Jul 14, 2020
Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt
Posted by David McCullough

Mornings on Horseback The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt Hailed as a masterpiece by Newsday, it also won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography Now with a new introduction by the author, Mornings on Horseback is reprinted as aMornings on Horseback The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt Hailed as a masterpiece by Newsday, it also won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography Now with a new introduction by the author, Mornings on Horseback is reprinted as a Simon Schuster Classic Edition Mornings on Horseback is about the world of the young Theodore Roosevelt It is the story of a remarkable little boy, seriously handicapped by recurrent and nearly fatal attacks of asthma, and his struggle to manhood an amazing metamorphosis seen in the context of the very uncommon household and rarefied social world in which he was raised His father is the first Theodore Roosevelt, Greatheart, a figure of unbounded energy, enormously attractive and selfless, a god in the eyes of his small, frail namesake His mother, Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt, is a Southerner and celebrated beauty, but also considerably , which the book makes clear as never before There are sisters Anna and Corinne, brother Elliott who becomes the father of Eleanor Roosevelt , and the lovely, tragic Alice Lee, Teddy Roosevelt s first love And while such disparate figures as Abraham Lincoln, Mrs John Jacob Astor, and Senator Roscoe Conkling play a part, it is this diverse and intensely human assemblage of Roosevelts, all brought to vivid life, which gives the book its remarkable power The book spans seventeen years from 1869 when little Teedie is ten, to 1886 when, as a hardened real life cowboy, he returns from the West to pick up the pieces of a shattered life and begin anew, a grown man, whole in body and spirit The story does for Teddy Roosevelt what Sunrise at Campobello did for FDR reveals the inner man through his battle against dreadful odds Like David McCullough s The Great Bridge, also set in New York, this is at once an enthralling story, with all the elements of a great novel, and a penetrating character study It is brilliant social history and a work of important scholarship, which does away with several old myths and breaks entirely new ground For the first time, for example, Roosevelt s asthma is examined closely, drawing on information gleaned from private Roosevelt family papers and in light of present day knowledge of the disease and its psychosomatic aspects At heart it is a book about life intensely livedabout family love and family loyaltyabout courtship and childbirth and death, fathers and sonsabout winter on the Nile in the grand manner and Harvard Collegeabout gutter politics in washrooms and the tumultuous Republican Convention of 1884about grizzly bears, grief and courage, and blessed mornings on horseback at Oyster Bay or beneath the limitless skies of the Badlands Black care rarely sits behind a rider whose pace is fast enough, Roosevelt once wrote It is the key to his life and to much that is so memorable in this magnificent book.

  • Title: Mornings on Horseback: The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt
  • Author: David McCullough
  • ISBN: 9780671447540
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mornings on Horseback The Story of an Extraordinary Family a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt Mornings on Horseback The Story of an Extraordinary Family a Vanished Way of Life and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt Hailed


    Audiobook FABULOUS AUDIOBOOK There was so much I didn t know about Teddy Roosevelt until this book I had no idea the obstacles he had go through to be the Roosevelt people would remember given the accomplished man his father was By the time I came to the end my love for TR was tenfold His childhood was challenging with asthma with horrible medications at the time His early adulthood was marked by tragedy As a political figure he s a man that change the world I loved Teddy Roosevelts Teddy ness w [...]


    A satisfying and well written portrait of Roosevelt s youth It s up to the reader to make the linkages between his origins and him as President That s the only reason I didn t give it 5 stars For what McCullough intends, it was very satisfying to me My intention was not to write a biography of him What intrigued me was how he came to be There were pieces of the puzzle that fascinated me his childhood battle with asthma, for example, his beautiful southern mother, the adoration he had for his fat [...]


    Theodore Roosevelt pioneering naturalist, Rough Rider, hero of San Juan Hill, populist reformer, trust buster, champion of the National Park system, the President with his big stick , the Bull Moose he seems like a force of nature, something unstoppable But how did it happen How did a sickly, asthmatic child who was not expected to live become this towering wave of pure human energy Both nature, nurture and self will shaped the boy and the man and McCullough does a masterful job discovering how [...]

    Jay Connor

    OK Here s my definition of fanatic After just finishing a wonderful extended look at Teddy Roosevelt post presidency Colonel Roosevelt reviewed here and given 5 Stars last month I went back and re read David McCullough s excellent biography of Teddy s family history and his early years Don t let anyone convince you that nurture isn t a powerful contributor to who we are Not the exclusive contributor Teddy s own brother Elliot bears witness to that but powerful, nonetheless Two tidbits I was remi [...]


    A biography covering the early life of Theodore Roosevelt, from his childhood through his years as a Dakota rancher, this book is also a fascinating account of the entire colorful Roosevelt family and the times in which they lived I could hardly put it down I especially loved the way the author was able to draw such vivid pictures of this dynamic man Roosevelt reading Anna Karenina while guarding thieves at gunpoint horseback and dressed in full dude outfit, telling his cowboys to hasten forward [...]


