Jul 06, 2020
A Morbid Taste for Bones
Posted by Ellis Peters

Broeder Cadfael wordt naar Wales gestuurd om de beenderen van een gestorven heilige te bemachtigen Het klooster van Shrewsbury zou w l varen bij het bezit van de botten, die, naar verluidt, bovennatuurlijke krachten bezitten Wanneer Cadfael de tocht aanvaardt, vindt hij vele obstakels op zijn weg, onder andere een wonderlijke dode

  • Title: A Morbid Taste for Bones
  • Author: Ellis Peters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Morbid Taste for Bones Broeder Cadfael wordt naar Wales gestuurd om de beenderen van een gestorven heilige te bemachtigen Het klooster van Shrewsbury zou w l varen bij het bezit van de botten die naar verluidt bovennatuu


    Great historical mystery series Since this info was hard for me to find, below is a list of the Cadfael novels in order of publication A Morbid Taste for BonesOne Corpse Too ManyMonk s HoodSt Peter s FairThe Leper of St GilesThe Virgin in the IceThe Sanctuary SparrowThe Devil s NoviceDead Man s RansomThe Pilgrim of HateAn Excellent MysteryThe Raven in the ForegateThe Rose RentThe Hermit of Eyton ForestThe Confession of Brother HaluinThe Heretic s ApprenticeA Rare BenedectineThe Potter s FieldThe [...]


    Justice can be arrived at by routes than one I thought this book was a swell start to this series Brother Cadfael, monk by vocation and detective by circumstance, is a really delightful character A medieval time, Welsh born man, Cadfael now carries out his monastic duties at Shrewsbury Abbey in England He has not been in the service of the church his entire life, however, and that is what makes him such an intriguing fellow For Brother Cadfael had come late to the monastic life, like a battered [...]


    Note, Aug 7, 2017 I edited this just now to correct a minor typo.Dame Edith Pargeter had already, by 1977, made a reputation for herself, under the pen name of Ellis Peters, as a mystery writer but under her own name, she was also a respected author of historical fiction, much of it set in medieval Wales When she brought the two genres together in this first of many novels, set in the border country between England and Wales where she grew up in the turbulent mid 1100s and featuring Brother Cadf [...]


    This book is actually quite good I must admit though, I had a hard time getting through it In fact, I pretty much had to sit myself down and force myself to read through to the end I ve decided that has much to do with me than the book itself consequently my high rating The truth is, I just don t like mysteries, and now I know that even by setting the mystery in a fascinating time period, this doesn t change When I was younger, I used to read every Agatha Christi Poirot story I could get my han [...]


    I am quite sure that I used to own a copy of this novel, back in the early 1980s I finally donated it because I just couldn t get into the story Now, I look back at my younger self and shake my head, because this time around I found the story to be very accessible and very easy to engage Another instance of the right book at the right time not suitable for me in my 20s, but eminently suitable for me in my 50s.I think that Brother Cadfael will become an old friend I will certainly be reading the [...]

    Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

    1.99 Kindle sale, today Dec 13, 2017 only Some of my GR friends love this medieval mystery series, so I think I m going to give it a shot.


    Marvelous story You have to read it to find out exactly what happens A fun spoof on religion The historical detail, the characters, and the humor are enchanting By the end I loved Brother Cadfael and all the villagers of Gwytherin, Wales An utterly charming tale and funny too

    Susan in NC

    I first read Brother Cadfael over 30 years ago during high school and college breaks I became addicted and thus became a lifelong love of accurate and well written historical mysteries.I d seen reviews by GR friends and felt it was time to revisit Shrewsbury and the delightful world of Cadfael This was a very satisfying re read for me, and I ll be revisiting this series again in the new year I love Cadfael s decency, warmth and humanity and humor Same reason I enjoyed Margaret Frazer s Dame Frev [...]


    My first by this author introducing Brother Cadfael who s powers of observation and deduction ensure that he s always a part of the action and at times a little above the law I enjoyed his character, he has a bit of a history, is not exactly pious and is a bit cheeky.

