Feb 24, 2020
The Tightrope Walker
Posted by Dorothy Gilman

They re going to kill me soon When the quiet and shy Amelia Jones reads these words, her life changes irrevocably She s just become the new owner of the Ebbtide Shop, a musty antique store filled with merry go round horses and hurdy gurdies, and it is while fixing one of these barrel organs that the scrawled and threatening note falls out Armed only with the strange wo They re going to kill me soon When the quiet and shy Amelia Jones reads these words, her life changes irrevocably She s just become the new owner of the Ebbtide Shop, a musty antique store filled with merry go round horses and hurdy gurdies, and it is while fixing one of these barrel organs that the scrawled and threatening note falls out Armed only with the strange woman s first name and the note written years before, Amelia begins a journey into the past, a search that takes her from the protective cocoon she s wrapped herself in to a precarious world where passions boil underneath the surface, where nothing is the way it seems, where fear is second nature, and dark secrets just might uncover murder her own

  • Title: The Tightrope Walker
  • Author: Dorothy Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780449211779
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tightrope Walker They re going to kill me soon When the quiet and shy Amelia Jones reads these words her life changes irrevocably She s just become the new owner of the Ebbtide Shop a musty antique store filled with


    The curiosity that killed Schrodinger s cat was the only thing that kept him alive, matter of fact Eyedea Infrared Roses Her walls were held up by their quotes to set your watch to They skipped the butterflies feeling or any real book that kept you good company on your way on their way to inspirational quotes for those who shut their eyes and lived by the first page they opened If magic eight balls were a thing yet Amelia probably would have been all over outcome unlikely and such words to live [...]


    This is the most original plot in all my years reading It sparks a chase for a related novel hard to come by and worth the hunt Amelia bought an antique store and found a note inside an instrument Someone expected to be killed in a cover up If the note were real, it bore no date and only a first name What would you do It took time to synch with this protagonist but the tremendously unique adventure is memorable It picks up pace An unusual scenario carrying into real life is Amelia s favourite bo [...]


    One of my all time favourite books Gilman superbly captures the feeling of growing up odd lonely The lead is as 3 dimensional, complex, contradictory, endearing as any young woman you ve ever known As Amelia ventures further further outside of her comfort zones, you find yourself travelling with her, rooting for her, ultimately feeling a little alive yourself An utterly charming sincere coming of age story, barely even dated with its many years.

    Diane Lynn

    Wonderful mystery with a very determined heroine She was a troubled orphan who really came into her own The ending is really edge of your seat reading Only downside was having Donovan s Hurdy Gurdy Man come singing songs of love stuck in my mind And turns out it s not even a hurdy gurdy in the book.

    S.E. Burr

    I read this book again recently I m not much of a mystery reader This is a mystery, but there s a lot of other things going on, too There s a love story, Amelia s search for peace and confidence, some really interesting side characters like Daisy, and most of all, what I think the book is really about I think that at its heart The Tightrope Walker is about the relationship between an author and a reader Spoiler Alert The book is deeply concerned with a book Amelia read as a child which she becam [...]


    I love this book This along with Gerald Durrell s My Family and Other Animalsand a few others are books that I re read about once a year I first read this when I was about twelve and Amelia s quirkiness and loneliness were so appealing.Dorothy Gilman always creates wonderful characters and Amelia is one of her best Amelia is an appealing and quirky heroine with her insecurities and her search for emotional as well as physical bravery.The premise of the story is that Amelia finds a note in a old [...]


    This is the second or third time I ve read this book, and I m pretty sure it won t be the last I have a weakness for books where characters are just living their lives, make some sudden, life altering discovery pursue a mystery.I really love and admire Amelia Jones, her quirky impulse to buy an antique shop and investigate a mystery The other characters that come into her life are equally interesting, and I love seeing the subtle influences they have over her There s something inspiring about th [...]

    Diane Henders

    I love Dorothy Gilman s writing, and this book in particular It s just as enjoyable today as it was when this book was published over 25 years ago Her prim, outwardly naive writing style charms me, and somehow she always made it work, even in action packed murder mysteries with bullets flying She was also the author of the Mrs Pollifax series, stories about a grandmother who becomes a spy in her 60s The Tightrope Walker is not only an absorbing mystery with a main character who s both vulnerable [...]

    Ashley Lauren

    As the mystery genre is severely lacking in my book history, my very good friend Zoe sent me this as an example of one of her favorites And for good reason This is one of those books that s a blast to devour The protagonist is amazing She s so incredibly believable and interesting in of herself she comes across as a real human being that you want to learn about But Gilman doesn t overload you with personality, she intricately intertwines the story, the mystery, and the characters effortlessly f [...]


    The Tightrope Walker by Dorothy Gilman was a fascinating mystery novel The novel starts out with 22 year old Amelia Jones buying an antique shop in which she discovers an old hurdy gurdy While playing it one night, she discovers a hidden note inside The note written by someone named Hannah states that she had signed a form the night before which would be her death sentence She further writes that the nameless ones are going to murder her but make it look like an accident Something in the note re [...]


