Jul 03, 2020
Finding Autumn
Posted by Beth Michele

My name is Autumn Winters.The truth is, that s the biggest lie I ve ever told.My real name is Olivia Redmond Autumn Winters is the curtain I hide behind You see, I write bestselling erotic romance novels But my life is far from erotic The only fantasy exists in my head.The day I met Hunter Grayson, that all changed A handsome stranger on a train who turned my world upMy name is Autumn Winters.The truth is, that s the biggest lie I ve ever told.My real name is Olivia Redmond Autumn Winters is the curtain I hide behind You see, I write bestselling erotic romance novels But my life is far from erotic The only fantasy exists in my head.The day I met Hunter Grayson, that all changed A handsome stranger on a train who turned my world upside down, made me think and feel things I never knew were possible But he s hiding, too What happens when I slowly realize that who I truly am is similar to who I m pretending to be I want to be brave enough to tell the world, but the fear is crippling.Fear of myself Fear of the unknown Fear of what others will think.But life is too short to be afraid.And I m so damn tired of hiding This is an Adult Contemporary Romance and due to strong language and sexual content, is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

  • Title: Finding Autumn
  • Author: Beth Michele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook
  • Finding Autumn My name is Autumn Winters The truth is that s the biggest lie I ve ever told My real name is Olivia Redmond Autumn Winters is the curtain I hide behind You see I write bestselling erotic romance nov

    J *deep in the heart of Texas*

    3.5 Dirty Talking Stars Let me just tell youople, this novella was HOT Olivia is a closet erotic romance author Olivia comes from a strict Catholic upbringing where her life was anything but erotic As Autumn, Olivia can explore her sexual desires through her writing Olivia meets Hunter at the train station on the way to a conference in Boston They bump in to each other, flirt a little and then hook upThey spend the weekend getting to know each other until curiosity gets the best of Olivia and sh [...]

    Chris- Bookaddict

    HOLY HOTNESS Wait till you Meet Hunter Grayson I had the privilege of beta reading this for Beth and let me tell you this This book is NOT what Beth normally writes She definitely does a complete turn with this story line, and it is 100% awesome This is a story you are not going to want to be reading at work, Trust me when I tell you it will leave you HOT and BOTHERED Here is one of my favorite Paragraphs in the beginning What I d give to be like the heroines in my novels The ones that get fucke [...]

    aksana-4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 -

    3.5 Stars Erotic author Olivia Redmond aka Autumn Winters is heading to a writers seminar On her way to the train she accidentally spills the contents of her bag on the floor Pink vibrator included Thank god there is sexy Hunter who is than willing to help.A little embarrassed and a lot turned on by the sexy stranger she finally gets in her train She is very surprised when Hunter sits next to her on the very same train.Thats when things are getting hot They instantly skip the whole get to know [...]

    Vi Keeland

    I was lucky enough to get an early read of Finding Autumn by the lovely Beth Michele 3 I absolutely LOVED this bookI shut the door to my office and started it on my lunch hour I DO NOT ADVISE THIS You will come out flushed and smiling inappropriately Beth Michele, formerly known as the Lovely Beth Michele is now forever known as Dirty Beth Get a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy this rideyou won t put it down

    Nikki Groom

    4.5 scorching stars for this sexy little novella Full review to come very soon


    It all started with the pink vibratorAutumn Winter a.k.a Olivia Redmond meets Hunter Grayson by chance one day on her way to Boston for a writers seminar.He ends up bumping into her, sending her bag flying all over Starbucks and her pink vibrator rolls out like ta da Hunter immediately sees this, gets a good look at Olivia, and lays the rather thick charm on her, immediately making advances and assumptions that she wants himd how he can put the vibrator to good use well as her mouth This all hap [...]

    Sunniva Dee

    This novella is Hot As Hell.In the first book I read by Beth Michele, she already convinced with her incredible talent for steamy scenes Scarred Beautiful left me fanning myself In Finding Autumn, though, Beth took it a step no, a leap further, and I love it Don t get me wrong In addition to a sweet mother load of steamy scenes, she s not skimping on the storyline We get taken into the lives of Hunter and Oliviad my special favorite, Rex Discrete swooning inserted here together with a big wish f [...]

    ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews

    Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole s Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages Facebook Twitter Sizzlingpages Where do I start I loved everything about this book First of all I read because I love to escape into a world that really has nothing to do with my reality I want adventure and mischief and fantasy I can tell you I m a pretty boring person in real life so what I read is like my alter universe So when I started on this sexy adventure I was transported to an erotic world where strangers can give i [...]

