Mar 31, 2020
Spell Cat
Posted by Tara Lain

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang But sadly, Killian walks away He doesn t do physics professors In fact, he doesn t do humans, because Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he s expected to save his declining race by reproducing.He can t even have sex withWhen Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang But sadly, Killian walks away He doesn t do physics professors In fact, he doesn t do humans, because Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he s expected to save his declining race by reproducing.He can t even have sex with Blaine, because he s been taught that sex with humans depletes his power But if that s true, why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought Somebody s a lying witch.With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.

  • Title: Spell Cat
  • Author: Tara Lain
  • ISBN: 9781611187342
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Spell Cat When Killian Barth history professor meets Blaine Genneau quantum physicist they ignite their own big bang But sadly Killian walks away He doesn t do physics professors In fact he doesn t do hum


    3.5 StarsKillian and Blaine oh the sparks flew as soon as they set eyes on each other The instant hard on and bathroom visit I could have done without, eventually I got over that annoyance and all was forgiven because Blaine was irresistible you can t blame Killian for getting all hot under the collar and thrown off balance It all goes skew whiff for poor Killian his quiet lonely existence is about to change dramatically Killian is a bit of a weakling he s bored unhappy and apathetic, he needs t [...]

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Kindle freebie 4 11 17

    Pianka *call me PIU*

    3.5 Stars Spell Cat by Tara Lain is a very fun, fluffy read about witches, forbidden romances and passion which generates thunderstorms literally Killian is the witch master and his biggest responsibility is to help his race from losing power by marrying a great witch and producing children The only problem Killian is gay He has never known love in his life and marrying a woman will ensure that he never finds one He has been always warned to never sexually engage with a human because it diminish [...]


    2.5 stars Ok paranormal m m romance about a gay pure blooded wizard who s betrothed to a female pure blooded wizard and planning to go through with the marriage for the good of wizardkind, until he and his fiancee discover a very big secret indeed Aloysius the familiar was probably the best part of the book.

    Mandy*reads obsessively*

    Loved the cover and loved Al The story was good and the little twists of mystery added in were fun A nice enjoyable read and I would like to know what Al s next adventure is too


    If you want a pat, superficial fantasy like think bad Harry potter story without too much depth, this is your book Not my thing.


    Just a fun light read about the forbidden love between Master Witch Killian Barth and the human physics professor Blaine Genneau I liked seeing how these star crossed lovers overcame the manipulative Witches Council But I found the sex scenes to be silly rather than sexy, with corny exclamations, fountains of come and hoovering tongues.


    I was disappointed in this book It was a pretty short read and I m glad of this because if it had been longer, I might have decided to abandon it I felt that this book had a lot of potential, but the author just made it an ordinary read I found many of the sex scenes to be repetitive and unimaginative So, it thundered and lighteninged when Killian and Blaine had sex I guess the cat Al was supposed to be important, but I honestly don t see that he had any purpose and don t see how the story would [...]


    I really enjoyed the story in this one I loved Killian He was sweet and endearing I loved how both Killian and Blaine were completely smitten from the start I even enjoyed the side story of Jimmy and Lavender The mystery was simple but I enjoyed watching it unfold Al was another great addition But the sex stuff was a mood killer for me I can completely get behind sex being a focus point in power and such, but the way it was written left me cringing But with lines like Pull those legs up, I m com [...]


    The hard on at first sight plus following shower stall wank off session in the first chapter is well on the way to become my favorite pet peeve An unimaginative and annoying to be ticked off from the list erotic romance story device.No willing to put up with it no matter how good the rest of the story might be


    I liked Aloysius The end.


    Quirky and quite different for me to read something about witches but I found Killian a bit too blas about things He didn t quite come across as a Master Witch to me I liked the story progression and the secondary characters like Jimmy, Lavendar and Sammy were nicely written and I found Blaine a good match Killian Alyosius was the scene stealer though.

    Jenni Lea

    2.5 stars rounded up to 3This book was okay The dialogue seemed kind of cheezy at times but it was fairly cute I may read the rest of the series but probably not any time soon.

    Theora R.

    I didn t understand that insta attraction at all It s just not romantic Blaine is supposedly a grown adult and a college professor but in the beginning acts like a basic fuckboy and we don t really get to know him at all besides how attractive and inappropriately lecherous he is And then later the both of them act like this insta lust is true love and then Blaine suddenly scrambles to get away from Killian when he actually learns something about who Killian is view spoiler while proposing to him [...]

    Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

    This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsSpell Cat is a light hearted romance that also deals with some heavier subjects like discrimination and living in hiding.I knew I d enjoy Spell Cat as soon as I started reading it, because who doesn t love a history professor who teaches a class on witch craft, and the hot, nerdy physics professor who seemingly falls for him at first sight Plus, there is a familiar in cat shape, a mystery, and elders who are keeping the truth from the [...]


