Jul 07, 2020
The Story of a Baron
Posted by Linda Rae Sande

What will she discover when she reads between the lines Jeffrey Althorpe is in need of income for the struggling Sommers barony As a peer of the realm, he s not allowed to work, but if he s able to earn money from a book he s written anonymously, of course no one will be the wiser A dowry would be easier, but then he would have to find a wife willing to marry aWhat will she discover when she reads between the lines Jeffrey Althorpe is in need of income for the struggling Sommers barony As a peer of the realm, he s not allowed to work, but if he s able to earn money from a book he s written anonymously, of course no one will be the wiser A dowry would be easier, but then he would have to find a wife willing to marry a baron.While her brother, the Earl of Everly, is away on one of his lengthy expeditions, Lady Evangeline is left behind in London to spend her days creating exquisite embroideries and reading books She s about to buy The Story of a Baron at The Temple of Muses when Lord Sommers suddenly appears He s intent on buying the very same book, but there s only the one copy.Desperate to discover what changes his publisher might have made to his story without letting on he s the author Jeffrey suggests they read it together Evangeline s sterling reputation could use a bit of scandal, she decides, and so she agrees to Lord Sommer s proposal.As the two read The Story a Baron , Evangeline realizes some of the characters and settings are just a bit too familiar And a bit too close to home Was she the inspiration for the baron s secret love, a bold, brash woman whose reputation is in tatters With her own reputation suddenly in question, Evangeline finds her life imitating art How can the book have a happy ending when she wishes she d never purchased The Story of a Baron

  • Title: The Story of a Baron
  • Author: Linda Rae Sande
  • ISBN: 9780991507528
  • Page: 426
  • Format: ebook
  • The Story of a Baron What will she discover when she reads between the lines Jeffrey Althorpe is in need of income for the struggling Sommers barony As a peer of the realm he s not allowed to work but if he s able to ea


    I don t remember regencies quite like this I recall regencies from years ago where there were lots of ladies and lords, uptight dresses and formal parties, with very little hand holding, or anything equally as racy Those ideas are still firmly entrenched in this regency romance but there s also a fresh wind blowing through the stuffy sitting rooms of yester year Or at least there is in this lighthearted romp through English dance halls and bookstores It s been awhile since I picked up a historic [...]


    Great bookGreat book The story about the Baron and the Lady reading the book is riviting I kept wanting to read and .

    Tracy DeNeal

    Jeffrey and Evangeline and Matthew and GeraldineAn anonymously written tome, The Story of a Baron, has the reader yo yoing between perspectives What is real Who is real Jeffrey Althorpe has secretly written a book about his own imagined romance with a girl he has become infatuated with, yet doesn t really know Because of this very book, he comes to know her and learns that he likes her very well indeed Evangeline is a sweet, lonely and lovely bluestocking who has unknowingly garnered the baron s [...]

    Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill

    What I was expecting is a real bodice ripping book with a gorgeous woman and a hunky guy It wasn t like that but it was still good.Jeffrey Sommers is a baron down on his luck with debt that s not actually his In an attempt to increase his coffers, he writes a book about a man and a woman of the aristocracy, modeling his characters from people he knew and places he frequented He doesn t put his name down as the author and merely uses the name, Anonymous.On release day, he rushes to the book store [...]

    Colleen B

    To start, I have to say the cover is a little bit stereotypical cheesy romance novel cover The book was SO much better than this cover.The parallel stories of the book in a book had me falling in love with the story two times over It was very cleverly set up with chapters of real life and chapters the characters were then reading I love the stories in the historical era of the nobility classes Dukes, Earls, Barons, Viscounts the gowns and ladies in waiting all of the balls with the ladies and th [...]


    This book was ok I had a few problems with it It had some historical inaccuracies For instance, there was a death and everyone was saying that they expected the widow would be marrying the deceased man s twin brother In the time the book is set, it was illegal to wed your brother s widow My other problem with the book was the dual storylines I did not need to read the book that the couple were reading together It got repetitive when the stories ran so parallel to each other Also, it got confusin [...]


    I tried, but I just couldn t get into this story Maybe I ll try again in a few weeks or months.

    Melissa Levine

    I was given a code for one of the authors audiobooks for an honest review after my husband mentioned to her that I loved reading listening to historical romances Narrator 4 5 I m not sure how I feel about this narrator When I first heard him speak, I imagined him narrating for a National Geographic episode, that s just the kind of voice he has One area I question in his narrating skills relates to his method of narrating the characters thoughts I don t know what he does exactly, but his voice ha [...]


    This book is about a baron The title clearly states it s the story of a baron What it doesn t tell you is it s also a story about A LOT of earls By a lot, I don t mean two or three I was beginning to wonder if the heroine s brother belonged to a special club that only other earls could join She knew a lot of earls Did I mention the heroine s brother is an earl In case you forget that fact while you re reading, Evangeline is frequently referred to as the earl s sister even when simply saying Evan [...]

