Aug 05, 2020
The Method of Zen
Posted by Eugen Herrigel Alan W. Watts R.F.C. Hull

A precise description of the techniques used in Zen training.

  • Title: The Method of Zen
  • Author: Eugen Herrigel Alan W. Watts R.F.C. Hull
  • ISBN: 9780394712444
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Method of Zen A precise description of the techniques used in Zen training

    Mark Darrah

    One could write a book about the wind, but if a reader had never felt a breeze, could the reader really comprehend the motion of air German professor Eugen Herrigel taught philosophy at the University of Tokyo during the first half of the twentieth century He sought to become a Zen mystic and studied with Zen Master for six years After Herrigel s death, this book was created from private notebooks he maintained during that time of Zen practice It was first published in the author s native langua [...]


    I have a difficult time with the idea of a master, pastor, guru, etc Most religions seem to have this type of person, that has a special connection that they cannot easily explain and seem to hold over the head of their followers, students, flock, etc There are many people in my life that I can gain wisdom from that are not in such a position I believe that anyone, through lifes experiences and gathering knowledge can obtain enlightenment I would assume this book does a good job of introducing t [...]


    It is not possible to describe and explain Zen in words alone Herrigel agrees with that, that s why he wrote Zen in the Art of Archery After his death, The Method of Zen was published, from his compiled notes And it explains Zen.


    Might have been better had I read Zen in the Art of Archery first.


    After being enthralled by Zen in the Art of Archery I ran not walked to this book It is posthumously written from notes and although mildly interesting, lacking in the wonder of Zen in the Art of Archery.

    Wayward Child

    The low rating that I ve given to this book doesn t mean it s in fact bad or even that I think it s bad It just reflects my personal impression and how I felt while reading it I m not even going to try to pretend that I ve understood half of what was written That would be an act of hypocrisy Of course, a subject as deep and complex as Zen Buddhism is certainty not an easy one to grasp, at least not for me If one wishes to understand it fairly well, a trip to Japan is inevitable I did some previo [...]


    I picked up this book because I enjoyed Herrigel s Zen in the Art of Archery , which is one of the best books on Buddhism that I ve read This brief volume is really an addendum to that previous book than a work that stands on its own I think it was published after Herrigel s death from a series of notes he had written on various aspects of Zen practice For what it is, it isn t bad although some of the prose suffers from translation from the German I particularly liked Herrigel s description of [...]


    This book introduced me to Zen 27 years ago After reading this book, I never left the dharma train At the time, finding Buddhist books was difficult The county library and the book store had few books on the subject Today, there are much better books to read on the subject, but this short read is worth the time.


    A very brief book about Zen Buddhism written from an adept The book is organized as a series of vignettes about meditation and enlightenment that loosely tie together There is little explanation of how one achieves Zen.Quick read, but not a very deep read.

    Ramesh Natarajan

    I was bowled over by Zen in the Art of Archery, so I ordered this one straight away About halfway through now This one reads like a textbook no comparison with the first book Anyway, Eugen Herrigel didn t exactly write this book it s an edited form of his notes.


    Decent, but not nearly as good as his classic.


    Read this book if and only if you want to learn about Zen philosophy.

    John Mccullough

    Many do not seem to like this book I found it extremely instructive although, along with Zen in the Art of Archery were my introductions to Zen.


    Any book must be written with worids or images words and images completely fail to explain Zen The bit on meditation was hrlpful.

    J. Harvey

    Ehd with some less than useful information, a good primer for understanding Zen, not so much for practice.

    Bornbazie Flame

    Good companion when your without your bag.


    I recommend sticking to Zen in the Art of Archery This one is kind of dull and overly focused on Eastern mystique.


    nice overview of the whole process of a life devoted to zen a bit dated in style, but nice to have a less ethereal book on the subject.

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