    FREEBIE for the Kindle, US.

    Lena Grey

    Often rules are invented for which, eventually, the reasons are forgotten entirely Applicable or not, the tenants are followed by future generations until a situation arises which necessitates challenging the edict More often than not, love which would otherwise be forbidden is involved In Spell Cat by Tara Lain, the witch population is declining and the excuse given for its depletion is that having sex with humans diminishes a witch s powers When Witch Master Killian falls in love with a human, [...]


    This is my first time reading anything of this author, so I m not too familiar with this author s style Spell Cat was an interesting story, a little weird at times but definitely interesting And definitely not what I expected this story to be.I kind of felt like I was reading a M M version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch Killian, our witch, had his waist length blonde hair and silly, fan girly antics He was most definitely a Sabrina Killian even has a black cat name Aloysius that didn t talk Alas T [...]


    3.5 StarsA mostly fun, light and easy read I could almost feel the lightning with Killian and Blaine, those two were electric together Al and his balls made me push this up to a 4 star rating D

    Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews

    Spell Cat is a light hearted romance that also deals with some heavier subjects like discrimination and living in hiding.

    Fadia Pierre

    what I say, that have not been said Al rule oh, there s no spoon.

    Aղցela W.

    This was a pretty good book Killian Barth is a Master Witch Killian is betrothed to Lavender a woman another powerful witch but he knows he s gay Their marriage was arranged to ensure the continuation and ongoing power of the Witch species they like each other but Killian is in love with the A Physics professor and Lavender with human man who is a student in Killian s class The History Of Witchcraft the big gay conflict is than about being gay it s a deep belief of the Witch community that mati [...]


    When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought it sounded interesting, when I first saw the cover art, I thought it was one of my favorite covers ever Now I ve read the book and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I m sad I m done Good thing I can reread it any time though I loved the character of Killian, who is in a tough position in the witch community, as the most powerful male witch, he s expected to marry an equally powerful female and procreate the fact that he s gay and wants to experi [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    There s no such thing as witches, right In this day and age, there is no such thing as arranged marriages In SPELL CAT, James Jimmy Janx is wrong on both accounts Although he s a secondary character, his world is turned upside down when he learns both are true.Killian is a professor of history who teaches a course in witchcraft He doesn t teach spells and this isn t Hogwarts What he does teach is how witches were persecuted and the impacts of this kind of mass hysteria and persecution This subje [...]


    After the very enjoyable Fire Balls, this new book by Tara Lain caught my attention due to its interesting premise The exquisite cover also helped me imagine some great eye candy in terms of characters I would rate the novel at about 3.75 and should tell you that it made a rather long flight pass in a very pleasant manner for me The plot was solid but nothing too complicated, which contributed towards highlighting the characters interaction My favourite one was definitely Aloysius the author por [...]


    blinks blinks What exactly does this Jimmy dude have to do with anything This book It s beautiful It hits every one of my little favorites not going to make a laundry list, but this book s like it was tailor made to my preferences Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.I especially love that while it s got sex in it, it s not raunchy It s got that sort of pure innocence or whatever that children s lit has that I love so much D Killian He s so adorable, but he s still got an element of BA that do [...]


    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review Rating 4.5 stars out of 5I have wanted to read this story for awhile now, but kept putting it off When I saw it was being re published I jumped at the chance to read it and I loved it as much as I thought I would Killian has resigned himself to a life of duty to save his race, but knows he will never be happy with a woman.Killian is drawn to Blaine from the first time they meet, but tries to deny it Blaine gets confused with Killian s h [...]


    A mostly fun, light read concerning two college professors, though only one is human The other, while appearing human, and is obviously attracted to humans, is a witch, possibly the most powerful on the North American continent Unfortunately, according to the Witch s Council, witches and humans shouldn t mix Oh, there is one other character that is involved with these two men Aloysius the witch s familiar a cat Add a little bit of world domination plot, a criminal soon to be FIL, a girl named La [...]

    Lillian Francis

    Enjoyed this story of witches and the machinations of the witch council Could have done with fewer sex scenes, or at least different terminology, but most of them were quite short which made them bearable Lots of different POVs in this but they were quite distinct and it worked for this story.Why did they change the original cover The original was eye catching, made me interested to know This one says Generic sorcerer type story that could be one of many on Based on the cover I doubt I d have b [...]


    This was such a wonderful story I loved all of the characters in this world even the nasty ones The entire setup was so well done and engaging Killian and Blaine were so great together and it was hard to watch Killian s pain when he thought Blaine didn t really love him Lavender and Jimmy were such a perfect couple Then there s the cat Al truly brings the whole story together He s the ultimate familiar and keeps everyone on their toes The climactic scene with the Witch Council was brilliant I ca [...]

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