Mar 31, 2020
Who Am I? Identity in Christ
Posted by Jerry Bridges

In Who am I Jerry Bridges unpacks Scripture to give Christians eight clear, interlocking, illuminating answers I Am a Creature I Am in Christ I Am Justified I Am an Adopted Son of God I Am a New Creation I Am a Saint I Am a Servant of Jesus Christ I Am Not Yet Perfect

  • Title: Who Am I? Identity in Christ
  • Author: Jerry Bridges
  • ISBN: 9781936760473
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who Am I Identity in Christ In Who am I Jerry Bridges unpacks Scripture to give Christians eight clear interlocking illuminating answers I Am a Creature I Am in Christ I Am Justified I Am an Adopted Son of God I Am a New Creat


    I received a paperback of Who Am I while attending Together for the Gospel and have been sitting on it since I m going to start with my only complaint The mannequin on the cover freaks me out It reminds of one of those faceless robots from that cheesy Will Smith movie iRobot Otherwise, I have no substantial critiques.He starts by discussing our common identity with humanity in creation Foundationally we are creatures but then he zeros in on the Christian s unique identity in Christ as justified, [...]


    My full review can be read at Blogging Theologically Who am I It s a question that every single one of us has likely asked at one time or another And with good reason understanding who we are defining our identity completely transforms how we act, think and speak It is no wonder then, that we so many appeals within Scripture to our identity as being in Christ We are to remember that we are new creations in Christ, made free in Christ, made alive in Christ, made wise in Christ the list is seeming [...]


    Typical solid Bridges I wouldn t recommend this book if you re looking for a thorough treatment of identity and union with Christ, but as a practical primer or a tool for discipling a recent convert this volume is excellent.Bridges does divide our living and representation union with Christ, positing the benefits of identity in our representational union, whereas I wish he would have brought the two together.

    Marci A. Ferrell

    I love anything by Jerry Bridges and this little but powerfully packed book reminds us who we are if we are in Christ and he guides us to clearly see who then we are to be We must remind ourselves that God loves us, not because we are lovable, but because we are in Christ, and the love which the Father has for his Son flows over to us because we are in him Though we have been delivered from absolute bondage to sin, we have not been freed from its presence or influence And as long as sin is prese [...]

    Glenn Crouch

    This is a fine, short book looking at our identity as a Christian looking at what it means to be a Christian.Admittedly I found the first few chapters a little slow going, and I didn t seem to be really connecting with the Author but that soon changed and I especially appreciated the last chapter I am not yet perfect So I would say that this is a good book both for new and not so new Christians as we all need to be reminded of what it is to be in Christ.

    Christopher Sumpter

    After gaining so much by reading The Pursuit of Holiness by this author, I was looking forward to good stuff from this book Unfortunately, it struck me as one of many neo Calvinist primers with which the market seems to be glutted I found very little in the early chapters that differed from anything I ve read 100 times Things picked up a little in the chapter on our identity as saints, but the book closes with a stirring tribute to good ol Calvinist pessimism Yes, God calls you to holiness Yes, [...]


    Our identity in Christ is one subject that we may never fully understand however, I think the effort is worth while It frees us to life abundantly, love fearlessly, serve with purity, live in thankfulness and grace The book starts with the right questions and with that each 8 chapters is a question statement He ends each chapter with a beautiful statement to remind and encourage us in our identity in Christ My favorite was the lastIn this life I am and always will be imperfect, a saved sinner, s [...]

    Mark A Powell

    Who am I That question has challenged humanity since our race began Bridges answers the question of our identity with eight answers, the first universally applying to all people and the remaining seven centered on those who are in Christ Combining concrete teaching and conciseness is often a tricky venture, but Bridges skillfully accomplishes it with poise and candor He pens a clear cut, necessary reminder of exactly who or perhaps better said as whose we are.


    This book does a terrific job of concisely explaining our identity as Christians and how that is inexorably centered on our relationship with God It is firmly rooted in scripture and actually quotes the verses in the text instead of just referencing them, which I appreciated so much There were a lot of great reminders in this book for me and I think this would be a great introduction for a new Christian.

    Avery Martin

    I definitely rate this 5 stars for content The 4 stars is for my own personal difficulty getting into the flow of his writing style Great information to be had in this short read The author breaks down a christian s identity into eight succinct points, of which the overlying theme is that we are Christ For about that, you ll need to sit down with a copy and read on


    This is a great read for anyone, whether you ve been a Christian for 2 days or 20 years For those newer to the faith, it is a wonderful introduction to your new identity in Christ If you have been a Christian for many years, it is a great reminder of who you are in Christ.

    Emily Webb

    Such a good reminder of the basic truths of the Gospel and as the cover says , our identity in Christ An easy read, not too deep or theological, but full of poignant and pointed truths that speak right to and encourage the heart


    This book might seem basic on the surface and perhaps dismissed by long time church goers, but I thought this little book was brilliant in it s simplicity We live in an age where we attach value to complexity and arrogantly dismiss the simple things However, when it comes to our identity in Christ, we should be careful not to complicate it We may know the bible answers in our head, but allowing those truths to be lived out in our hearts is foundational to genuine faith and victoriously living fo [...]


