Aug 05, 2020
In the Shadow of the Glacier
Posted by Vicki Delany

Trouble is brewing in the small, bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia An American who came to Trafalgar as a Vietnam War draft dodger has left land and money to the town But theres a catch The money must be used to build a garden to honor draft dodgers.

  • Title: In the Shadow of the Glacier
  • Author: Vicki Delany
  • ISBN: 9781590584484
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Shadow of the Glacier Trouble is brewing in the small bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar British Columbia An American who came to Trafalgar as a Vietnam War draft dodger has left land and money to the town But theres a c


    I admit I like free shit I also admit I m not entirely rational in my thought process For example, I happily hand over my Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime Conference fees and feel like I ve won the lottery when I receive a bag filled with books Seriously, this ends up being one of the major highlights of these conferences So in my continued pursuit of this high, minus the conference fees, I have decided to scour for the best free short stories and books available With that being said, let s get t [...]


    After hearing some thumbs up comments about Delany s Smith Winters series I recommended it to a friend Two years later the friend was back seeking the series name By this time I didn t have a clue With the help of the readers advisory skills of fiction_l members I was able to put this series back into the hands of my friend Thought it was time for me to actually read one I decided to listen to the first in the series In the Shadow of the Glacier Somewhere, somehow I got the impression that it wa [...]


    Molly Smith works as a constable in Trafalgar, British Columbia despite her hippy upbringing in In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany The hitherto peaceful city is set aflame when Molly discovers the body of Reg Montgomery, who is trying to create a major development decried by environmentalists and who is the first murder victim in Trafalgar in over a year Assigned to assist Sergeant John Winters with the investigation in the absence of Winters s regular partner, Molly finds herself embr [...]


    I really enjoyed this book, the first in a new mystery series It takes place in small town Canada, so is reminiscent of Louise Penny It also reminds me of the TV show Broadchurch, although the story isn t nearly as sad The book stars Molly Smith, a young local woman who is a new Constable, working on her first big case The boss in charge is Sargent Winters, who s new to the area, and needs her local knowledge, if not her lack of expertise Additionally there is an interesting cast of characters.I [...]


    Listen to the audiobook the fake Canadian accents, that the narrator slides in and out of seemingly at random, are hilarious The book might have been a two star read or even a DNF without the humour imparted by those accents So, it s a crappy sexist setup Not just one but two younger women being mentored by older men in their professions the cop a good guy, the reporter a total asshole Molly is totally infantilized by everyone around her she s got an unprofessional name that people keep using re [...]


    Constable Molly Smith finds herself partnering with the lead homicide detective when his usual partner heads out of town when Trafalgar s first murder in years occurs The town about a half hour north of the United States border boasts a significant population of Vietnam draft dodgers Many citizens, including Molly s activist mother, want a Peace Garden honoring draft dodgers, but others like Reginald Montgomery oppose the plan Montgomery aspires to build a resort which might lose American touris [...]


    This story has that witty humor I enjoy I really liked it


    While starring a cop, this novel reads like a cozy.Had this been written by a man, I d scream for three paragraphs here about how sexist it is, how stupid and weak and victimy all the women characters are, how much they seem like artifacts of 1958, and how offensive I find that I suppose that s pretty sexist of me, isn t it , that I m only giving it a paragraph of complaint here because the author is female I promise to work harder on my sexism and slam women authors for weak female characters [...]


    This is a good book about a young officer in Canada who is trying to become a detective She s a bit overeager on her first assignment but she grows on you and her family is pretty interesting In this first of the series, there is controversy over a park to be built in honor of those Americans who fled to Canada for escaping the draft during the Vietnam war and it is still as controversial in this small Canadian town now as it was back then There are also the ever present issue of a developer wan [...]


    This could have been an interesting book, if only the characters weren t eye rollingly irritating For an ambitious cop Molly appears to have very little sense her reluctant and grizzled partner constantly thinks about his adored wife, but only in the context that she s stunningly beautiful and no one else has a wife as hot as he does I gave up after the first few chapters a pity, since the actual murder and seething small town politics were interesting because I just couldn t take any .


    A decent and readable Canadian procedural, with good scene setting and an interesting collection of town characters To me, the juxtaposition of the small town atmosphere with the darker underbelly is reminiscent of Louise Penny s Three Pines However, the two main leads local girl Constable Molly Smith, and the older, careworn Detective Sergeant John Winters are obviously very different characters to Inspector Gamache It will be interesting to see how the series develops.


