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When everything in life has been against you, who can blame you for not playing nice with others My name is Wednesday For the last seven years I have been abused and used by a sadistic bastard named Klein Now he wants me dead only he doesn t have the balls to kill me himself Alvin, who was sent to do Klein s dirty work, decided to save my life repeatedly instead ofWhen everything in life has been against you, who can blame you for not playing nice with others My name is Wednesday For the last seven years I have been abused and used by a sadistic bastard named Klein Now he wants me dead only he doesn t have the balls to kill me himself Alvin, who was sent to do Klein s dirty work, decided to save my life repeatedly instead of taking it But no matter how much someone cares about you, they can only do so muchn only go so far You are your only real shot at coming out on top Sometimes reclaiming your life requires a body count Wednesday Valentine

  • Title: Wednesday
  • Author: Dennis Sharpe
  • ISBN: 9781494954499
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wednesday When everything in life has been against you who can blame you for not playing nice with others My name is Wednesday For the last seven years I have been abused and used by a sadistic bastard named K

    Jen O

    This novel is an inspired exploration of humanity It is most certainly one of a kind Its criticism of our world today mixed with acidic and biting humor is an undeniable stroke of genius At its core the story is a tale of the battle of innocence and the heart against ignorance and cruelty Wednesday is certainly the focus of the narrative, even when not present in the scene, but she shares the pages with some brilliant supporting characters as well Along with her mentor savior father figure, Alvi [...]


    First off , just in case there are people out there that get offended by books with alot of swearing, then Wednesday isn t the read for you and for those who have been following our saga with Into The River which was banned for it s content of swearing, it got me thinking about the issue when I was reading Wednesday as why is it that some books can get banned just so simple and others can have quite a lot of dark content and be fine for readers consumption and publishing In this book we meet We [...]

    Garrett Quaid

    Oh, wow Oh, this book Oh, Wednesday, how can I explain you I read, and finished, this book in one session I couldn t put it down I found it to be pretty sordid, off color, and profane, but very well written It shocked me It depressed me It made me cheer.The language, the violence, the humor I really don t know any other book I ve read that I can compare it to.What I can say is that the pacing and style really worked, and I mean really worked, building as the story reached the first and then the [...]

    Wanda Hartzenberg

    In the beginning of the book the author confesses that he has never written anything so vulgarThe language is strong, explicit and all serves to demonstrate the life of this girl I am usually quite easily put off by vulgarities since it tends to take over the story Not so with this book It adds on, it does not distract.And my, what an original and truly shocking plot line this has.As for originality this should get a 5 Editing, cover and formatting, 4 Plot, language flow 4.5 For the fact that I [...]


    This book had me hooked in the first 20 pages It is an amazing roller coaster of emotions and action packed adventure Be ready for the ride of your life as you follow Wednesday through her journey I guarantee once you pick it up you won t want to put it down Can t wait to see if will come


    Wednesday s Wild Ride From Property to ProsperityThe fierce and unrestrained narrative in this book is both fanciful and disturbing It is a story told in a voice that is unapologetic and unafraid The subject matter is audacious and surreal The pacing is lightning fast and visually simplistic The characters and dialogue are, in turns, stunningly lurid and sensationally hysterical.There are two central characters presented by the author, each of them flawed and each on a journey One is on a desper [...]


    What an incredibly fun and unexpectedly moving book On the surface, it s the tale of two broken but determined people, paired up under unlikely circumstances, escaping the malevolent pursuit of a boss they both crossed But that description doesn t do it justice Dennis Sharpe s dark humor shines through against the backdrop of violent action and the undeniable humanity of the characters as they develop and unfold with each conflict and turn of events Just when you think you get either of the main [...]

    J.C. Hannigan

    I have a dirty way of thinking I would have done it this way about books, and I honestly didn t have those thoughts about Wednesday by Dennis Sharpe I was able to just read it and escape and feel like everything was handled in the way that it should have been I couldn t hahe been happy with the progression of the story, the way the characters grew, the flow from past to present Everything about this book was justINCREDIBLE A masterpiece 5 stars happily given

    Patrick O"Brien

    I ll start by saying that I love the way this book is structured.There were than a few turns of phrase that I enjoyed The main character s dialogue is at times priceless.There were a few transitions that felt a little jarring, but I think they may have been intended to be that way Other than that, it was a fast paced and enjoyable read.

