Jul 02, 2020
One More Rule
Posted by Nikki Sloane

One week back in Chicago to witness our best friends get married One hot night to help them celebrate And one rule for the bride and groom to obey no sex until the wedding.After the evening Dominic and I have planned, who will break first

  • Title: One More Rule
  • Author: Nikki Sloane
  • ISBN: 9781517341404
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • One More Rule One week back in Chicago to witness our best friends get married One hot night to help them celebrate And one rule for the bride and groom to obey no sex until the wedding After the evening Dominic an


    I will repeat over and over again Blindfold Club series is one of my favorite erotic ever And although One More Rule is only a short novella, it is just perfect Quick Review Series Novella 2.5 part of a the Blindfold Club series Can not be read as a stand alone.Grade Short story Erotic romance.Main characters It is told mostly from the perspective of Payton but also Evelyn All the action goes on between all the characters we already know Mainly, they are Payton and Dominic with Evelyn and Logan. [...]

    Tanu Gill

    It was a sweet book Ms Sloane has a flair for writing erotic scenes that keeps them safely in the range of too hot to handle and porn y


    LOVED THIS As you may or may not know I am 100% team Joseph We get a peek of my guy in this novella picture perfect This was a fun novella to read It starts up where Three Hard Lessons ends You MUST read Three Simple Rules and Three Hard Lessons before reading One More Rule.Payton 100% girl crush Dom are back in the states for Evie Logan s wedding Before the wedding, the gang goes out for a little combo bachelor bachelorette party.Told flawlessly from multiple POVs, this novella is fun, sexy, HO [...]

    Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf

    My kindle fogged up I was reading and reading and then HOLY SHIT EVERYTHING IS FOGGY AND HOT AND SLICK AND WET and did I just come That happened sort of part of it maybe.Nikki comes at us in this novella with her quintessential filthy scenes that flick between romantic and downright dirty The first part reunites us with Dominic and Payton two of my very favorite characters in Payton s POV Logan and Evie are about to get married and who better than to make sure they re celebrating properly than D [...]

    Rebecca Nebel

    Loved catching up with the gang from the Blindfold Club Series for Evie and Logan s bachelor bachelorette party Payton and Dom go all out to give Evie and Logan an epic night to remember Even thought this book is a novella Nikki Sloane doesn t disappoint This book is full of sexy times.Make sure you read Three Simple Rules and Three Hard Lessons before reading One More Rule


    4 sultry stars More Naughty Sexy adventures with Evie, Logan, Payton DominicAs always Nikki delivers, Fun, Laughter, Romance and plenty of passionate HOT steamy SEX Party On p

    Marieke (Marieke"s Books & Books and Tequila)

    One More Rule is a short, sexy novella with the main characters from Three Simple Rules and Three Hard Lessons For all the necessary background information and understanding of the characters this series needs to be read in order And, of course, you don t want to miss out on their hot stories Evie and Logan, the main couple from Three Simple Rules, are still happily in love and engaged to get married They have a healthy and busy sex life, so in order to make their wedding night special, Evie dec [...]

    Candi~Dirty Laundry Review

    I m going to do this review a little different Since this is a short bonus book Still hot as fuck But how many ways can I say that I am in love with Nikki Sloane Her writing Her thoughts Her mind Her books Because yes, One More Rule was just as amazing Filled with some of the hottest sexy times Things that made your jaw drop Things that literally had me saying holy shit out loud And what happens when she brings 4 characters together Well, you get perfection.We have a bachelor bachelorette get to [...]


    One More Rule is book 2.5 in Nikki Sloane s Blindfold Club Series It may be able to stand alone, but I highly recommend reading her books in order What happens when your best friends are getting married and you have a naughty night planned for their bachelor bachelorete party What if they made a rule of no sex until the wedding One More Rule is a silly and sexy adventure in mostly Payton s point of view Dom and Payton are visiting Chicago for only a few days to attend Evie and Logan s wedding Th [...]


    I was given an ARC for an honest review Nikki Sloane has hit it out of the park again In one rule we get to catch up with the Blindfold Crew for Evie and Logan s bachelor and bachelorette party and wedding Headed up by Peyton and Dom the couples have a night of crazy and sometimes kinky it is Peyton after all fun One rule is fun, sexy, and in true Logan style a slight flair for the romantic with a challenge Fans of the series will not be disappointed So jump on the stripper pole and join in fo [...]

