Aug 05, 2020
Legendary Detective at the World's End
Posted by Kaye Wagner

On a distant island in the far corner of a broken world, a young detective of unnatural talent sets out to unravel all the mysteries in the growing Metropolis of Teigen No matter how insignificant or dangerous the riddles may be, detective Kirin boldly challenges them And with every new bold challenge, comes a new adventure Discovering wild beast, interacting with stranOn a distant island in the far corner of a broken world, a young detective of unnatural talent sets out to unravel all the mysteries in the growing Metropolis of Teigen No matter how insignificant or dangerous the riddles may be, detective Kirin boldly challenges them And with every new bold challenge, comes a new adventure Discovering wild beast, interacting with strange technology, solving murders, catching thieves, dealing with criminal organizations, or confronting new and wild forms of government and monarchy danger at every angle of discovery is all in a day s work for this new world detective Content Story 1 A Tale With Two Endings Story 2 A Day is a Lifetime Story 3 An Empire and Its DJ

  • Title: Legendary Detective at the World's End
  • Author: Kaye Wagner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Legendary Detective at the World s End On a distant island in the far corner of a broken world a young detective of unnatural talent sets out to unravel all the mysteries in the growing Metropolis of Teigen No matter how insignificant or


    This book will suck you in and not let you put it down Even as the questions pile up, you will want to keep reading of this strange world, with Beasts and Kingdoms and Unions and a strange detective with a candy addiction Set in an island after something called the Shift this world seems both mysterious and fascinating I will definitely be looking out for stories about Kirin, and recommending this book to anyone who wants a captivating read This is unlike any mystery fantasy book I have come a [...]


    The Legendary Detective at the World s End is a good concept, that has been done a serious disservice by the author and publisher.The writing is mostly cheap dialog and the narrative portions are somehow both overly descriptive, and under developed While the broad strokes of the characters, setting, and plot show promise, the execution here is amature at best.The elements of Sci Fi are there, a dystopian future of oppressed masses and undefinable advanced technology but they are never really fle [...]

    Haley B

    A great story that mixes Sherlock esque mystery with science fiction Set in a post apocalyptic, steampunk world, Kirin solves mysteries in the city of Teigen.Kirin and his friend, Jake, are interesting and complex characters, with a dynamic reminiscent of the legendary Sherlock and Holmes With his quick, sure fire deductions and idiosyncrasy, Kirin is a blast to read in action Jake, like Watson, often acts as the reader surrogate, but he has his own characteristics that you are sure to adore.Whi [...]

    Lynn Carden

    The author has created a very interesting world here, a unique dystopia that I ve yet to see before, and I m an avid reader of the genre Although I would be apprehensive in calling it strictly dystopian, there are pronounced elements in there mixing with the mystery cyberpunk world the author carefully constructs It sort of reminds me of the way George R.R Martin constructs his worlds, but definitely not in the same morbid fashion This world is full of life, and so is the Detective Kirin as he i [...]


    Teigen is a growing metropolis on a distant island The world has become something that we would not recognize The role of the politician is nothing than that of a trained monkey, putting a public face on those that really run the show The unions It is the unions that decide what society needs and the laws that are made and enforced Kirin is seventeen and small for his age but what he lacks in physical stature he than makes up for it with his incredible deductive reasoning skills In his boredom [...]

    Rae Ryans

    Kaye Wagner paints beautiful imagery in this collection of dystopian stories We get drawn in by following the baby faced detective, Kirin, through Teigen, a bustling metropolis in the devastated world.We quickly realize Kirin isn t a normal detective, and see how planned and detailed, every move, and decision he makes is This isn t a typical dark dystopian book, it is truly a fantastic read Wagner has taken sci fi dystopia to a whole new level.This series has a great fantasy feeling to it, so it [...]


    I enjoyed this easy to read young adult novel.The detective Kirin is delightfully intelligent and has a great sense of humor Jake is looking for adventure and he finds it when he stumbles into friendship with Kirin Kirin slightly reminds me of young Sherlock Holmes, but only in the sense that he has a brilliant deductive mind He is very much an original and detailed character Jake and Kirin become friends as the stories progress This novel consists of multiple mystery stories that all take place [...]


    This is the story of a young man named Jake, who seeks a little adventure in his life And he manages to find it when he stumbles across another man named Kirin Kirin seems to have the knack of seeing what is really going on in a situation The two begin to work together to solve mysteries in a world full of powerful unions and nobles And then there is the Underground which is full of colorful characters and the dream of so many of them is to be a DJ This book is a collection of three different st [...]