    Constable Molly Smith of Trafalgar, British Columbia is assigned to assist a veteran Detective Sergeant when she finds the body of a man in an alley This is an exciting series debut from Vicki Delany There are complex characters that kept me busy sorting them all out I look forward to the next book in the series.


    The plot seemed a stretch and characters both the good and bad never seemed to develop beyond first impressions The dialogue seems stilted The young and green Constable and the experienced Detective Sargent never really seem to solve the crimes The bad guys throw themselves in front of them and confess for no apparent reason.The ending seemed rushed and.unbelievable.


    Well written and captivating I rarely read a serial mystery that leaves me shocked at the end, but this one does it Bravo, Ms Delany I will be reading about Molly Smith.


    New to me Canadian authored novel as audio set in Western Canada, my letter I in the Thanksgiving Title Letter Reading Challenge


    An earlier 2007 Molly Moonlight Smith murder mystery book about Trafalgar in the Kootenays area of British Columbia I had missed reading this first book in the series Didn t realize it was the first when I downloaded it to read while on a trip It provides the background as Molly has her first experience of being seconded as an investigator into a murder investigation, as well as the personal challenges of being on the police force in the town where she grew up In a lot of ways, it s an excellent [...]


    1 in the Constable Molly Smith series Promising series debut features a young female constable in rural British Columbia thrown into a temporary partnership with a crusty veteran new to the area Enjoyable for the most part but too many elements detract from the whole The murder brings in environmentalists and patriot draft dodger elements, but there are also her best friend and the friend s stalker, her parents marital problems, a much raking TV journalist and the local print journalist he is at [...]


    Molly Smith, actually named Moonlight by her hippie parents, is trying to further her career in law enforcement As a constable, she has hopes, she thinks, of being a detective But she is still dealing with a personal tragedy that haunts her When a murder occurs, she is teamed up with a seasoned detective who is new to this force Sergeant Winters has his own demons to tame, as he patiently teaches Molly the fine art of investigation Things take a turn to the unexpected in the exciting conclusion [...]

    Kenneth Funk

    This book drove me nuts with the constantly changing references to Constable Molly Smith Sometimes she is referred to as Smith, sometimes as Molly, sometimes as Moonbeam or whatever her hippy name was It is almost like the storyteller was trying to tell the story from differing viewpoints and not always using the proper addressing for the situation.Overall this book was extremely hard to get into It took awhile but I finally got there The story was interesting enough I will read the second book [...]

    Lyn Jenkins

    Nice surprise While expecting a mystery fantasy that is not what I got Vicki Delany has the makings of an interesting character with Constable Smith Young, eager, not always smart but willing to try The story itself was a very interesting idea, the pace was reasonable for the start of a series that has to introduce all the main players The action didn t hold anything back and was wonderfully written The only downer was that one particular nasty piece didn t get his comeuppance as much as he shou [...]

    Cresta McGowan

    Didn t need to finish this book First five chapters were soooooo questionable Couldn t stand the main character Far too many people introduced to keep up and in the midst of this disaster, they have group of characters seeking to build a memorial for draft dodgers of the Vietnam war Please do some research Canada was not a safe haven for draft dodgers Do not bother with this series if book one is any indication.

    Kat Walter

    Liked the location, writing, and characters, but the plot fell flat and there were inconsistencies in character presentation This was first of series and I will try a few A little substance than a cozy I met this author at a book signinge has other series, which I will explore as well.


    Really enjoyed listening to this audiobook The only thing that annoyed me was that tearing up crying was referred to as water collecting behind the eyes That s a new one on me I look forward to the development of the characters as the series continues.

    Jody Hamilton

    I really enjoyed this book Loved the characters and their relationships, often contentious The setting, British Columbia, added to the interest in the book and really enjoyed the plot I will definitely read in this series, especially to see how the relationships progress.


    Fun mystery with likable characters I can see myself revisiting the series.


    I gave up on this audio book I do think that the book had a good story but there were too many corny bits, magnified greatly, in my opinion, by the whiny voice that the narrator adopts for Molly.

    Christa (haines) Sheridan

    The characters seems flat The story doesn t build as I would like it to.


    An enjoyable mystery series with believable characters and settings After reading her first book, I was hooked and went through the rest of them rapidly.

    Gae Broadwater

    Fun beginning to a series I look forward to reading listening to .

    Carol C

    It s fun to find a new series to read The beginning of the book was a little hard to get in to but I will read in this series.

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