Feb 24, 2020
Fallen Crest Public
Posted by Tijan

Sam s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn t go well Some girls want to be her Some girls want to destroy her And some just don t like her All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it s still only the strong survive Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there s another battle growing Things are about to come toSam s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn t go well Some girls want to be her Some girls want to destroy her And some just don t like her All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it s still only the strong survive Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there s another battle growing Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest Sam s other main dilemma Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized.

  • Title: Fallen Crest Public
  • Author: Tijan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fallen Crest Public Sam s first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn t go well Some girls want to be her Some girls want to destroy her And some just don t like her All in all despite being protected by Mason and Logan it


    4 StarsThe Fallen Crest High Series is like junk food You know you shouldn t have it because it s bad for you, but this ends up happening anyways.I m a lot happier with how Fallen Crest Public turned out compared to the last book Sam has some of her spunk back though her emotional side is still there I m happy she has both heck, I d prefer it if she has both , but still a tiny bit unsatisfied with how she is If I could accurately describe it, I d say she s roughly 40% IDGAF Sam from Book 1, 50% [...]

    Lady Vigilante (Feifei)

    4.5 stars Note Not really a review, just some random ramblings of mine Plus no idea what Sam looks like so she ll just be a blank for now.So in Fallen Crest High, things were just heating up and in Fallen Crest Family, the craziness stemmed from the inside In this third book Fallen Crest Public, every dirty secret is aired out in, well, the public There are so many problems the Kade brothers and Sam must face as a result of the events in book 2 1 Kate s knocked off her pedestal and how to deal w [...]

    Alexis *Reality Bites*

    4 DRAMA FILLED STARSI SWEAR EVERY DAMN TIME I TURNED A PAGE I WAS YELLING AT SAM WATCH OUTShe could not catch a break not for one second.That whole ending was a big OH SHIT moment Can t say I never saw it coming because I did but HOT DAMN what a buildup.TateI can t stand Tate NOT ONE BIT Just thinking about her gets me angry.And Kate I better not ever run in to you on a fictional street in Storyland cause BEST BELIEVE it will be on BIT H Full Review To Come after anger fades me prior to book rel [...]

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    DNF at 50%It s officialI m too old for this high school drama Seriously this book gave me a headache I couldn t remember who anyone was other than Mason and Logan of course and frankly I didn t care.Sam wasAnd that sex scene in the first chapter.talk about a tease All of the rest.FADE TO BLACK TotalI didn t really like the last book so I m not even sure why I bothered with this one Five books is too damn manycially when there is NOTHING HAPPENING I did flip to the end to read the last line and s [...]

    Akanksha❤ Søren♰

    This book was like.just think of a mob gang and war in High School Pand that is FCP for you PI really enjoyed this book, I LOVE the authors writing style I doubt I will ever get enough of it NOW Someone get me the 4th book fucking ASAP

    It"s just me Shelly B

    Turning my head to the side, his lips were there and they opened for me I needed him Sweeping my tongue against his lips, I tasted what was mine He was mine All of him was mine See when I see that word mine I think it means mine personally not hers because the way I look at if I m reading the word then it means it s mine Thank goodness you understand every thing I just said because the it is Mason and I m so happy he s MINE My LovesWell obviously Mason and Logan Kade sigh They are just to lickab [...]

    Jacqueline"s Reads

    4 StarsI love Tijan s books and I loved Fallen Crest High series, however, and yes I have to put that tiny however there and major sigh to the fact, Fallen Crest Public is NOT the last book in the series I would describe book 1, Fallen Crest High as the pilot of the series and with each book that is release, is kind of a like an episode as in, each book has a major obstacle that needs to be overcome In book 2, Fallen Crest family, the main obstacle was Sam s crazy mom and in book 3, Fallen Crest [...]


    Pre book review Eagerly waiting for the book BUT please, Bring back the old Samantha The one who was all bold and smart not the one full with emotionsI m happy she has emotions, but still the old one was better And what s with Nate I don t like him and I do NOT trust him Post book Review 31st Dec First of all I d like to thank Tijan for making my 31st December so freaking awesome You and your books are totally awesome and I love you a lot Reading Fallen Crest Public was like riding on a roller c [...]


    This series is going DOWN over New Year s I m ready for my scheduled heart attack stroke courtesy of Tijan


    Karla and I plan to one day write a combined review for all three books in this series To say we are ADDICTED is an understatement GUILTY PLEASURE READ AND NOTHING MORE This authors is my ADDICTION My CRACK My ESCAPE My EXCEPTION I can t get enough of her books Her stories all of them will ALWAYS be 5 star reads for me because I don t read them like I do other books They have become my escape, my guilty pleasure, my one exception They encompass EVERYTHING that would normally drives me bat shit c [...]

    Farah *Professor Dean"s Beauty*

    4 frustrating stars Seriously someone needs to help ALL these kids Clearly their parents didn t not do a good job at it image error Mason Logan Mason Logan.I love both these boys and I find it hard to understand why they all like Sam so muchBut they do and they will do anything to protect her And I mean anythingMason and Sam still banging like rabbits all the time Sam starts public school And everyone hates her.This book will make you crazy These kids boys and girls are insane On every single le [...]

    Stacia (the 2010 club)

    It s not fair that I m angry right now I thought I was finally hitting a stride with the Fallen Crest series I thought I was learning to enjoy the ride enough to cave and ignore the repetitive writing plus editing flaws because the drama was exciting and addictive I actually kind of liked book 2 which I still haven t reviewed yet because I had to jump ahead and unload my pent up frustration over book 3 Why couldn t the sketchy behavior have been limited to the enemies of Mason, Logan, and Samant [...]