    I really liked this book It is kinda reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes with a twist The story revolves around a 17 year old detective He goes around solving cases because they interest him I can t say a ton about the cases without giving away plot I can say the the kid is a genius, and I didn t see many of the endings.I loved the fact that the book also had a sense of humor about it The scariest scenes always showed some lightness to them At times the stories had me giggling This just made the stor [...]

    Ann Smith

    My friend insisted I read this because she enjoyed it so much.It is not my usual genre, and it was different than any other book I have read in recent memory and I read a LOT It was definitely different in a good way though.I have a love hate relationship with dialogue If it is done well, I love it The way Kirin and Jake interacted with each other was great.So awesome Very few writers can pull off writing the way this author can.The book is so descriptive that Teigen becomes a real place that yo [...]


    These stories are enchanting, engaging, mesmerizing I love the stories, the world, and the two main characters However, the spelling, grammar, and editing are horrendous It s a gamble on whether you will get the correct tense of a verb, and quite a few sentences don t make grammatical sense If you are looking for good editing or writing, this won t do it for you However, if you want a GREAT story this is perfect I stopped noticing the editing and grammar after a while for the most part because I [...]

    Laura Shea

    This book will keep you on your toes It is an excellent mystery which will keep the reader interested throughout wondering what will happen next It s clever and well written A great YA novel Adults will enjoy as well I am in my forties with characters the reader will enjoy, especially Kirin If you like dystopian, mysteries, and or sci fi, this one is well worth the time.


    If you have ever seen those annoying Japanese anime cartoons on Saturday morning you have a good idea of what reading this book is like First of all, the sentence and grammatical structure of the writing gives the impression that English is not the author s primary language Second, the writing skips all over the place and I felt confused on plot points Even entire sections of dialogue didn t mesh Third, ridiculous and weird additions to the story were made, in what could easily be similar to the [...]


    If you find this cheap somewhere or the reasonable priced Kindle version by all means go ahead and grab it, it s a book to enjoy.But keep in mind the stories are really short and the paperback version uses and odd line spacing which is double as wide as any usual book.So you can easily cut the number of pages by half from 320 160 to get to the actual size.I felt cheated.There s nothing wrong with pricing the book a bit higher since it s an indie release, but faking length in this way is not okay [...]


    Typos and grammatical errorsThe numerous typos and grammatical errors made the story stilted and awkward The characters aren t well developed which makes it difficult to care about them, and the overall storyline is weak.

    Taylor Smith

    Got it free on my kindle, waited on it for a year before reading it, and was pleased I loved the episodic nature of the stories I m glad I waited though so I could just plow through the sequels without waiting, a win win situation.


    Typos, grammatical errors and a terrible storyline caused me to stop reading this book halfway through Thankfully I only paid 0.99 for this book through BookBub.

    Victoria Vivian

    It was decent I enjoyed the characters and read it until the end However I only liked it not loved it.


    Wow, that was really horrible I really hope English isn t the first language of this author and that most of this is just a translation problem I have never seem so many gramatical errors, wrong tense, and misspellings in my life This book needs some severe editing There was also no character development, no world building and I believe the main character just stated what he wanted to believe or have happen and amazingly it was so I have never seen characters smirk so much in inappropriate situa [...]

    Jonny Illuminati

    This book was Odd I wasn t sure how I was going to like it at first, but the characters grew on me pretty quickly and the stories got better as the author seemed to really grow into not only the world, but how the characters fit into that world I look forward to reading the next in the series.


    This is an interesting book For some reason I thought it was about a detective in a foreign country Well its not only a foreign country, its a foreign world The young detective is reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes in this dystopian world He has a pal, Jake, who is sucked in for the ride Its a clever one after another, mystery novel Its a good and fast read.


    Interesting version of the Holmes story Reminds me of a youthful, less inhibited Downey Jr Holmes.

    Katie Gonzalez

    The concept of this book is good, but it fails in its execution When a reader is taken to a different reality it requires information than is provided in this book.


    It wasn t for me The language, tone and style was too simplistic It seems this is meant for a younger audience I m after something accomplished.

    Linda Alcorn-burg

    This is a great summer read.Fast and easy with deep thinking this book draws you in and keeps you entertained I really enjoyed getting to know a bit about Kirin.


    Interesting and enjoyable little mysteries.

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