Aug 05, 2020
Club Vampyre
Posted by Laurell K. Hamilton

Club Vampyre brings together the first three Anita Blake novels, this collection looks at the adventures of the woman vampires call The Executioner.I m Anita Blake, expert on creatures of the night Vampires call me The Executioner What I call them isn t repeatable Ever since the Supreme Court granted the undead equal rights, most people think vampires are just ordinaryClub Vampyre brings together the first three Anita Blake novels, this collection looks at the adventures of the woman vampires call The Executioner.I m Anita Blake, expert on creatures of the night Vampires call me The Executioner What I call them isn t repeatable Ever since the Supreme Court granted the undead equal rights, most people think vampires are just ordinary folks with fangs I know better I carry the scars In my job I m an animator I raise the dead I ve seen just about everything I ve dined with shapeshifters, danced with werewolves and been wooed, but not won, by Jean Claude, the most powerful bloodsucker in St Louis When a serial killer started murdering vampires, it was Jean Claude who wanted me to find the killer Later a rogue vamp named Alejandro hit town and wanted to make me his human servant A war of the undead had begun Over me I d have been flattered, if my life weren t at stake.Books in this collection Guilty Pleasures Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 1 The Laughing Corpse Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 2 Circus of the Damned Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Bk 3

  • Title: Club Vampyre
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781568655291
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Club Vampyre Club Vampyre brings together the first three Anita Blake novels this collection looks at the adventures of the woman vampires call The Executioner I m Anita Blake expert on creatures of the night Va


    A few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and stressed and was looking for a good book to escape in an engrossing page turner that sucks you in and doesn t require a lot of thinking but also doesn t insult your intelligence This is where I ended up after a misguided side trip into Charlaine Harris Dead Until Dark which I,found easy to read but kind of silly.This volume contains the first 3 books Guilty Pleasures,The Laughing Corpse and Circus of the Damned in Laurell K Hamilton s Anita B [...]


    This series is not for the faint of heart There is lots of action, violence and sex Anita Blake is a kick ass kind of girl who makes no apologies about her habit of making bad people dead This whole series is a truly inventive look on the modern world of the whole preternatural community vampires, wereanimals, necromancers, and witches included If you like fast paced, action packed and no holds barredis one is for you


    GUILTY PLEASURESGuilty Pleasures is Book 1 of the prolonged ongoing saga that is the Anita Blake series Enter Anita, a necromancer by night and a vampire hunter night You can imagine she has her plate full, raising the dead and staking fanged baddies.And speaking of which, we meet Nikolaos, a 1,000 year old vampire She s the most powerful in the city all the while inhabiting a body of a 10 year old She s causing a few problems for Anita that leads her to become allies with other vampires Who bet [...]


    Guilty PleasuresWhat a great introduction to this world Vampires are legal, as in they own businesses and may even get to vote soon The supernatural isn t hidden any The MC raises zombies for a living But like when most things change, they are people who protest Anita Blake, zombie raiser and legal vampire slayer, understands the supernatural better than most It is after all her job When vampire corpses are found brutally murdered, Anita is put on the case both by the police and the Master vampi [...]


    I loved it and I am so very glad I got a chance to read the Blake books that were created before LKH went off to her male harem dream land and lost the art of making a book worth reading which includes an actual plot and not repetitve sex I so wish she had kept the books along this line and kept them growing without losing Anita in sex It was so wonderful to not have to skip pages chapters to get past sex scenes I was tired of reading and having an actual story to read.


    A Reminder of why we love Anita Blake when Ms Hamilton is spot on Love Anita, Jean Claude, Richard.


    4.5 StarsI was culling my bookshelves and realized as I was moving books around that I hadn t added these to my page yet I read this book back when it came out, in 1997 This was the first time I d ever heard of Laurell K Hamilton I loved vampires still do , and adored Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and the tv show had just started to air I d read the Diana Tregarde series, and Anne Rice, and Bram Stokerc, and was looking for something else to read in that vein I fell in love with this world whic [...]


    Just what I needed, kick ass Anita Good series are hard to come by I didn t expect much of this saga by the looks of it but book covers are deceiving and a lot of failed series make you underwhelmed But this definitely exceeded my expectations I was laughing and crying and freaking out with ever action of said Anita Blake, bad ass vampire slayer.She s very relatable, to me, at least and it s very comforting to read about her drama and her world and vaudun and Masters of the Cities and zombies Pr [...]


    Je n avais pas vraiment t convaincue par le premier tome de cette saga si populaire Mais avec ce tome 2, je le suis d j nettement plus.En effet, ce tome est beaucoup plus int ressant et original que le pr c dent Ici, l auteure se concentre sur le m tier principal d Anita la r animation On se trouve donc avec deux intrigues plut t bien r ussies qui ne tournent que sur ce sujet On en apprend donc plus sur son travail avec la police et donc sur certains flics, ainsi que la fa on dont Anita est, non [...]


    After having read a couple of the Meredith Gentry series I was not sure how the Anita Blake stories were going to play out, but I liked them alot better than I though and cannot wait to continue the series This is actually and amnibus of the first three books so I am going to summerize each one on its own.Guilty Pleasures Book one introduces us to Anita Black, she is an animator and a vampire hunter known as The Executioner Vampires now have rights and people cannot just kill them, but have to g [...]


    it s been many a year now since the first time i picked up these super fun Anita Blake books, the words that launched a thousand imitators and were pretty well the start of the whole modern times supernatural adult fantasy horror mystery genre see also Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Lilith Saintcrow, Kim Harrison, etc etc this is the first book club edition of her stuff, comprising books 1,2, and 3 of the series, and up through book 6, this is the best it got the series deals with an outwardly fe [...]