    Addie Sullivan

    I keep fantasizing dreaming about the fearsome foursome getting it on what s with that

    NiCoLeTa E.

    FUCK.Why did that happen Why Yeah, yeah I already knew it but now it gets obvious than before Okay I think that already told you many times before but i love Mason I really do So please do not hurt him I will become a real bitch then I m just warning you, guys Yeah, you two You know in whom i reffer.Well, that book amazingly surprised me Is that possible After three and a half book can be possible to be even better Oh, yeah It was It was fucking amazing God, i can t believe it but i m obsessed [...]


    Just when I thought I was seeing some clarity from book two, book three brought it up to a totally different notch I mean, sheesh Between the revelations, secrets, and a hell lot of drama be prepared for anything Tijan, if only if only I could see what goes on in that brain of yours And as for the ending, well, it only confirmed a fact I ve suspected from the very beginning so it wasn t that big a surprise BUT STILL It only suspended my need to want even MORE


    Oh my God That ending.I ve been mind fucked.Why, why, why It was like a bomb went inside my head.Like I can t make sense of anything any.Am I even human Okay, maybe I m exaggerating.This book was fucking awesome.The End waske BOOM.Like a bomb Yeah, like a bomb.Definitely the best book out of all Tijan s books Worth the wait for sure.I m so excited for the next one I don t know how it s gonna top this one, but I know it will.


    DNF at 26%I am so over this Nothing has changed We get the same conversations and situations over and over There is no difference between the two first books of the series and this one We are reading the same book repeatedly.I can t stand any longer all the bitchiness, meanness, randomness and plane badness of all the characters The reflections and dialogues of the characters are illogical, they make no sense whatsoever and piss me off The characters are an example of bad decision making and of [...]

    Kellie Maddox-Ward

    Just quickly 1 I fucking love Tijan 2 I fucking love Mason Kade3 I fucking love Logan Kade 4 when is the next out Gah Ok it s fair to say I loved it Will review properly later


    In this third book in the series, Sam finds herself, yet again, pitted against the mean girls at her new school When Mason ruins these girls social standing by exiling them, their tactics only become cruel With the ringleader focusing all her anger on Sam, tensions build steadily until they finally attack These girls are vicious, brutal and all around scary Mason and Logan continue to be overly protective of Sam, but this book sees their good intentions cause some damage More and , Sam is left [...]


    So I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as the first two Where where FCH and FCF we re full of drama, I loved that they were a team and stood up to everyone and everything together This book was full of angst including relationship angst I still love both Mason and Sam and of course Logan too There were a couple parts that were tough to read though I m really looking forward to the next book because I think we get back to the feeling of the beginning of the series.


    Honestly, at this point, I m hoping for some Nate There s just too many questions I have about the dynamic between the Kades and him UPDATE 12 31 13HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP Oh my frikken goodness what the everloving jesus holy smokes I just cannot right now I mean, that little loop we were thrown at the end, I mean, I knew it, I saw it coming, wasnt that surprising What is surprising is that Tate is a bitch My laptop is at like 15% while I write this but holy smokes I just cant handle it AND NATE YO [...]

    Nashoda Rose

    Tijan is officially my go to author Reading her books is like curling up with my favorite blanket and settling in for the night Except there is no sleeping because I m trapped between the pages and it s a great trapped It s opening up a book turning on your kindle and your body sags and you sink into the words on the page with a sigh That is my Tijan experience so far and I love her for giving me that.


    Be jealous bitches Its a valid feeling Cause its on like donkey kong


    I ve just finished it and I am not capable of writing anything coherent right now this ending was just, like, BOOM I have some feelings to share though about the ending again can t talk about the rest right now First of all, this is what I wanted to say to view spoiler crazy whore bitch % TATE hide spoiler Because one isn t enough to show just how much I wanted this character to SHUT THE F CK UP Please, bitch, Well, since I couldn t do it this is how I feel while I m waiting anxiously bitting al [...]


    Just two things mason Logan Kate, Tate the others

    Crazies R Us Book Blog

    CAMI S REVIEW image error 5 Crazie Stars OMG If you thought the first two books in the series were great, wait until you get a ahold of this one Badass Sam is back with a vengeance And there are so many changes in Sam s life now that she is attending FCP The drama in this book is off the charts and the vibe at FCP is without a doubt, VERY different from the Academy Now attending Fallen Crest Public and being Mason Kade s girlfriend, Sam knew she would have a target on her back Add into the mix, [...]


    I was likeThis book kept me on edge and half the time my heart was in my throat I could not go to sleep until I finished itThere is no point in describing the book because if you have not read the previous 2 books I don t recommend starting with this oneBut to all you Fallen Crest Fans I can only say one thing YOU WOULD BE NUTS NOT TO READ THIS BOOK


    asdfghjklamnvdfjsvJHjknvksbvjkdbvu God, I love these books so much I love the Author and just the world


    I love love love Mason, Sam and Logan This is one of my all time favorite series and I can t wait for the next one Fallen Fourth Down 12 23 Teaser Hey, nauseating lovebirds Heather appeared at my locker She gave Mason a bright smile and placed her hands on her hips like she was going to do a cheer for him I caught the twinge of tension in her gaze before it slipped away I need to steal your gal, Kade I need her to walk me to my next class His hands fell away and he stepped back, but he frowned Y [...]

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