Jul 06, 2020
Slave Of The Sioux- The Fanny Kelly Captivity Narrative, 1864 (Annotated)
Posted by Fanny Kelly RichardMacPherson

Unquestionably the most vivid and horrifying account of a woman held captive by Indians is that of Fanny Kelly, who, as part of an intrepid band of emigrants on their way to Idaho in 1864 with her husband and young daughter was captured by the Sioux in a brutal and deadly massacre, spending the next 6 months enslaved by various factions of the Oglala Brule tribes TUnquestionably the most vivid and horrifying account of a woman held captive by Indians is that of Fanny Kelly, who, as part of an intrepid band of emigrants on their way to Idaho in 1864 with her husband and young daughter was captured by the Sioux in a brutal and deadly massacre, spending the next 6 months enslaved by various factions of the Oglala Brule tribes This is her own story in her own words, as she witnesses savagery after savagery, hoping only to stay alive to reunite with her beloved child and husband A real life abduction story that to our modern ears sounds almost manufactured, this edition, with illustrations photographs never in any other edition, plus new chapters on other Sioux depravities of that time, like the macabre Scalp Dance , will enlighten as well as horrify If you only read one captivity narrative this is the one to read.

  • Title: Slave Of The Sioux- The Fanny Kelly Captivity Narrative, 1864 (Annotated)
  • Author: Fanny Kelly RichardMacPherson
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  • Slave Of The Sioux The Fanny Kelly Captivity Narrative Annotated Unquestionably the most vivid and horrifying account of a woman held captive by Indians is that of Fanny Kelly who as part of an intrepid band of emigrants on their way to Idaho in with her hus


    Un indien Oglagla en 1899Ce livre est un t moignage qui nous transporte dans l Ouest am ricain suivre les terribles aventures Fanny Kelly, une jeune fille de dix neuf ans Le 12 juillet 1864 dans le Wyoming, le convoi avec lequel elle se rend au Nord Est des tats Unis tombe sur une bande de sauvages mena ants, les Sioux Oglagla Ils plusieurs dizaines entourer le petit groupe, arrogants, provocateurs, enhardis par le nombre Ils commencent se servir dans le chariot sous l il impuissant des propri t [...]


    I have always been fascinated by Native Americans, particularly the Sioux, and even particularly the Oglala or the Lakota tribe I took a class two years ago in college that was taught by an excellent anthropologist who spent a year or two living with the Oglala tribe, and I was completely hooked and knew I had to find out They re such a beautiful people to me I even did a research final about the Oglala customs this past semester So when, about a year ago, I was browsing the bookshelves at a l [...]

    Randolph Carter

    These things are always difficult to review From a literary standpoint it is no masterpiece but the narrative content itself is so compelling we forgive the awkwardness of the author, so I tend to look at these primarily in a historical context and then look at how effective the narrator is at getting the feel of the experience across The general caveat here is that there is little corroborating evidence for what Kelly says her day to day life was like in captivity other than other accounts of d [...]

    Mon Maryum

    Narrative of My Captivity by Fanny KellyI am finished with this one too I also wrote a review on a book by an Indian warrior CLICK HERE TO SEE REVIEW.It was obvious that this person wasn t a writer but her writing did flowed nicely even though the sentences were very simple and this is why this book gets two stars The problem with such simple writing is that, instead of describing what torture or violently attacked me were except only once where she mentioned an Indian burning her hand by pressi [...]

    Toni Miranda

    One of the WORST books I have ever read This was supposedly a true story bah If this is true she should have become an interpreter she supposedly knew Exactly what the chief was saying to her in HIS language on her second day of captivity wow what skill Then she was supposedly held for over five months yet there are NO details of anything that happened to her All she does is describe the scenery and lament about being tortured yet there are only two or three specific incidences that document any [...]


    I am working on my senior thesis and my topic is Native American and white relations in the 19th century in the western United States This was an interesting captivity narrative to read You really have to take everything Fanny says with a grain of salt She is very dramatic in her descriptions of the Native Americans and I doubt many things that she says However, this book will help me in my research because it shows how the image that white people created of Native Americans and how this image n [...]


    A fascinating tale of Mrs Kelly s captivity among the Sioux Indians Most interesting to me was her unwavering faith in the Goodness and Kind Providence of God Despite her circumstantial she continued to trust the Lord and pray for deliverance I have read other books pertaining to the Sioux nation and found most of her cultural observations to be quite accurate Well worth the read


    This book is a most fascinating treatise also a very saddening one on an Indian attack of a small pioneer caravan entering Wyoming territory and then one woman s experience s with the Indians throughout that territory until her rescue at a US Calvary fort in current day SW South Dakota Sorry that was so long winded, but that happens after reading something like this The writing is beautiful and deliberate, but very correct and extremely florid It was, however, fascinating, to read all the descri [...]


    True adventure of an early sojourner on the the new Oregon trail that led through the great plains, and over some of the most forbidding mountain ranges in the world, all while endevouring to deal with the then free and untamed Native American Indian tribes at the height of their strength.Pretty well presentd for being an account born amongst the purple prose common of the 1800 s, the author and face of the book, Fanny Kelley, presents her remarkable tale in uncvontrived humility with astute ins [...]