    Sometimes I think we re all tightrope walkers suspended on a wire two thousand feet in the air, and so long as we never look down we re okay, but some of us lose momentum and look down for a second and are never quite the same again we know Thus begins the journey of Amelia Jones to solve a decades old murder based on a note found in an old hurdy gurdy Some authors have an amazing gift for writing which is hard to put into words and has to be experienced to be understood I believe that Dorothy G [...]


    I actually liked this little novel a lot Usually Gilman s characters are a little hollow, but this one it worked for me because the character s perspective was similar enough to mine.The progagonist has been exposed to the worst of human nature very early on, and she struggles throughout the story to reconcile these experiences with the possibility of a healthy life She goes to a shrink, learns the lingo, reads the books, and basically concludes that being a decent human being is just like being [...]

    Susan Bernhardt

    I just finished reading The Tightrope Walker by Dorothy Gilman for the second time Dorothy Gilman is an excellent storyteller and all of her mysteries, including her famous Mrs Pollifax series are outstanding This was an intriguing story of a young woman who finds an obscure, chilling message hidden in an antique hurdy gurdy which speaks of the author s fear of her own demise With a sense of urgency, the young woman embanks on a dangerous journey to find the author of the message and unravels an [...]

    Maria Schneider

    This was probably 3.5 or 4 stars It was actually less plausible than the other mysteries by Gilman that I ve read, but an enjoyable way to while away the afternoon There was a LOT of exposition, which was really the only thing wrong with it There were long passages from court testimony and some other sections that, while important, dragged The action scenes were very good and the characterization quite fun One of those decent reads when you need something you know will at least be good enough to [...]


    Wow I read this on a whim, as I remembered enjoying the Mrs Pollifax mysteries I d borrowed from my grandma when I was a kid This was a totally different animal, however I had to force myself to take it slowly and enjoy the mystery and characters unfolding As other reviewers noted, some of the story is definitely dated, but with a few tweaks I could see it taking place in a modern setting I loved the idea of a book within a book, but now that I know Dorothy Gilman wrote Hannah s book, I am not [...]

    Carolyn Hill

    I loved this book and go back every few years to read it When Amelia Jones finds a note in an old hurdy gurdy that says, They re going to kill me soon she sets out on a path that changes her life With a great hook, it s a short fast paced intriguing mystery with a little romance thrown in Mostly I loved the characters, especially the way Amelia evolves from an invisible, terrified, lonely young woman to an attractive, brave, determined one who discovers love along with her own inner strength.

    Jenn Estepp

    Pretty much the definition of a comfort book for me, even though it s my first time through No real surprises, but in the best way Plus, I like to think that someday I too will find a sinister note in an old antique and embark on a mystery solving quest that will bring me fulfillment and love but maybe not the attempts on my life.Also, if this were written today, like 85% of it would be solved via the Internet.


    I read this for college and honestly, it was so boring that it took me like three weeks to finish it Annoying main character rushed, forced and unnecessary love interest and I just don t like reading mystery novels, they bore me to no end.


    It s a mystery It s a coming of age story It s a road trip Reading this was like reading the kind of mysteries I loved as a kid, except, for a grown up I also kind of adored all the seventies touches Like the bellbottoms and the plants in rope hangers And the VAN.

    Lauren Albert

    I enjoyed this though I found the romance a bit predictable it also happened to fast In my humble opinion, most people would have gone to the police after finding the letter, but hey, I m not a writer.

    Rachel Piper

    4.5 stars A charming mystery with an intrepid heroine like a grown up Nancy Drew, if you ignore the occasional references to meditation and bell bottoms.

    Janice Mcmullen

    Dorothy Gilman is a treasure All of her Mrs Polifax novels were a joy to read This is the first I have read of her non Polifax novels and plan to read all of them.

    Mary Ann

    A very enjoyable, well written mystery which held my interest all the way through.


    I m torn on this one I picked it up at a going out of business sale for Seattle s Mystery Bookstore Maybe 2.5 It had a really, really slow start, and I could not connect with the main character at all She represented so many dysfunctional aspects of life that are somewhat unfathomable to me unsure of herself, co dependent, lost But she comes around, and it was quite gripping for the last 50 pages or so, so it redeemed itself She admittedly came into herself and solved a mystery, found herself, a [...]

    Deborah Jones-Norberto

    Quite possibly my favorite book of all time First read it in the late 70 s as a high school student It was an excerpt in a Cosmopolitan magazine of all things I ve read it over and over and over through the years and now in my 50 s it s still great to me.


    New antique shop owner Amelia Jones discovers a note in a hurdy gurdy that sets up a murder mystery filled with blackmail, politics and love found and love lost Dorothy Gilman weaves incredible tales.


    A fun and suspenseful story along the lines of Ruth Willock and Mary Stewart.


    Audiobook performed by Ruth Ann Phimister




    Great story great audio book

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