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For fans of The Dog Stars and Station Eleven, Scrapper traces one man s desperate quest for redemption in a devastated Detroit Has the feel of Cormac McCarthy s The Road set in present day Motor City powerful Publishers WeeklyDetroit has descended into ruin Kelly scavenges for scrap metal from the hundred thousand abandoned buildings in a part of the city known as For fans of The Dog Stars and Station Eleven, Scrapper traces one man s desperate quest for redemption in a devastated Detroit Has the feel of Cormac McCarthy s The Road set in present day Motor City powerful Publishers WeeklyDetroit has descended into ruin Kelly scavenges for scrap metal from the hundred thousand abandoned buildings in a part of the city known as the zone, an increasingly wild landscape where one day he finds something far valuable than the copper he s come to steal a kidnapped boy, crying out for rescue Briefly celebrated as a hero, Kelly secretly avenges the boy s unsolved kidnapping, a task that will take him deeper into the zone and into a confrontation with his own past and long buried traumas.The second novel from the acclaimed author of In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, Scrapper is a devastating reimagining of one of America s greatest cities, its beautiful architecture, its lost houses, shuttered factories, boxing gyms, and storefront churches With precise, powerful prose, it asks What do we owe for our crimes, even those we ve committed to protect the people we love

  • Title: Scrapper
  • Author: Matt Bell
  • ISBN: 9781616955229
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
  • Scrapper For fans of The Dog Stars and Station Eleven Scrapper traces one man s desperate quest for redemption in a devastated Detroit Has the feel of Cormac McCarthy s The Road set in present day Motor City


    Hmmm The writing is excellent, as usual with Bell But this novel felt like it needed to be much longer to accommodate the various narrative ambitions There were three sort of sidebars, pulled from current ish events, that I struggled to make sense of Kelly was a thoroughly absorbing character so burdened and troubled and trying to be a better man The boxing sequence was particularly well done as was the portrayal of Kelly s relationship with the girl with the limp This is a novel set in Detroit, [...]


    This novel consumed me, chewed me up and spat me out It changed me A reviewer in the New York Times described it as equal parts dystopian novel, psychological thriller and literary fiction I could not say it better, although the dystopian aspect is so close to where we already are and have been in some areas of the world, that it was like a summary of the kinds of places you would tell your kids or loved ones to avoid.Set in Detroit, a city I have been in or around for most of my life, deep in [...]

    switterbug (Betsey)

    Scrapper refers to Kelly, a young man who forages for scrap metal and salvageable parts of abandoned buildings in an area of Detroit known as the zone He removes and sells the parts by the pound In this dystopian future, The remainder of a city within the city A century of reinforced concrete and red brick and steel crossbeams their torn and opened fences made an invitation to the gutting, the landscape is an urban area of waste and disuse described as destruction porn A few people still live he [...]


    Note The edition I read is marked as Advance Uncopyedited Edition and obtained from an online bookseller.Because one day there would be no one living who remembered the form of your face or the sound of your voice and on that day it would be as if you had never existed This was the final death of the unremarkable I don t do plots very well in my reviews.Mostly I blockquote.This review requires a skeletal synopsis however.This novel is set in Detroitsometime in the near future.Like maybe next mon [...]

    Chris Blocker

    The premise of Matt Bell s latest novel, Scrapper, is fantastic This psychological tale of post fall Detroit centers around a scavenger who guts homes and businesses for scrap metal In the book s opening chapters, the scavenger, Kelly, finds a boy who has been kidnapped The rest of the novel focuses largely on Kelly s turmoil regarding his own tragic past and the trauma of the kidnapped boy.What works extraordinarily well in this novel is the casting of Detroit as a character Bell paints the cit [...]

    David Agranoff

    Scrapper is a interesting novel I discovered it from an ad on Geek s Guide to the Galaxy podcast and it sounded interesting A end of the world novel that takes place in a post apocalyptic city that is surrounded by the rest of the world going forward as normal As a concept I thought was super interesting Kelly the main character is a scrapper who goes on short trips into the abandoned future Detroit He is salvaging metal and supplies from the the city left behind for dead.Bell is clearly a talen [...]

    Amber Sparks

    Nobody writes books like Matt Bell Language driven, often allegorical or fantastic, world encompassing but claustrophobic, deeply flawed protagonists caught in the web of their poor decisions and circumstance and Scrapper is no exception It s a wonderful, strange, moving book that merges fairy tale with gritty realism, and inhabits the space of true mystery not mystery as in genre, but Mystery with a capital M the kind of cosmic questioning that makes a book stay with you long long after the las [...]

    Sara Sams

    Beautifully written Bell s protagonist is painstakingly rendered, and his slow, panic driven inner decay is depressingly realistic We re asked to consider some of the larger, most important, most unanswerable questions about trauma, both personal and geographical, and healing or the lack there of A must read.


    Scrapper by Matt Bell This story is set in the near future One that has stagnated It s a story of Urban decay the human cost It could be next week, next year or 20 30 years from now But if so, it s a future where humans their future has stagnated is in decline Where there are no innovations, only the breaking down of existing technologies At one point, early in the story, it s main protagonist, Kelly, reflects He didn t think his was the final generation, but perhaps the last might already be bo [...]

