade Her career as an advice columnist is taking off, and the future of her fledgling greeting card line is bright Of course, where Waverly goes, drama is sure to follow, and this time is no exception Her broken engagement to former fianc Aaron Vaughn has left her gun shy when it comes to love, putting strain on her long distance relationship with handsome Jake McIntyre And when her best friends McKenna and Andie both make life changing announcements, Waverly fears she is being left behind by the ones she loves most In true Waverly fashion, things must get comically worse before they can get better But in the end, she discovers that though life before and after thirty may be messy and unpredictable, friendship and love make it all worthwhile.

  • Title: It's a Waverly Life
  • Author: Maria Murnane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s a Waverly Life Readers first met the irrepressible Waverly Bryson in Perfect on Paper and now the woman dubbed by fans as the American Bridget Jones is back in a sequel packed with friendship heartache and romanc


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    Recovering from a terribly bad break up and moving into a career where she dishes out advice to recipients of terrible dates wasn t exactly what Waverly Bryson had planned on Charging forward into a new career, new life and potentially new love Waverly s determined to make it but isn t quite sure where to start Fortunately for her she has some amazing friends, a fabulous new boyfriend and a very mysterious neighbor with a penchant for knowing exactly what she needs when she needs to hear it Thin [...]


    Looking for a main character who will make you laugh and shake your head at the same time This is the book for you Waverly is always surrounded by drama, some she creates herself and some she seems to walk into She finally seems to have her life back on track She has a new boyfriend and her job is doing well It doesn t seem to be long, though, before new complications begin popping up Will Waverly find a way to control the drama or will it take over her life As a character, Waverly is very good [...]


    Waverly and her friends are dealing with married life and new relationships For Waverly, this is scary Jake McIntyre is the first serious guy that Waverly has dated since her fianc broke up with her The stress of not wanting to mess things up with Jake is getting to Waverly and making her push Jake away As if that was not enough Waverly has to deal with a new job It s a Waverly Life is book two of the Waverly Bryson books I would recommend reading Perfect on Paper first This book is focused on t [...]


    Waverly Bryson is a single, thirty something woman living in San Francisco and trying to find her niche She has her own dating column Honey on Your Mind and products she has developed called Honey Notes She also has some trust issues after being dumped just before her wedding by her fianc.Almost immediately, I felt like I was a part of the friendship circle Waverly shares with friends Andie and McKenna, and I absolutely loved how the author brought San Francisco and its neighborhoods alive for m [...]


    Once again this was a cute light read It was just what I needed while I was waiting for another book I like the characters and think they are fun and the idea behind the story is great Just like last time Waverly has to take a hard look at her changing life and not always pick the easy road and while I consider this a rom com, this book isn t driven by the boy gets girl relationship either, there is to it, which is the main reason I keep reading them But with all of that the reason this book on [...]

    Libby Gordon

    When I started reading Perfect on Paper, I really had some BAD feelings about this book and Waverly and the author that created Waverly but because I really hate not finishing books, I kept at it and ended up loving it This book was even better and I truly love Waverly Murlane is definitely growling as a writer and I m anxious to start the third book in the series Honey on your Mind These books are very light but good little novels I would recommend d them to anyone who needs wants a break from [...]

    Jessica Bronder

    Waverly Bryson is trying to recover from a horrible break up and her new career that was completely unexpected She does have a new love interest in Jake McIntyre but they are on opposite coasts Everything seems to be going smoothly until a morning news show interview goes into left field Then she is spending time with her two best friends They are on the next step in their lives and Waverly feels left behind again Of course that means she puts her foot in her mouth, messes things up, and causes [...]

    Katy Halsema

    It s a Waverly Life is the 2nd book in the Mis Adventures of Waverly Bryson series by author Maria Murnane.This book is just as good as the first, if not better Waverly is still a hot mess but in a good way Andie and Makenna are still awesome We still have several of the people from the first book making appearances and a few new people as well My favorite person has got to be Andie and her tell it like it is attitude.Waverly and Jake are still friends and possibly but things go from bad to wor [...]


    It s a Waverly Life was the perfect way to spend an absolute scorching, hot, humid, miserable day Waverly s such a real and honest character that I love, but also want to smack at times when her mouth moves faster than her brain or when she stumbles over what she means to say and it doesn t come out There weren t quite as many hysterical moments with the girls this time, but the humorous banter carried over into her new friendship with Nick Another thing that I love is her embarrassing moments, [...]


    Waverly is starting to get on my nervesThis is the second book in the series Having read the first book, I was excited to see what silly dilemmas Waverly encounters this time But I was disappointed Her problems have become self created Her dilemmaa are easily explainable, but she NEVER EXPLAINS Each time she finds herself in a situation that warrants explanation, she chokes It s infuriating I did like that author kept the same cast of characters in this book, and mixed in some new people I could [...]