    This is like reading a history book Fanny Kelly tells her story, but you also get the feeling a lot she s does not tell Due to the time some things were not talked about Would recommend for anyone interested in how the West was settled


    The word that came to my mind while reading this was superfluous Mrs Kelly uses a lot of flowery language to fill the pages, when just the narrative would have sufficed It is confusing at times to follow her timeline, too Some of her claims were disputed in the footnotes, but it was interesting to get a first hand account of the times that she lived in.


    One of the good books about A white girl being captured and held as a slave.


    interesting read but it had flaws Lots of footnotes correcting her.


    Whenever I read a true account of heading westward by covered wagon, I m always struck by how closely it resembles Oregon Trail on the Apple II Good times Mrs Fanny Kelly and her party were about to ford the Platte River with dysentery when they were set upon by a band of Oglala Sioux Some killing later, she, her daughter, and another woman and child stare wretchedly as all their worldly possessions are pillaged or burned, and then they re bundled up on the backs of two horses and hurried away H [...]


    I love the flowery language in this book To me, it was as soothing as an afternoon at the beach For example We then beheld the lovely valley of the prairies intersecting the deep green of graceful slopes, where waves tall prairie grass, among which the wild flowers grow Over hundreds of acres these blossoms are scattered, yellow, purple, white, and blue, making the earth look like a rich carpet of variegated colors those blooming in spring are of tender modest hue, in later summer and early autu [...]


    CaptivatingI love this type of book It was written from the experiences of Mrs Kelly after being taken hostage by Indians After killing the men they burned destroyed all their goods and wagons Ms Kelly was then taken over 300 miles to the rest of the tribe.There were some parts that made me go ugh Torture, scalping, Little Mary and just utter brutality I guess we forget they were different and we did encroach on their lives and land There are some interesting parts on the structure of their dail [...]

    Neil Geisel

    Yes, the story captivates me and is written very eloquently I found the extra detective work and research to be helpful by the publishers Some of the events that happen after her rescue are even interesting It is hard to imagine her picking up indian dialect and language the way she did in a short time, but perhaps a lot of that is hand gestures and time intense study while in captivity Fanny Kelly paints a picture of the differences between cultures at the time and the Indians she was in capti [...]


    excellent biographical report of a woman captured by Native American tribes The descriptions of various festivals, ceremonies, and every day life were interesting Fanny Kelly s reactions to her circumstances and her faith in God assisted in keeping her alive It is interesting to discover how different bands within the same tribe functioned, how different tribes lived, and how Fanny adapted to her circumstances It seems that the human race, regardless of ethnic background have both good hearts an [...]


    This book was an easy read Very interesting to follow in what seems to be fairly well remembered footsteps She did tend to make some generalizations or tout preconceived notions of the tribe she was with or of Indians in general , though I do realize she has good reason to hate, or have anger towards, her captives It is not necessarily the most well written book, but that is to be expected, as I m sure she never intended to be a writer She did lay out a good account of her time while in captivit [...]


    Interesting book in that it was written over 100 years ago and is one of the few firsthand accounts of captivity among a Native American tribe in the 19th century Looking back at her words now, I am reluctant to believe all Fanny Kelly says, especially when given some of the circumstance surrounding the book at the time of its writing All that said, for anyone interested in this oft overlooked period of American History, it s worth the read.


    ExcellentLiked this book very much mostly, because, it came from Mrs Funny Kelly herself Under the circumstances of that time, I thought she was very fair with what she thought of her captors, some in a very kind way and she said what she truly felt Under those circumstances, I don t know what I would have done It was a hard time both for our Native Americans as well as the white settler I am just trying to learn about both cultures at that time of our history.


    Captive of the SiouxA first hand account of the western pioneers and the struggles of the Indians to maintain their lands and life style Cruel and Inhumane treatment of the captive, the murder of her daughter, and the strange environment she entered on her captivity was a source of grief and agony hardly comprehensible to us today The book is a valuable resource for anyone who studies the western settlements of our country.

    Patricia Nightingale

    True account.Enjoyed this book Mrs Kelly was treated as bad as slaves were historically treated I don t think the Indians were any worse in this respect They were definitely a warrior people, however Her will to stay alive and return to her husband made the Indians respect her Ironically, it also made them value her.


    I found it a difficult read, possibly due to the unclear passage of time What, in my mind, took months to accomplish took only a few weeks in reality Kelly also has a tendency describe the location, flowers, sunsets etc in detail than the actual goings on.


    I doubt the author would have called her experience an adventure This tells of her sojourn and capture among the Sioux who were angry that the whites had invaded their sacred black hills This is very unlike the popular Native American romances.


    Interesting narrative on what happened to her after capture I would have liked detail on her interactions with the Indians and less detail on the settings, but that s always my writing preference She s obviously not a writer, but still an important book.


    Interesting biography of Indian captivity.


    Interesting account of the before, during and after.


    Replace Mary Rowlandson with Fannie Kelly and the Narrangesett tribe with the Sioux.Pretty much the same book otherwise.


    Written over a hundred years ago,this is a true account of her experience with the Sioux Indians.

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