    Jason Jauron

    2.5 StarsThis is a tough review.As a wannabe writer, I am than envious of Bell s ability to manipulate the human language.But his prose became cumbersome and its effects were cumulative.I almost did not finish the book Several times.I guess it boils down to the fact that I wanted of a story.And Bell s decision to throw in some curveballs ie the rapper leave me scratching my head.But Bell s writing style IS the real story here.And he is than talented.Peace.J


    If an extremely talented yet depressed and alcoholic writer decided to channel his or her emotions into an incomprehensible story with random scenes from Cuba and Russia thrown in, this is what it would look like.

    Kevin Catalano

    I love Matt Bell s writing, so I went into SCRAPPER expecting to love it For the most part, I wasn t disappointed, nor was this the book I expected it to be another reason I love Bell s writing Here are some randomish thoughts Bell rarely uses a question mark where conventional grammar would demand one I love that.Very few characters in the novel are named, and even when they have a name like Daniel , the narrator rarely uses it Sometimes this is annoying, but often it makes sense as it gives th [...]


    This is the strangest book I have read Nothing is told straight, the reader must figure out which character is speaking I found it tiring There is too much unsaid Kelly is an illegal scrapper in Detroit He has a girl with a limp and a disease that will end her life We don t get to know what the disease is While scraping, Kelly finds a boy in a basement who has been kidnapped Kelly becomes a hero He begins boxing and throws himself at opponents Slowly, we find out Kelly s dad watched him at night [...]


    This is a formidable work of art, with emotional pull than his debut Few writers can write in a high style without succumbing to pretentiousness Matt Bell remains one of those few The protagonist s complicated morality and relationships with the boy and the girl with the limp all resonate deeply.It might seem a less ambitious book than In the House there are less paragraphs about rooms, to be certain I can t help thinking Bell tried to compensate for this through the Guantanamo, Zimmerman and P [...]


    This was different from Bell s other work I ve read, slipperier than normal at least That s saying something too There are definite touches of darkness, though that isn t new Far from pleasant, which is no reason to judge a book negatively anyway, this one gave a great deal to think on though much of that as I saw it was not stated directly.

    Janette Mcmahon

    Redemption in an ugly world The disturbing look at a decaying city and the people who live there A novel that turns you inside out with the vivid descriptions and makes you question the time and place, never letting you feel comfortable.


    A beautiful, powerful, and important novel


    Listen to the review on my podcast bookedpodcast 279 scra


    Bleak haunting, with a terrific sense of place Something of a continuation of Bell s preferred themes, albeit in a realistic setting.


    Sometimes when I was reading this I had to remind myself to breathe.


    A bleak setting and powerful prose reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy, but not that much actually happens.

    Franco Romero

    If our actions define us, what do we become If we understand those who hurt us, do they seem less monstrous If redemption exists, how do we begin to attain such a thing or even understand it This novel asks these questions, and makes the reader ask even difficult ones It offers fragments of truth in the form of imagery that provokes and reveals A finely crafted and truly haunting novel.


    Love Bell s style and the gravity he creates with his narration The contents of this novel of heavy and dark and it s characters are, too, but that s what made me invest in them Complicated people trying to find something better despite being deeply hurt.

    Michael Kitchen

    What the heck did I just read

    Noel Last

    Another from bestie bc she s Eastie and I m Westie, but this was the closest thing we had to city and indie, i guess, is indie, but Eug s VS so why would you do this, idk.

    M Rothenbuhler

    Fascinating character study of a man who I am still not sure what he did but what a great setting, the slowly decomposing city of Detroit, and what a tortured kind of soul Reminded me of Fight Club in a good way What was that strange little insert about Guantanamo


    I really wanted to like this book, there seemed to be a lot of promise Sometimes it flowed well, but overall the writing style felt disjointed None of the characters were particularly likable and it overall left me feeling unsatisfied.


    What I liked 1 The metaphorically parallel threads of the protagonist s attempts to salvage the good man within himself that has been buried in a messed up past and his job as a salvager scrapper attempting to find items of worth buried within the homes and buildings of the abandoned and ruined city of an imagined future Detroit.2 The excellent writing that is nothing like the run on sentence I just wrote for my first point.3 The parallel thread of the protagonist s girlfriend whose physical bod [...]

    Matt Lewis

    Matt Bell s ode to Detroit is visceral, brutal, and as stoic as a midwestern cold snap The story of the scrapper or salvor , used interchangeably like the tunnel tower of Jeff Vandermeer s Annihilation starts off straightforward enough, documenting his lowly, humble life sifting through the refuse of mid aughts Detroit for usable material He starts a relationship with Jackie, a hockey fan with a degenerative disease and his entire life flips when he discovers and rescues a boy imprisoned in a ba [...]


    Before the incident that propels Kelly, the scrapper of the title, to heroism or madness, he gets in a fight in the parking lot of a bar with a painter who tells him he saw a nervous energy Kelly needed somewhere to put That line fairly describes this novel It evinces obvious talent, but it s all over the place Bell definitely has his finger on the pulse of a certain damaged, deranged masculinity that prompts some men to do bad by striving to do good Eking out a living scrapping for copper wire [...]

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