Aug 14, 2020
Hipster Haiku
Posted by Siobhan Adcock

O, hipster nation The dive bars, the vintage duds Great material.

  • Title: Hipster Haiku
  • Author: Siobhan Adcock
  • ISBN: 9780767923736
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hipster Haiku O hipster nation The dive bars the vintage duds Great material


    Heh heh Very clever I was deeply amused.Sample haikus I have a trust fund.So what Tons of artists do There s no shame in it.While he sleeps, I spyAnn Coulter on his bookshelf.Slip out quietly.I don t blog dailySuch foolish consistencySays, I have no life When I said I ve shown At that gallery, I meant Shown up for work there Urban OutfittersLike the Minotaur it lurksIn darkness to kill.


    The reason I think its amazing is that I was fully engrossed in it while reading it at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston waiting for the rain to die down Two years later, I still chuckle at the thought of one of the haikus Its a completely silly book but any haiku with David Cross in it is A OK in my universe Whatever your thoughts may be on hipsterdom, it s still an enjoyable read I always say I should have bought the damn book Such a short read that you can read it at the bookstore.


    Whip smart and occasionally bitchy It was everything I hoped for, and .


    Retro review I don t blog dailySuch foolish consistencySays I have no life Of course, the truth is I would totally blog daily if I wasn t such a procrastinator A stylish and humorous take down of hipsterdom, circa 2006, is the collection of tongue in cheek haiku by Siobahn Adcock, which also seems to be among the first hipster books to be published based on a blog, a tradition which seems to be the norm these days Adcock s casual poetry is like a self deprecating time capsule of pop culture refe [...]

    Robert Beveridge

    Siobhan Adcock, Hipster Haiku Broadway, 2006 I keep hoping that one of these novelty haiku books will actually get haiku right I keep being disappointed That said, some of them have been funny while still being senryu This is not one of them Poking fun at emo kids while your collection has an overarching sense of existential angst makes me think that, perhaps, an important point was missed somewhere He is midtown, butLoves to call stuff sick and tight.Bless his little heart and Only three labels [...]


    I read this book in Berkley in a bookstore down the street from La Note fabulous breakfast place My friend liked it and so I let ze buy it as they only had the one copy and it isn t one that I would reread on a regular basis Though it may be a good bathroom book


    oh my i do love a haiku, and this book is chock full of silly and funny ones i tend to leave this on the coffee table for people to pick up and page through a great gift from my dear friend Scottie.


    It s exactly what you expect Some cute, some clever, some worthy of a scoff and an eyeroll It s nice to tote around, and it s a fun game to play with friends when killing time at a bar My only tip don t spend than 5 on it.


    super entertaining


    My roommate Lauren has this book, and it s actually really hilarious For example If you see a bald manIn a Lower East Side BarIt is David Cross.




    clever and a little snide I love it i know, that s life, but it sucks to hear songs you love selling minivans


    Haikus about Conor Oberst and American Apparel Oh my Sexy, in a sad, non dancing kind of way.


    Sure, it s a novelty, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt These poems poke fun at the culture of self important hipsters, and the results are pretty hilarious.


    Good haiku tells the whole story Surprisingly, there were some truly wonderful haiku in this book I wasn t expecting that from a book I read while looking for a laugh.


    It counts on GoodReads I m always a book behind,Have to do something.


    saw this on a table at the Balti Barnes and Noble good work, team Cornell.


    Makes me laugh every time I flip through it in Seth s bathroom


    Absolutely hysterical, and so true Hipsters may be worse than Marina douchebags.


    Very funny


    This is hilarious Something to read while you re bored on a bus, or something.

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