    Guilty PleasuresThis is the first Anita Blake novel I ve read Gotta say, pondering the possibilities of vampire civil rights legislation can be fun than the average person should have in a day.Action packed to the end, there was no wind down Once business was done, the book was over Good thing the next one, The Laughing Corpse is right here in the same volume The Laughing CorpseThis one was a lot gorier than the first But still good, a little scary Only thing that bugged me was Jean Claude Why [...]




    The first three books in the Anita Blake series Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedHmmmm that last oneked Richard Happy day Signed by Laurell in California, I made the trip just to get books signed July 2017 I am deciding where to stop my collection of the Anita Blake books I still enjoy reading them, but there is a point in the series where I don t need to keep the books for re reading purposes so I am starting at the beginning and reading them through again.Finished this be [...]


    This is the book club edition of the first three Anita Blake books Whether or not, you love or hate the later Blake books, you have to admit that the early books contributed in to the urban fantasy paranormal romance genre There are problems with the books Anita s back story changes slightly sometimes in the same book as does her age, every woman who is powerful than Anita is bad However, Anita is a far sympathetic if not likeable here than in the later books While Hamilton is not the writer t [...]


    I reviewed each book individually if you want to read them just look for them by title I will definitely continue the series, however I m not sure I like it enough to actually own any books I don t think I will be reading any of these for a second time I m not even sure I will be able to suggest this to friends yet, with the exception of one friend who may like it Some books I read I just have to talk about, this was just something I could mention in passing, but not really rave about Hopefully [...]


    I have to say with all of the hype I ve heard on Anita Blake I was disappointed.I had heard that the beginning of the series was fantastic, awesome, great I didn t think so I am now hearing that the last few didn t quite measure up to the rest That scares me I started them anyway thinking that if they started getting stale or just not for me I d stop I think I ve already gotten there I have so many books on my to read review list that I can t waste any of these.Very disappointing.


    One of my friends had moved out of town and we were determined to keep in touch VIA snail mail I was still fighting the computers at that time , so we would send eachother packages once a week One of the first packages he sent me was this book His boyfriend s ex had left it behind, and after he read it, he was sure I would love it I ve loved Laurell K Hamilton and Anita Blake and her men ever since.


    Anita Blake is an animator and a necromancer She is also a vampire slayer, very petite and an object of interest for the Master of the City of St Louis I quite liked the character, although she wasn t always internally consistent her lack of suspicion of the lamia in the last book seemed very out of character to me.This series will probably appeal to fans of Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs and Charlaine Harris.


    I picked up Danse Macarbe on sale some time ago and was intrigued I began searching for the first books in the Anita Blake series and finally came across this compilation I am finally up to date with the series and I am looking forward to seeing what comes of Hit List which will be released next Tuesday.


    I had read the 17th book in the series Harlequin , so I thought I should go to the beginning and start the series properly At some point Hamilton diverges from edgy vampire fiction to sexxing things up I m torn as to whether I should go on to 4 and find out when this happens or leave the series well enough alone I think I ll leave it alone for now.


    This was fun than I anticipated and gory I really like the character of Anita, she s a tough cookie I prefer it when her foes aren t decaying, but that s just a personal thing These first 3 books have convinced me to go and look for , whilst I wait for the new Kim Harrison book anyway.


    Non sono brutti, anzi Per siamo sempre al solito punto la protagonista non sbaglia mai, sempre pronta, non gliela si fa manco per sbaglio.Sono decenni che i protagonisti dei generi non si discostano da questi clich , solo che ora sono donne.Un po pi di realismo nei protagonisti non guasterebbe.


    The story is starting to get interesting and now it is time to get the next book The first three where not bad, but Not as good as I thought they would be I do see why some of the newer books get their inspiration, however I have seen bits and pieces of newer story lines in these three books I have already started the fourth one.


    I really liked this book If you like strong leading women characters in a vampire novel then Anita Blake is right up your alley I must say that I was taken with Jean Claude and am curious to read about him This book was full of action, sex, and the paranormal.

    Reagan Lacey

    I think that Anita Blake kicks butt in such a way that you feel like your part of her I also think that if you are not into vampires werewolves and any other creatures that you can think of you shouldnt read her books I personally am in LOVE with the series and cant wait for


    Club Vampyre consist of three Anita Blake Novels Guilty Pleasures 1993The Laughing Corpse 1994Circus of the Dammed 1995 I discovered Laurell K Hamilton in June of 1999 and now have all of her books in Hardcover These books would make make wonderfull movies.

    Ruth Taylor

    I was given this book by one of my closest friends, and to be honest had never heard of the author or character However, once I started to read I could not put this book down It is a wonderful take on the vampire slayer story line.

    Lisa Young

    Read these a long time ago Love them Anita was kicking butt way before twilight, having kinky boy friends way before fifty shades of grey and even tho some feel like the series lost something it still is the best vampire series out there


    I ordered this book through a book club back in 1997 and fell in love with Hamilton s writing and the stories that she wove, unfortunately it wasn t until 2003 that I came across of her books, but hell I have been hooked since.

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