    This is another great book by one of history s greatest story tellers David McCullough describes the childhood of our 26th president Theodore Roosevelt in Mornings on Horseback with little known details of how Teddy Roosevelt became a great man He begins with Theodore s grandfather whom started the wealthy Roosevelt family His name was Cornelius and he started a glass manufacturing company which was the sole glass making company in New York City in the 1800 s He used this money to buy real estat [...]


    My 4th book on Teddy Roosevelt I just can t quit this guy This book was okay but probably could have been called White Privilege The Book instead It does give the reader a good idea about Teddy s upbringing and his family He definitely had some tragedies in his life His first wife and his mother died within hours of each other He also struggled with asthma as a child But most of his early life was that of a filthy rich little kid getting to go on outrageous adventures It s no wonder he turned ou [...]


    This book took me months to wade through, while I put it down to read another, went back to it, put it down again to read another, etc Often it would put me to sleep In short, I am not sure why everyone likes David McCullough s writing, though I shouldn t say that without reading one or two of his others What I didn t like about the book 1 It wasn t written in a linear timeline he jumped around or wasn t clear on when things he covered occurred 2 He dropped all kinds of names of New York politic [...]

    Marsha B

    The author did a fantastic job of telling a story based on historical accounts, journals, and letters written by family and those closest to them Honestly, I expected bias and that the story would be told seeing Theodore Roosevelt through rose colored glasses, and maybe that was the case in some instances, but overall this was not so I saw goodness and fault throughout, and felt like I was truly able imagine the lives of this family, beginning with the courtship of President Roosevelt s parents [...]

    Kressel Housman

    Author David McCullough introduces this biography of Teddy Roosevelt by saying that his first encounter with the president was when his brother was playing him in a school production of Arsenic and Old Lace Because of that, I m not ashamed to admit that an entertainment venue sparked my interest in this book also the American Film Company is planning a movie called Born in the Badlands about Teddy Roosevelt s cowboy years in the Dakotas coinciding with Laura and Almanzo s first four, incidentall [...]

    Marjorie Hakala

    I read this in two and a half days hey, I was on vacation I had no particular interest in TR going in, but once I got into this book, I kept missing bits of conversations because I was sneaking in a few paragraphs about the Roosevelts nineteenth century rich people escapades McCullough packs in a lot of historical background here, and he got me to think twice about things like philanthropy in a time apparently without liberal guilt with our vast wealth we ll give generously to many charities, a [...]


    bestpresidentialbios 2015 Mornings on Horseback is David McCullough s 1981 biography covering Theodore Roosevelt s childhood and was the 1982 Pulitzer finalist in the biography category McCullough is a well regarded author and historian best known for his biographies of John Adams and Harry Truman His latest book The Wright Brothers will be published this May.Covering the first twenty eight years of Roosevelt s life, McCullough s narrative provides a fascinating perspective on Theodore s childho [...]


    I love David McCullough and think he is a national treasure Truman is my favorite biography of all time, I loved Mr McCullough s narration of The Civil War, and he is from Pittsburgh to boot I liked Mornings on Horseback a lot It left me wanting to learn about Theodore Roosevelt and visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Bad Lands of both Dakotas I now smile when I see video clips of TR and strive to be like him and his father in some ways For me, though, what kept Mornings on Horsebac [...]

    Gabriela Paige

    Amazing I did not know that Theodore Roosevelt had such an incredible and interesting story.


    Foremost historian David McCullough won several awards for this biography of Theodore Roosevelt s early life McCullough was able to piece together the various personalities and events through personal correspondence, family records and news stories of the day His goal was to uncover the events and people that helped shaped the future president s personality, drive and ambitions.In this he succeeded admirably Yet still, there was something about this work that didn t quite hold the same attractio [...]


    Combination biography of Teddy Roosevelt s early years and historical portrait of a time and class This is a book which emphasizes letters, much to my pleasure McCullough writes good history in the way that he can pick just the right details to give you as complete a picture of people as possible without droning on for pages about, oh just for an example, what George Washington ate for breakfast on each successive day of the week The portrait of aristocratic life in New York in the last decades [...]

    Erik Graff

    Having just finished a book about the Spanish American War and the U.S military occupation of the Philippines, I decided to proceed to a biography of one of those responsible for all that unneeded misery Theodore Roosevelt Having recently read his 1776 with enjoyment, I selected McCullough s Mornings of Horseback.It wasn t quite what I expected, being a biography of the man and his family going only up to his unsuccessful race for the mayoralty of New York, but perhaps it served as an antidote f [...]