    Nikole Jalbert

    A great read Harsh and definitely not a lighthearted story, but the way the book shows some of the darker aspects of human nature is very original Wonderful characters I love when even the good guys aren t really all that good.


    I couldn t put it down There was no telling what Wednesday was going to do next I loved her freedom of expression and her will to fight She was an obnoxious brat at first, but bared her soul and grew into a focused and determined warrior.

    Nicole Lyons

    This is the second time I read Wednesday and it s even better this time Dennis Sharpe is a fantastic writer and this book hooks you from the first page.

    Kavita Favelle

    Tried to get into this but I just couldn t I suspect, from other reviews, that the storyline starts becoming compelling, but the beginning just felt like darkness for its own sake Perhaps I need to give this book another go.


    Good characterizations Pretty memorable characters that were well drawn I didn t always like the main character, but it was a good read.

    Declarations of a Fangirl

    You can find this review and like it on my blog, Declarations of a Fangirl.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I m going to be in the minority apparently, but this book was just alright for me I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it either It reminded me a lot of the Transporter 3 movie You ve got an older, nice looking guy wearing a suit and possessing a set of badass ninja skills protecting a younger, bratty girl with no sense of self preservation, and they are on t [...]

    S. Policar

    I did editing on this work and thus cannot speak of any errors I may have or may not have found What can I say about Wednesday Valentine She s had a messed up life for sure, but on the worst possible day of her short life, she meets Alvin, a man who comes to mean to her than she d ever realize.Wednesday is the perfect ball of emotion and action From anger to sorrow to joy, the reader is taken on the wildest of roller coaster rides through roughly a month of one nineteen year old girl s life, wh [...]

    Allie Burke

    I ve read and praised Sharpe s work before, but nothing could have prepared me for Wednesday, both the book and the girl She is sharp and she is witty and she doesn t care She is a lot like me, actually, except she doesn t hold anything back The plot seemingly flawless makes for an adventure that is impossible to put down It took me much longer than I ever would have wanted to pick up this book hello, review TBR , and a blink of an eye to read it I d have papercuts if I didn t read it on a table [...]

    Courtney Keesee

    This book brought a few tears to my eyes multiple times From learning what Wednesday had been through in her short life she s only a year older than me , and seeing her grow and mature over time while keeping her fuck you kind of attitude, which was my favorite thing about her And Alvin, so many things about him brought tears to my eyes.Alvin, the hit man who grows close to her despite his job, had me wishing I could slap him most of the book He took crazy chances to save this crazier chick But [...]

    Christoph Fischer

    Wednesday by Dennis Sharpe is a well written and entertaining story about a woman persecuted by a villain who wants her dead The story is told very well with flashbacks and change of narratives which adds to the suspense and urgency From the beginning the story moves at a fast pace and feels quite intimate and intense Alvin, an interesting character with his own past, tries to protect Wednesday but fails, only to be rescued himself at the last minute.It seems nowhere is safe for Wednesday Sharpe [...]

    Andrew Anderson

    Wednesday is not a good book for myriad reasons, but like that messy wreck on the highway I just couldn t help myself from looking again and again What bugged me the most about this book was not the constant over the top swearing although that made the book infantile , but the irrationality and unbelievably of every single character in the novel Aside from the random hired goons that occasionally popped up to get gunned down, there wasn t a single character whose motives are consistent from chap [...]

    Scarlett Sharpe

    I love how this book turns its nose up at any one genre You won t want the journey of Wednesday Valentine to end maybe it won t re would love a sequel or series The characters dialogue alone will make you love this adventurebut it is great on so many other levels Watching Wednesday grow from a whiny brat who puts up a front, attempting to forget and escape her rather sorted past, to her emerging slowly but surely into an incredibly strong and independent woman, will take you through an emotional [...]


    This is a dark tale beautifully told about unconditional love and what that cost sometimes can be You get to know Wednesday through her own eye s and her struggles Dennis, has a strong sense of the females perspective better than most male Author s that try to get a females perspectives Her struggles become yours and you can t help but to become very attached to this character Another must read.

    Jenifer Fontana

    WowI didn t like the character Wednesday at first but by the end I was loving her Definitely a must read Well done Mr Sharpe


    Fairly linear plot told from an interesting perspective Characters seem real with their own demons, with a satisfying end.

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