    Mary Tatar

    Beth Michelle should write books like Finding Autumn This book was pretty different from her other books, but different good I enjoyed this quick, hot, and sexy read I may never be able to think of a train in the same way again I did wish the book was longer This was a book I easily got into The story takes off pretty quick and starts very steamy and continues in that fashion for the duration of the book If you are looking for some romance in classic Beth Michele fashion you won t be disappoint [...]

    Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.Finding Autumn is an Erotic, Contemporary Romance, Short Story written by Beth Michele I was gifted a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review through Indie Romance Author Chicks.4.5 Saucy, Sexy Stars Wowza That Was Thrilling and All Kinds of Steamy Short Review This short read was surprisingly packed with a great story, swoon worthy character interactions and a fun and sexy plot I enjoyed it from the first paragraph all the way to the [...]

    Bookhooking (Tanya Childress)

    Four Sexy, Short Sweet StarsIn Finding Autumn we first meet Olivia, an erotic romance author who catches her fiance cheating on her Needless to say she kicks him to the curb and moves on She doesn t do liars or cheaters On her way to an event she encounters a very handsome, Hunter Grayson.He is an irresistible dirty talker and there is no denying the fact that they are sexually attracted to each other Oh sweetheart, I can be patient when I want something badly enough I did mention he is a dirty [...]

    ~ Cariad ~

    I m torn It s somewhere between 3 for being far fetched and 4 being well written and well paced I ll review in full later but for letting a complete stranger finger her on a train it s probably the 3.5 Need to think about this one.UPDATE My Full Review guess I m on my own for this one

    C.M. Albert

    Let s get a couple of things out of the way first.1 This is a novella, and was not intended to be a full length novel With that said, it is not going to be as flushed out as a full novel, nor should it be expected to be HOWEVER, Beth Michelle did a phenomenal job in such a short bit of time developing rich, deep characters that draw readers in and get them invested in not just the sex, but wanting a HEA for these two delicious people.2 This is basically light erotica explicit romance If this is [...]

    Blushing Reader

    4.5 Stars Beth Michele has been a favorite of mine since I first read Love, Love last year, and I have gobbled up all of her books since then My favorite thing about Beth Michele is how she always manages to keep the romance in her books, really putting the romance back into this genre After Finding Autumn, I have to say that I LOVE this new side of her writing, it gets HOT HOT HOT and I devoured every page Finding Autumn was a book I knew I would enjoy but I wasn t expecting to get addicted in [...]


    This one definitely lit me up Damn I need new batteries Fans self 4 burning stars Beth Michele has come on fire in Finding Autumn It was sexy and fun I found myself chuckling at a lot of the banter and inner thoughts Wish me luck Pray for cocks to rain down on me Olivia Hunter LIES LIES LIES.Well lies of omission really Olivia and Hunter s story is all about chance encounters They meet on a train Have a little sexy time then spend a weekend together Throw in some LIES of omission and here we jum [...]


    ARC GIVEN TO BLOG FOR HONEST REVIEW.If you could imagine your biggest sexual fantasy and have it come true what would it be This story would be one of my ultimate fantasies come true I struck oil reading this book and I found it right between my plump but luscious thighs If you are looking to read a book that puts you into a position to live out a sexual fantasy then Finding Autumn by Beth Michele is the book for you I believe I might drop my purse next time I am at a train station Autumn, is ju [...]


    ARC provided for honest review NO SPOILERSwhitezinbookendsFalls Rating 4.5 GlassesFalls Review This is the first book I have read by Beth Michele and I was very pleased Going into this book I knew it was a novella so it was going to be short, sweet and to the point What I did not expect was all of the HOT, STEAMY SEX that was thrown into the mix This book was fun for me to read because well name is Autumn So I just placed myself into the character role and I sure did have a good time Autumn and [...]

    Now I Read Book Blog

    This is the first time I have read any of Author Beth Michele work Let me tell you this book blow me away As soon as I started reading this book I was hooked from the every start This book has so many roller coaster of emotions that it keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time because you never know what will happen next This book is full of all kind of secrets that will have your head spinning This book full of hot as hell Alpha men that will have your panty s wet The sexual chemistry in [...]

    Janett The Pleasure of Reading Today

    Autumn Winters is a sexy erotic author, what s the problem with that you might ask Well, Autumn is a pen name The real person behind the name is Olivia Redmund and she s a good girl from Wisconsin with a very uptight upbringing She s full of sexy ideas and fantasies but they all live in her head, her real persona is full of insecurities and doubts.While on her way to a writing conference in Boston, Olivia meets Hunter at the train station Hunter Grayson is Olivia s every fantasy come to life, an [...]