    Rachel Reads Ravenously

    DNF audiobook I listened to the audio version of this book Back in the day I was a history major, so I was trying to get back in the swing of things Theodore Roosevelt is one of the interesting presidents IMO But after 3 discs of listening to random things about his uncle s cousins stepsons wife s kid, I became extremely bored and the book lost me It was hard to keep track of who was who When I pick up a book about Teddy Roosevelt, I want to hear about him Not about everyone in the family BUT h [...]

    Nate Riggle

    Good book But if you want a book about Theodore s first portion of his life, then The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris is the best book out there.This one is better for seeing a high level view of the family.


    I checked this out to listen to in the car on a whim There was really nothing else at the library that I even remotely wanted to try out I really had no interest in Teddy Roosevelt and only checked it out because I have liked the other books that I have read by McCullough.Well let me say that McCollough did not disappoint I was very quickly drawn into his depiction of New York high society in the post Civil War era I was enthralled as I heard about Theodore Roosevelt Senior and his wife taking t [...]


    Teddy Roosevelt, David McCullough, and Edward Herrmann a trifecta of legendary proportions Excellent narration, excellent writing, excellent subject.This book takes a step back in time, before Teddy ever became President Back when he was Teedie and idolized his father Back to his childhood and my oh my it was fantastic You know those books where you just want to gush over them IN ALL CAPS AND That is Mornings on Horseback.This larger than life figure had a lot to live up to with his father s nam [...]


    The main reason I give this book a 3 is that I am comparing it to other David McCullough books I ve read, and this is weaker than those The beginning is great, Teddy s childhood and the detail about his amazing father is fascinating.I love the eccentricities of his parents and the luxurious vacations they took as a family Even his stay at Harvard and his early marriage was interesting but once it started to get into the detail of his early political career and his time as a rancher in the Badlan [...]


    I LOVED this book It is brilliant To understand Theodore Roosevelt you have to understand his family background His father paid a substitute to fight for him in the Civil War, but was actively involved in social work and in trying to improve society His mother came from a family in Georgia which was actively involved in the civil war You also need to understand Theodore s place in the family and his parents attitudes toward raising children Lots on information on Roosevelt s first marriage and t [...]


    To give a brief summary of the book, I ll just quote the subtitle of the book The Story of an Extraordinary Family, a Vanished Way of Life, and the Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt It is not at all a comprehensive study of TR s life Rather, it is a study of the family he came from, and how he became who he was The book ends when TR is in his mid twenties just ready to launch his comprehensive political career It was fabulous If you want to know about TR read Edmund Morris books The Ri [...]

    Robert Melnyk

    I enjoyed this book on TR, by David McCullough, although I don t think it was as good as the other two I read by him, John Adams and Truman I think far too much time was spent on Roosevelt s early battles with asthma It was interesting reading about it, but just too much time and detail was devoted to it I would have liked it better if that had been cut shorter and some time was spent on Roosevelt s later political life, rather than ending it basically with his run for Mayor of NYC All in all, t [...]


    I love David McCullough He writes books about things you did not know that you needed to know Mornings on Horseback is yet another example of a book about a subject matter I thought I would have no interest in, but I was very wrong.This text is about Teddy Roosevelt s immediate family and his upbringing It ends in the mid 1880s right after his second marriage He is all of 28 years old, and the famous aspects of his life are not even addressed Moreover, it is utterly absorbing reading It is also [...]

    Trevor Ambrico

    This is a book about the early life of Theodore Roosevelt I would argue that this book is divided into two parts Theodore s childhood and adolescence, and then his beginnings in politics The first half of the book is of a biography of the Roosevelt family rather than Theodore which is pretty interesting and gives us the necessary context to examine Theodore s actions and motivations throughout adulthood He clearly modeled himself on his father or rather his youthful interpretation of his father [...]


    This is the second Theodore Roosevelt book I ve read The first was The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt I enjoyed them both This book covers his father s and mother s life briefly and then covers Roosevelt s life through his marriage to Edith Carrow The book focuses on family relationships his sister Bamie and his father are the heroes of the book , his childhood, and his time in the West The chapters are well organized into smaller sections which makes for easy reading At times, the book plods along [...]


    I am a fan of David McCullough the author because of his great eye for detail and research that he puts into his into his books I always learn something new This book not only reported on Theodore Roosevelt but his colorful family and how they were fit into history.One of the characters that I thought was interesting in so than Theodore was his sister Bamie Anna Roosevelt Pg 32 Bamie was the mainstay, then and for as long as she lived For a girl born into New York society she was also severely [...]


    David McCullough s books are quite simply a joy to read or listen to in this case He has the knack for making history and history s characters come alive This is the story about Teddy Roosevelt up to his late twenties, his siblings, parents, their siblings, and his grandparents Its an extraordinary story about an extraordinary family Highly recommended.

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