Feb 24, 2020
Berlin Childhood around 1900
Posted by Walter Benjamin

Begun in Poveromo, Italy, in 1932, and extensively revised in 1938, Berlin Childhood around 1900 remained unpublished during Walter Benjamin s lifetime, one of his large scale defeats Now translated into English for the first time in book form, on the basis of the recently discovered final version that contains the author s own arrangement of a suite of luminous vigneBegun in Poveromo, Italy, in 1932, and extensively revised in 1938, Berlin Childhood around 1900 remained unpublished during Walter Benjamin s lifetime, one of his large scale defeats Now translated into English for the first time in book form, on the basis of the recently discovered final version that contains the author s own arrangement of a suite of luminous vignettes, it can be widely appreciated as one of the masterpieces of twentieth century prose writing.Not an autobiography in the customary sense, Benjamin s recollection of his childhood in an upper middle class Jewish home in Berlin s West End at the turn of the century becomes an occasion for unified expeditions into the depths of memory In this diagram of his life, Benjamin focuses not on persons or events but on places and things, all seen from the perspective of a child a collector, flaneur, and allegorist in one.This book is also one of Benjamin s great city texts, bringing to life the cocoon of his childhood the parks, streets, schoolrooms, and interiors of an emerging metropolis It reads the city as palimpsest and labyrinth, revealing unexpected lyricism in the heart of the familiar.As an added gem, a preface by Howard Eiland discusses the genesis and structure of the work, which marks the culmination of Benjamin s attempt to do philosophy concretely.

  • Title: Berlin Childhood around 1900
  • Author: Walter Benjamin
  • ISBN: 9780674022225
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Berlin Childhood around Begun in Poveromo Italy in and extensively revised in Berlin Childhood around remained unpublished during Walter Benjamin s lifetime one of his large scale defeats Now translated i


    Als das Kind Kind war

    mai ahmd


    Nachdem ich die Berliner Kindheit in der Fassung letzter Hand meinem Sohn vermacht habe, musste ich mir das Buch unbedingt neu kaufen, da es zu meinen All Time Favorites z hlt Ich bin gl cklich damit, dass ich mir nun die Giessener Fassung gekauft habe, die die fr heste ist Die Texte sind nicht ganz so komprimiert wie ich es jedenfalls in Erinnerung habe und Suhrkamps Ausgabe ist wundersch n aufgemacht tolles Papier, sch ner Druck, einige Fotos.Ein Buch, zwischen Kafka und Proust zu stellen, bes [...]


    Nur wenige biografische Skizzen haben mich so ber hrt wie Benjamins bewusster Abschied von einer Zeit und einer Gesellschaft dem j dischen Gro b rgertum um 1900 , die, wie Benjamin vollkommen klar war, es nie wieder geben w rde und geben k nnte Melancholisch, aber ganz gewiss nicht larmoyant, sind Benjamins Texte so wortm chtig wie ber hrend und haben nichts von der Sperrigkeit seiner theoretischen Schriften.

    Ahmed Oraby


    Fatema Hassan , bahrain


    رغد قاسم


    Moath Hamam




    I read this book a while ago, and the further away from it I get, the it seems to grip my imagination, it s so rich and evocative I found a Sontag quote about Benjamin that explains exactly the feeling conveyed by his writing She says each sentence had to say everything, before the inward gaze of total concentration dissolved the subject before his eyes Because of that concentration, it can be a challenging reading experience, challenging in a way we don t often encounter in contemporary litera [...]

    Ahmed Almawali


    Benjamin worked many years in these texts, you will need t i m e to read them The commentary by Skoggard provides the historical and cultural context that one misses being born so far away from Berlin ca 1900 Actually, rereading the stories after the commentary sheds a complete new light on them.


    W Benjamin a fost un scriitor realmente excep ional Afirm asta f r a sta pe g nduri, n ciuda faptului c nu am citit p na acum dec t aceast carte, nu mai lung de 100 de pagini Le g nie est la r cup ration de l enfance volont ne spune Baudelaire n Le peintre de la vie moderne Copil rie berlinez se achit exemplar de aceast exigen implicit , r m n nd cel mai accesibil volum al operei lui Benjamin.Proza poetic , cu accente de reverie induse de basmele copil riei, este de o expresivitate n ucitoare Ce [...]