    Ashley Robinson

    I ll first start out by saying that, yes all Ashley s are bitches Although if Payton fell on me, I wouldn t complain I loved this novella It was sexy as hell with a good dose of humour I loved being apart of this bachelor bachelorette party I m kinda jealous that mine wasn t even close to this Payton is my hero In my next life, I m coming back as her Thank you Nikki, for writing such an awesome book

    Karen King

    This novella was such a fun and sexy read I felt like a guest at Evie s Bachelorette party and wedding Nikki Sloane can write a sex scene like no one else HOT SEX


    3,5 stars One More Rule is a novella after Dominic and Peyton s relationship also Evie and Logan s bachelor party Dominic and Peyton arranged some pervert pfft little party and I don t think they could survive through the night It s a light and sexy read with some hotness from Peyton s nympho attitude Gosh, that woman always thinking about sex, huh And Dominic always love this devil woman This story is told from Peyton s POV, mostly.I enjoyed Evie and Logan s wedding So sweet and romantic They r [...]


    I received this book from the author for an honest review I loved this quick Novella to get an insight into of Logan and Evie s lives as well as Payton and Dominic This series is one of the best I ve read in years and I recommend it to everyone In this novella we get to catch up with the four as they are getting ready for Logan and Evie s wedding Most of the book is from Payton s POV and there are so many steamy scenes in it, I just couldn t put it down It s always fun to catch up with characte [...]


    This has been sitting on my kindle for quite some time taunting me I love these characters and I was just waiting for the perfect time to read Well when the time came that I needed one read to fulfill my challenge and my time was limited I knew the time for this novella had arrived Nikke Sloane s characters are fun, dirty, wicked hot and some of my absolute favorites So spending time with Logan, Evelyn I wouldn t want to anger Payton by calling her Evie , Payton and Dom felt like spending time [...]


    What to say about One More Rule Reading One More Rule is like talking to your best friend after months apart Its so great to catch up with Payton and Dom, as well as Evie and Logan I had honesty forgotten about Evie and Logan, and while reading the limo scene, I was quickly reminded why I enjoyed them and what made them stand out This was a sweet and sexy read I enjoyed everything about this novella, and if you have read the first two books in The Blindfold Club, this is the perfect followup to [...]


    Amazingly Hot

    Nina ~ Social Butterfly PR

    I was thrilled to get Nikki Sloane s One More Rule e wedding novella of Logan and Evie I have been wanting of them ever since I finished their scorching hot love story, Three Simple Rules Logan has really always been my favorite of all of Nikki s men, so when she made the announcement we were getting , you probably could hear me SQUEEEEE all the way from Georgia There was a lot of plot and EXTREMELY sexy times packed into this little novella Payton and Dominic are back with a vengeance planning [...]


    For fans of the Blindfold Club series this is the novella that you NEED to read It bridges the gap between books 2 and 3 perfectly and gives us the reader the chance to see one of our favourite couples in Evie and Logan tie the knot but not before initiating one rule that begs to be broken.Thanks to our other favourite couple in Payton and Dominic that rule might just be broken when they plan a super hot bachelor bachelorette night out for Evie and Logan then bet on the outcome.This novella is [...]

    ♚ ♛ ♜ Summerstar♝ ♞ ♟

    4 Sweet StarsA novella following our main characters from book 1 2 Story centers on Evie and Logan finally tying the knot Almost 85% of the story is told from Payton s POV The bachelor bachelorette party The last part which is the wedding and honeymoon we get to hear from Evie.It s short and sweet with the heavy dose of steam of course it s not to be forgotten Compared to the previous books which I found 2 3 cases I cringe The kinks here just leveled up view spoiler Orgies, group sex, exhibition [...]

    Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog

    4 stars Aww, so good This is a novella about the days leading up to and including Evie and Logan s wedding Equal parts scorching and sweet, I enjoyed every page of this peek back into the lives of Evie, Logan, Peyton, Dominic and even a cameo from Joseph I wish we had gotten to see Noemi I really enjoyed Evie and Logan s bachelor bachelorette night and their wedding and wedding night The sexiness, humor and love makes this novella a must read for Blindfold Club series fans I can t wait for from [...]


    Great little novella This story picks up right after the first two books Everyone is together for Evie and Logan s wedding I liked this little story.which, of course, like the other books is very very HOT But being it for Evie and Logan s wedding I think it should have been told from their POV, not Peyton I did skim a bit during the club scene because it just seemed really drawn out.


    Yap, I still don t like the hero and heroine Dominic and Payton Logan and Evie is still my preferred couple.This is a little fast reading, filled with plenty of kinky sex scenes.Maybe the next book will be better.

    Rachel Brookes

    Nikki Sloane has once again delivered a sexy as sin instalment in the Blindfold Club series Every word was laced with pure seduction, that engrossed me and demanded my full attention Nikki Sloane is the Queen of naughty, and its a crown well deserved.

    Christy Faucheux

    What a great novella Of course it left me wanting I was happy to have Peyton and Dominic.


    More of the same from my new favourite couples Logan and Evie, Payton and Dominic are reunited in this happily ever after novella.




    Loved getting to see past characters Leading up to Logan and Evie s wedding, best friends Dominic and Paytom know just how to celebrate.


    Hot Hot HOT This little novella was all about the heat This series is one you want to read when in privater reasons.

    Michelle Rodriguez

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