    A few days ago I was in between books and looking for something to put me in a good mood when Finding Autumn was recommended to me Typically, I stay away from novellas because they are never enough for me You see, I like long, drawn out books, where you become completely engrossed in the characters and get lost Boy was I pleasantly surprised by this one Not only did I love the characters and the story but when I finished, I felt like I had read a full length novel This has only happened to me a [...]

    Angela Ruble Scott

    This is my 5 snowflake review for Finding Autumn by Beth Michele for Eskimo Princess Review Blog.Finding Autumn is a novella about erotic romance author Olivia Redmond, aka Autumn Winters, and mega rich CEO Hunter Grayson Olivia is a simple yet beautiful woman trying to overcome past heartbreak She has lost faith in relationships and is in an intimacy rut She never expects to bump into a sexy and charming Hunter on her way to catch a train When Olivia, using her pen name Autumn, finds herself on [...]


    Olivia Stadler is also known as the talented, best selling author Autumn Winters She provides the ultimate erotic fairytale for her readers and has made an amazing living for herself Too bad her reality isn t like the fantasies she creates After leaving her fianc , Olivia closed off the possibility of finding her happily ever after I found Olivia s story to be really entertaining The fact that she is a romance author made it really easy to relate to her and this aspect added a lot of interest fo [...]


    I have loved all Beth s books so I couldn t wait to read this one So what did I think of it Do you see these red blue flames Well my underwear just got on fire This book was hot, hot, hot I knew Beth could write sexy scenes but this book was her sexiest one and different from her previous ones But it wasn t just that, don t be afraid This is the story of Olivia, the erotic romance author aka Autumn Winters , a woman a little bit insecure, a little bit of heartbroken with no trust in men When she [...]

    K. Webster

    I was given an ARC of this book and let me just tell youI loved every second of it From the first few pages, Beth sucked me into this book because the steam connection heat poured out right from the gate For me, this is an instant win Erotic author, Liv aka Autumn Winters is heading for a seminar in Boston when she runs into a handsome, seductive stranger, Hunter Grayson They may be strangers but their connection electricity is instant Sparks flew and I devoured each morsel of it I don t want to [...]

    Tracey Murphy

    4.5 stars Olivia is an erotic romance writer who has been burned by love so badly that the only place that she looks for it are the pages of her own books She s in a bad dry spell and would love to just let go of herself just like one of the heroines in her books, and meet a gorgeous stranger who knows all the right moves to make her forget who she is.She literally bumps into just that stranger on a train to a conference There is immediate attraction, and this new man named Hunter seems to know [...]

    Rosemarie Mckenzie

    One word used to describe Finding Autumn is fan freaking tastic I love every single minute of this book, I could not put it down because it kept me captive I loved all the characters, first we Olivia aka Autumn who s an erotic romance author who s so opposite from her pseudo self One day she met the sexy, hot dayuuum, sex on sticks, dripping sex from his pores, Hunter Grayson, and let s just say the rest is history folks I loved the story line, Hunter made Olivia develop a self confidence that n [...]

    Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review Spoiler free review No cliffhanger HEA 5.0 stars.Finding Autumn by Beth Michele is one hella of a novella It s short, sexy, steamy and sweet all at the same time I devoured this book in one sitting and it was the perfect indulgent escape It s a novella 124 pages but it didn t feel rushed or cut short I m a big fan of Beth s and love her other books Beth normally doesn t write steamy books and I like that she ventured out [...]


    I read this short book maybe a little longer than a basic novella expecting a hard and fast erotic story What I got was a lot of great steam not overly erotic and a great story to go along with it I loved the H h, he a software gazillionaire and she an erotic romance novelist They both tell little lies to each other he, how rich he really is and her, she only gives him her pen name, not her real one They are trying to protect themselves from the hurt that both have suffered in the past But in on [...]


    First things first.Mmmmm, Hunter Greyson I will take a train ride with him any damn day Beth you blew me away again with this short story Whether the book is long or short it is always captivating I loved everything about this story I have to be careful what I say on my review because I do not want to spoil for anyone but let me just say that Hunter Greyson Autumn Winters Olivia Ozzzzz SEX, PASSION and everything in between.This book proves to show you that you should NEVER lie about anything Al [...]


    Soul of the Single Lady Book Club Review HOT, SEXY FABULOUSLY WRITTEN AND FANTASY FILLEDAn amazing novella of how a chance encounter becomes an explosive sexual and sensual experience When Olivia embarrassingly meets Hunter in the train station on her way to a writing seminar, she has no idea that she would be LIVING the fantasy filled moments, that she, an author of erotica, only writes about NO ONE WAS EXPECTING TO FALL IN LOVE I loved this novella and do not want to give too much away, you wi [...]

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