    Elizabeth K.

    I m certain I haven t read any Walter Benjamin since college, although I always recall The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction quite fondly This is a series of very short descriptions of his memories of childhood Despite being very narrow in focus he s a young child so many of the remembered incidents are specific to his own home and his family, they do come together to give you a very ephemeral sense of life in Berlin at this time This fascinated me a lot it s as if you catch glim [...]

    Steve Kettmann

    I found this volume disappointing Partly it was the packaging of this particular edition, which attempted to solve the problem of various differing editions published at different times having different chapter selections by well I m not sure I just know that some of the material was presented twice I have only limited exposure to the thinking and writing of Benjamin, who was obviously a great intellect and an important figure Parts of this book on his childhood in Berlin were indeed masterful H [...]

    أحمد شاكر



    Yes, it is a nostalgic memoir of youth, but it runs far, far deeper Because Benjamin uses those lyrical, rather simple descriptions of childhood to open up a whole potential of application for his own philosophical and critical theory the virtues of wandering, collecting, and archiving are all here, as is a deep, sensitive sense of the interplay between memory and perception Even if, like me, you re automatically suspicious of all biographical writing, this is a high point here Worth every secon [...]




    Benjamins majesteitelijke vertelstem overdondert Evocatieve precisie van de zuiverste graad, memoires die zinderen van beeldende rijkdom, eenduidig maar tegelijk zinnenprikkelend, betekenisvol uitwaaierend tot verre, fantasievolle horizonten Po tisch proza zoals enkel po zie proza sch kan zijn.


    I hope this is like Mandelstam s The Noise of Time elliptical, episodic, a catalogue of significant fragments That s the way memoirs should be written.

    Emre Bora

    atl kar nca yaz s plato nun ma aras kadar zerine d n lebilir bir tasvir

    Tuqa Mohammad



    Getting ready for the upcoming holidays, I suppose Walter Benjamin s Berlin Childhood around 1900 written between 1932 and 1938 and first arranged by f Adorno of all people in 1950 Now what exactly is this And why did I actually buy the English translation Not so much a straightforward autobiography then again, what s straightforward with WB as a in search of lost time esque recollection of his childhood memories, of places and things of his upper middle class jewish childhood in Berlin at aroun [...]

    Maurizio Manco

    Per tempo appresi ad avvolgermi nelle parole che in fondo erano nuvole p 59 Non possiamo mai recuperare interamente quanto si dimenticato E questo forse un bene Lo shock del riavere sarebbe cos distruttivo che dovremmo smettere all istante di comprendere il nostro anelare Cos invece lo comprendiamo, e tanto meglio quanto pi profondamente il dimenticato giace in noi Forse il suo mescolarsi ai pulviscoli dei nostri involucri sgretolati il segreto grazie al quale sopravvive L alfabetario, p 98



    Bessa Bent Namer


    James Payne

    My experience of this book vacillated At times, like in Benjamin s story of visiting the Otter at the Berlin Zoo, or in the borderline insanity that is common to children not just me, right in The Hunchback, and in the interminable bouts of sickness that plagued me as they plague Benjamin in The Fever, the vignettes were adorable, and uncannily evoked scenes from my own childhood Other vignettes, however, suffered from vague writing and ambiguous narrative construction, or perhaps just from abst [...]


    Written in exile, Berlin Childhood around 1900, offers fragmentary recollections of Benjamin s Jewish, upper middle class childhood Opposed to a lot of his theoretical work, the book, focuses on urban life school classrooms, street corners and parks all seen and experienced from the memory and eyes of a child Finished in 1932, the project reflects Benjamin s personal need to protect himself against the city s impending fascist future through childhood memories and nostalgia The vignettes postul [...]

    Diane Ramirez

    Beautiful at times, almost nightmarish at others, this book is an interesting visit into the mind of a child as remembered by the adult he became Remember having a whole world of experience with pieces of furniture in your home, finding that inaminate objects or sounds carried life, promise, dread, comfort, hope, threat I recalled for the first time in decades these things while reading this book, which proved a haunting experience often than a sweet and innocent one Berlin Childhood around 190 [...]

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