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Grace s turbulent childhood, with father s violent temper and mother s apathy, their divorce, and her relocation with her mother and siblings to Hawaii, where she experiences racism and violence, sets the stage for this incredible real life tale of abuse, brainwashing, and ultimately the long journey to recovery At seventeen, Grace experiences love for the first time,Grace s turbulent childhood, with father s violent temper and mother s apathy, their divorce, and her relocation with her mother and siblings to Hawaii, where she experiences racism and violence, sets the stage for this incredible real life tale of abuse, brainwashing, and ultimately the long journey to recovery At seventeen, Grace experiences love for the first time, but is soon unable contain the traumas of her past Seeking a remedy from what she perceives as a spiritual problem, she enlists the aid of Brock, a charismatic exorcist and cult expert Grace stumbles into a world of esoteric rituals, Luciferian doctrines, and New World Order conspiracies This gripping narrative illustrates how children adapt to a hostile environment, can grow up misreading their untreated traumas, and, while searching for answers, fall prey to unscrupulous charlatans who heap damage onto an already wounded soul.

  • Title: Reaching
  • Author: Grace Peterson
  • ISBN: 9780989403
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reaching Grace s turbulent childhood with father s violent temper and mother s apathy their divorce and her relocation with her mother and siblings to Hawaii where she experiences racism and violence sets


    In a series of rapid fire, present tense vignettes written with strobe light intensity, REACHING, covers the events that led the author from a chaotic and sometimes violent childhood into the thrall of a charismatic spiritual exorcist and eventually out of his grasp.Grace Peterson is particularly adept at showing the alienation she felt from the adults in her family, using descriptors such as, the father, the mother, and the scary aunt, etc rather than names She keeps readers rooted in time by r [...]

    Kathleen Pooler

    When I first started reading Reaching by Grace Peterson, I knew it was about spiritual abuse, getting into and out of a cult like experience, but I wasn t sure what to expect The prologue sets the stage for the pivotal moment Grace realizes she needs to get help The story then begins in the author s childhood and within the first page I felt the pain of a little girl whose mother is dismissive and non caring A child s voice in the present tense pulls me into this story and keeps me suspended thr [...]


    Honest Heartbreaking Haunting.Grace Peterson s book is all of those things and In her book, she tells the story of the religious abuse she suffered at the hands of a cult leader, a man who takes advantage of her fragile emotional state and convinces her that she s possessed by demons She is taught that healing can come only through working with this leader And the healing process includes physical, verbal and emotional abuse by him.Peterson paints a shocking picture of the abuse and of the way [...]


    This is a brave book The product of a dysfunctional family, Peterson refers to her distant and disinterested parents as the mother and the father, clearly telling the reader what kind of parents they were Traumatized by moves, bullying by schoolmates and the tragic death of her best friend, Peterson struggles to find her place in the world Convinced she s possessed or is possibly a demon herself, she falls under the spell of a malevolent healer Despite all that has happened to her, she manages t [...]


    Reach for the stars, but if you want success, you have to reach for the moon Grace Peterson has achieved stature as a writer in this short memoir REACHING that many other authors far experienced in the field of writing In short, this is an astonishingly well sculpted book that reveals Peterson to be a wordsmith on a par with the finest This is not meant to negate the importance of the message of the book this is one lf the most sincerely penetrating memoirs of a child s journey through a jungl [...]

    Mary Clark

    In rational tones the author takes you on a boat ride into the netherworld of a life coming apart at the seams Piece by piece the ties that bind are broken, so that even in a secure marriage with a man who loves her, she is ripe for the final break Her childhood years are devoid of love, and at times frightening Her only solace is in the outdoors, along a river and in the gardens of a relative She is reaching reaching always for connection The only good friend she has, when she is a teenager, di [...]

    Alexandra Bogdanovic

    Wow Grace is one gutsy woman.As a young child she endured both abuse and emotional neglect at the hands of her parents, whom she refers to in her memoir as the mother and the father Things didn t get any better for her as a teen, or even after she finally finds love All along, she is haunted by disturbing dreams Even her waking hours are filled with dark thoughts As chronicled in Reaching, a gripping, powerful story, Grace knows something is wrong She knows she needs help She searches for it in [...]

    Madeline Sharples

    Reaching is the gut wrenching story of a girl growing up without love, warmth, or care from her parents and other adults in her life They were so isolated from each other that the girl called them the mother, the father, the scary aunt, the mean grandmother The neglect that characterized her young life broke my heart and compelled me to keep reading in hopes that her life would get better Throughout, the main character s voice was raw, open, and courageous This is a book that is brutally honest [...]


    Reaching is introspective and brave The author peels back layers of her life to reveal the heartache that molded her into an adult She tackles uncomfortable topics with poise, but does not hide from them Although my life experience is quite different from the author s, there were still many places where I related to her challenges and suffering A beautiful read that reminds us both how frail humans can be and how much we can overcome.

    Jeri Walker

    It s agonizing to see how self centered most of the adults are in this book, but it s a truth that needs to be told In a world that often lives by the saying, Don t worry, be happy, this memoir shows just how deep some emotional scars go when it comes to trying to live a balanced life I really enjoyed Peterson s tactic of describing her surroundings as opposed to her feelings Memories often form in relation to our physical environment, and the author excels in rendering memory this way.


    Great writing Troubling story that is uplifting in the end.

    Susan Troccolo

    I took my time reading this compelling and often frightening story by Grace Peterson It took me awhile to grasp her style of keeping the people in her life at a distance by using the third person to name them, but in time, I fell in fully with her story In any memoir like this, and especially one that begins with the protagonist as a child, you feel worried for the fate of the person How are they going to survive such indifference, such pain But this is a story of survival, beautifully and memor [...]

    Leila Summers

    This was an interesting book and well written It follows the story of the author s abusive childhood, struggle with anxiety, paranoia and depression, and her years of involvement with an unscrupulous religious leader My only quibble is that I found the ending her years of therapy and road to healing too short in comparison and I only hope that means that there is another book, about the happy years, on the way A brave book

    Grace Peterson

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