    Virginia Tican

    The author has a knack of making witty and funny turn into sexy and all of it done with such effortless grace and style Or maybe it is the other way around turning sexy into witty and funny Either way, the result is always rollicking good fun A very Good Read Vastly entertaining.


    Great read


    I liked this story very much Not what I expected Enjoyable 4

    Evoricka Robinson

    Excellent bookThis book was really good and interesting, once I started I couldn t stop reading I recooks you read it Great


    Overall well written with likable characters and an untypical storyline.Evangeline is not a very demanding young woman, just a bit lonely Her older brother and guardian, the Earl of Everly, has left her without a companion or sponsor so she has a very limited social life while in London She spends most of her time reading, so what luck she happens to again meet an eligible gentleman while looking for a book in her favorite book shop What is not explained is how she knows of this new book she spo [...]

    Dakota Storm

    I enjoy historical romances, I like being taken back in time with Barons and lords and the Ton I thought this books plot was interesting and very unique but felt although it was a good read I wanted , I wanted something great I enjoyed the characters, especially Lord Sommers I thought he was quit crafty and a interesting character but felt in parts it was too much information and description and not enough what matters between the two main characters, sometimes the information shared didn t need [...]

    Shannan Williams

    This really was a great read What I really liked about this book was the story within the story I loved at the beginning how the two met and how they decided to read the story together The only thing that I didn t like about this book is that there was a lot of extra details that kind of got me lost sometimes I would be reading, then kind of forget where I was because it was soo very detailed Other than that I loved the book, I thought the story was great and I look forward to books by this aut [...]

    Cyrene Olson

    Uncaged Book Reviews You not only get the story of Lord Sommers and Lady Evangeline, but you also get the story of the couple in the book itself And I was drawn to both, I read their book along with them, and read their story, and I enjoyed both Now, I did read this book, the 1st in this series after I read the 2nd one, The Passion of a Marquee I had no issues, these can be easily read as standalones, although you do see a lot of characters roaming around that were a part of the other books in t [...]

    Wendy Tavenner

    Jeffrey Athrope, Baron Sommers just wrote a book that was published under Anonymous He went to the bookstore to get the first copy but someone got there before he did, Lady Evangeline They agree to go the the park and read the book together Eva and Jeffrey get to know each other during their time reading Eva started to think that some of the characters and incidents in the book sounds like people of the Ton A great read with an absent brother a conniving godfather and so many wonderful character [...]

    Deb Diem

    The Story of a Baron by Linda Rae Sande is a fairly short read This historical romance would be perfect for those with limited time for reading The Story of a Baron is well written with lovable characters Ms Sande has delivered drama, humor and sexy bits in Jeffrey and Evangeline s story I enjoyed this book and would be happy to read from Linda Rae Sande in the future The Story of a Baron is book 1 in the Sisters Of The Aristocracy series but can be read as a standalone This is a complete book, [...]

    Usagi Tsukino

    I don t understand all the high ratings I really tried with this book, I give it a chance of some chapters but no, it s just plain awful, as awful were the characters It was chapter four or five, and I was already angry at the book, I went as far as chapter eighteen but I stopped there, I was so done with this book Did not finish.Note This book was free at All Romance Ebooks for April s Earth Day on 15 04 2016.

    N. Kuhn

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review This could be a fantastic historical romance, if it was cut down I felt that several times, there was too much explanation of things that didn t matter It took up so much space time that I would find myself getting bored with this story I love Historicals, and felt awful that I was bored I truly did enjoy the story It s a lovely romance, once you get past the slower parts I rather enjoyed Lady Evangeline.


    This has been a very interesting story, in fact, two stories running side by side What a novel and clever idea.Very well written and easy to read Lots of good laughs and an intriguing plot Held my attention throughout.I ve found another very talented author and narrator Thanks for the entertainment I recommend this book audio book.

    Toni L

    With it usually being the woman who is anonymous author of a book in Regency England I found this story interesting from the start I enjoyed the story within the story very much although I did start to get a bit confused about 3 4 of the way in Overall, a very good Regency romance that brings something new light to the genre.

    Patricia Schuette

    Double the funI so enjoyed this book which was a story within a story A out a Baron who to make money writes another story that he wants to read when it s published to see if the publisher changed anything Trouble is when he gets to the book store a lady has already bought the only book on the shelf So they decide to read it together.

    InD"tale Magazine

    What a delightful and creative way to craft a plot line Read full review in the 2015 March issue of InD tale Magazine.

    Sally Hannoush

    I liked the story idea but reading a story inside a story was kinda hard to keep up with the characters for me Funny ending I did enjoy the book.

    Amanda Siegrist

    ExcellentI loved this story It was such a unique twist to have a story within a story and I love that.


    This didn t hold my interest enough to finish reading it.

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