    PG 13The author s writing style is still amazing and so funny, but this book was a little disappointing to me I still completely relate to Waverly and her awkwardness, so I completely understand how she could let her relationship with Jake get all befuddled Jake and Waverly do have sex in this book two times nothing explicit, but you know from the detail of undressing before and when Waverly tells her friends that they did have sex.


    Light but emotional, funny but heartbreaking Poor Waverly just can t see what is in front of her face I am frustrated with the series, but I am sure there are plenty of younger people who will continue to enjoy her misadventures.


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    I like this two book series Good character development and I loved how the author shows how a person grows through life I don t do spoilers, so you ll just have to read the books

    Cindy Bates

    Cute 2A nice easy Saturday read I am hooked on this series Uplifting and they make me smile and laugh Now into the 3rd book.


    These are cute books, but the author needs to never again be allowed to have a character say the words, Hey Now ever again


    A light hearted read

    Leslie Martin

    Kind of a repeat.I read Cassidy Lane first This is really almost the same story line But a good read nonetheless I am looking forward to tgevthird book in the Waverly series.


    This is a very funny entertaining book I love everything Waverly gets into And her 2 sidekicks makes her world even hilarious.


    Cute and easy read.

    Alexa Dudley

    After finding a new career writing for an advice column called Honey on Your Mind and following her dream of creating Honey Notes greeting cards, Waverly Bryson is in a new relationship and her life has completely turned around However, still vulnerable from her broken engagement, Waverly finds herself having a difficult time in her relationship with new boyfriend Jake McIntyre It s a Waverly Life follows Waverly Bryson as she attempts to navigate her love life and relationship with her best fri [...]

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan Girls

    Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsHo approcciato questo libro con curiosit , attratta dal titolo Amo leggere i romance divertenti e in effetti questo libro lo Waverly una donna simpatica e divertente, anche se in a terrorizzata dopo quanto patito in precedenza con Aaron, che l ha abbandonata all altare, ma anche la regina delle gaffe, chiamate dalle sue amiche, waverlinate Inanella una gaffe dietro l altra e pi insicura e peggio Ha due care amiche, McKenna e Andie, che la incoraggiano ad [...]


    Waverly Bryson needs to grow up No she is not a real person, but she is the main character of It s A Waverly Life by Maria Murnane This is the second time around for this character I didn t read the first book, Perfect on Paper, but I don t think that matters.After a failed engagement and a career change, things are looking up for Waverly She has a dating advice column and a greeting card business She s also started dating the handsome Jake McIntyre, a physical therapist for the Atlanta Hawks Th [...]


    Have you ever had a book that you were afraid to read or finish reading because you knew that you would enjoy it so much So now, after finishing it, you have to sit and hope the author will write another book to continue on the series We ll, that is how I feel about this book, It s A Waverly Life by Maria Murnane.Synopsis After a hard won recovery from personal heartbreak and professional disappointment, thirty year old Waverly Bryson finds herself happily enmeshed in a new relationship, a new j [...]


    After reading about Waverly s first set of mis adventures in Perfect on Paper, I couldn t wait to see what was up next for her Would things work out between her and Jake Would her Honey Notes business succeed or become one big mess There were so many questions, and thankfully, most of them were answered in It s a Waverly Life, a witty and fast paced sequel that managed to rise high above up my expectations It s a Waverly Life starts up a little while after Perfect on Paper left off Waverley s li [...]

    Echo Whisper

    3.5 StarsI adored Perfect on Paper so I was pretty excited to read this one I m not sure if my expectations were too high or if I just didn t like it as much as the first Major celebrities don t wake up until after twelve But seriously, who are the people who watch The Today Show You know they re out there, but you don t know who they are I pointed at her That s how I feel about people who litter, or whod on t wear seatbelts Exactly There you go Waverly is back with all her quarkiness This book [...]


    I loved Perfect on Paper, and I loved It s a Waverly Life, too The story picks up where Perfect on Paper left off Waverly has moved on to the next phase of her life, writing her column for the San Francisco Sun and producing her Honey Notes She and Jake are working on their long distance relationship and things are not going as planned While perfect for each other, something holds Waverly backIt s a Waverly Life has just the right amount of conflict, drama, sadness, and joy I read the book in un [...]

    Missy (Missy"s Reads & Reviews)

    To begin, I had actually never read Murnane s first Waverly book, Perfect on Paper, until I was actually finished with this book Having said that, there was never a moment while I was reading It s A Waverly Life that made me feel lost when there was a reference to the first book However, after reading this book, I immediately wanted to go back and read the first because Waverly is an amazing character that s easy to relate to and a personality that will charm the wits out of you You just can t g [...]

    Meredith Schorr

    I loved the follow up to Murnane s Perfect on Paper , which followed protagonist Waverly Bryson as she treaded the dating waters with new guy Jake and continued her new career writing a dating column and designing Honey greeting cards.Much of the book deals with Waverly s trust issues with men as a result of her strained relationship with her father and also being dumped by her ex fiance a week before the wedding Waverly has no problem leaning on her girlfriends for advice and reassurance but sh [...]

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