    Jerry Bridges did it again This book is clear, concise, and to the point I really enjoyed the way it was put together and his emphasis on Christ and what he has done for his people I also appreciated how he talked about our identity particularly as servants of Christ, that we are to serve him at all times in every capacity and calling that we ve been given It has really changed my outlook on how I treat my various jobs and duties throughout the week Overall, it was an insightful read, Scriptural [...]

    Stephen Watkinson

    This is an excellent little book on our identity in Christ It is clear biblical doctrine written to one of the key questions of our age I listened to this one as an audio book.

    Andrew Mulnix

    a good reminder of who we are

    Leon Porter

    Very Good book easy read.

    Joshua Ray

    The vast majority of believers do not understand what it means to be in Christ and to find their basic identity in him p 95 Who am I is one of the most important questions that we can ask ourselves, not just as believers but in general as humans How we answer this question reveals how we view ourselves, the world, and our place in that world While we ask this question both explicitly and implicitly all our lives, it s an especially relevant question for college students and other young people wh [...]

    Jon Stephens

    In preparation for a class I was teaching on our identity in Christ, I read three books on the subject One of those books was Who Am I by Jerry Bridges reviews on the others coming shortly Although this is a fairly short book 95 pages , it is rich with wisdom and great use exposition of scripture.Bridges covers the following concerning our identity in Christ I Am a CreatureI Am in ChristI Am JustifiedI Am an Adopted Son of GodI Am a New CreationI Am a SaintI Am a Servant of ChristI Am Not Yet Pe [...]


    Short, concise book on Christian identity, including some of the benefits of being in Christ justification, adoption, etc Helpful overview.


    Who am I Before reading this book, I never really put much thought into that question Should this inquiry ever be directed at me, and it has been I probably would answer it with something like, I m a wife, mother, homemaker And I have However, those titles are not really who I am, as Jerry Bridges points out in his book We are not our vocation or past experiences As Christians, our identity is to be found in Christ He explores what that means starting with our creatureliness, our fragility, and [...]

    Tim Augustyn

    This is one of the most helpful Christian books I have ever read The book is very simple, very straightforward, and it helped me to see what it means to be a Christian and to have my identity rooted in Jesus Christ.The book is simple enough for a mature middle schooler or immature high schooler, and profound enough to encourage challenge the long time Christian Bridges simple illustrations and explanations were very helpful to me and different than what I ve heard before, even though I ve read m [...]

    Warren Benton

    rating 3.5This is one of those books that packs lots of information into a very small compact package I believe it will be something I will reread Bridges talks of how we are like a murder rapist on death row God is the governor He doesn t pardon us He adopts us We come into his inheritance We are join into his family we have his stuff, we get to be part of everything he is doing this isn t like a pardon where our crimes are just brushed to the side this is like full on forgiveness we are viewe [...]

    Lawson Hembree

    A concise treatment of one of the most important aspects of Christianity what it means to be in Christ Bridges outlines the benefits and responsibilities associated with an identity that is based on our unity with Christ as opposed to an identity based on circumstances, vocation, interests, etc An important read for any believer Bonus the audiobook version is read by Allistar Begg with his fantastic Scottish accent


    Simple but provocative why is it that I need this constant reminder of who I am, or, importantly, who I am not Bridges theme is pretty much the same much needed emphasis in his recent books, and that is Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God s grace And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God s grace We just need to keep it before us


    These Cruciform publishing books seem like a great concept This one was an encouraging, concise reminder of the basic message of the gospel as it applies to the identity of a Christian Typical Jerry Bridges measured, practical, biblical, understandable, measured and occasionally firm confronting I listened to it as an audio book over the course of a few days of short drives, and it was great to have this kind of basic gospel encouragement present in my thoughts over those few days.


    Easy to red, well crafted explanation of every Christian s position in light of the person and work of Jesus Christ The biblical statements backing the author s view are well exposed And the reader will just focus on those Scripture verses to practically live out his or her faith in daily experiences A must read if you struggle with this age old question Who am I

    Chad A. Pentecost

    Changed perspectiveI learned while reading this book that the author had went home to be fully sanctified only two months prior This book reaffirmed many truths of my identity in Christ I recommend it to any new believer and to those who need a reminder after years of Christian service.


    A great little book which reminds us of profound, beautiful truths while avoiding the common problem of padding on lots of bloated content Others criticize this book as being a little too simple and wanting depth, but I feel less is in this case Having said that, the kindle price was a little expensive considering how short the book is.


    An amazing book A lot of times we tend to forget who we are and this is the only thing that really helps us in our daily life whether it be in the workplace, home and even among family Jerry takes us deep into the core of Christian theology by re examining the foundation of who a Christian is MUST READ LISTEN

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