    Carol Clouds ꧁꧂

    I read some of the Brother Cadfael books years ago found them just ok May have been my age or likely that this is a series that needs to be read in order Clearly there is to the good brother than his skills as a herbalist No doubt will be revealed about his past in later books.I don t know anything about 12th century Wales or England, but certainly Peters had given the narrative dialogue a very authentic feel monastery politics feels like modern office or school staffroom politics gave me a s [...]


    kratko, zanimljivo, na momente malo suhoparno, no vrlo dobro djelce pogotovu kad zami lja likove iz serije.


    Ah ha We meet at last Brother Cadfael Pray tell, Brother, was it as boring for you as it was for me I have heard much about the Brother Cadfael series and heard plenty of good reports on the books, including the first book in the series This one A Morbid Taste For Bones Having been one of the only English speaking persons in the world to have never read any of the books or watched any of the tv shows I have had A Morbid Taste For Bones on my radar for a goodling amount of time Always putting it [...]


    Having enjoyed the TV series starring Derek Jacobi as Cadfael , I ve long wanted to read the books on which they were based This first book in the series was a treat Peters has an easy writing style, and the story was intriguing and kept my interest, even though having seen its TV twin I knew how it would play out There are many parallels to the TV adaptation, but also some slight changes as well, which was ok Brother Cadfael is a wonderful leading character I am looking forward to seeing his ar [...]


    2.0 to 2.5 stars I picked this book up after really enjoying Dissolution by C J Sansom and wanting to try another historical mystery While well written, I found this book to be fairly dull and the main character not nearly as interesting as Sansom s Matthew Shardlake Not horrible by any means, just not great.

    Book Concierge

    The head of the Benedictine Abbey in Shrewsbury, England, sends an expedition of monks to retrieve the remains of Saint Winifred from her resting place in Gwytherin, Wales But the villagers of Gwytherin are not uniformly keen on the idea of losing their beloved saint When the leading opponent to moving the saint s bones is found dead, apparently shot with an arrow, some take it as a sign that the Saint approves the move But Brother Cadfael recognizes that the murder was done by a human, and thou [...]


    This is the first book of the Chronicles of Brother Cadfael series but not the 1st one I ve read Still to come soon.4 A Rare Benedictine Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, prequel stories 0.1 0.3 3 A Morbid Taste for Bones Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, 1 3 One Corpse Too Many Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, 2 3 Monk s Hood Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, 3 3 The Virgin in the Ice Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, 6 3 Dead Man s Ransom Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, 9 4 The Potter s Field Chronicles of [...]


    This is at its core a whodunnit however what sets it apart is the setting 12 century in and around Shrewsbury Now The first thing that I want to say is that this book and in fact the whole series being written between the mid 70s and mid 90s was ground breaking as no one had really broken the historical fiction genre and certainly not mixing it with the crime genre as well However Ellis Peters did so and repeatedly Now I am sure there were books in this style written before Cadfael and there are [...]


    4 stars


    In a weird way, this book is pure nostalgia.I never read this book before, but my mother used to have the entire collection and in my memories it seems like she was constantly reading one of them while i was a kid which is probably not really true, but you know how memories work they are alway slightly distorting the truth.I saw this book a little while ago in the library and i just had to read it now.It is a nice, quick and enjoyable read Not too much suspense although i am glad i was able to f [...]


    A fun story featuring a medieval monk with a past I really enjoyed this visit of Olde England, the myths, the travel The villagers of Gwytherin are a wonderful group There s not much I can say without giving away a mystery The adventures of Father Cadfael and the others is a fun, human, warm story of murder, friendship, faith, hope, truth.

    Blaine DeSantis

    Interesting book set back in 1145 AD, about a Benedictine Brother who solves mysteries Is short, barely 200 pages, but I found it a slow and tedious book to read This is the first of 20 books in the series and so obviously it is a popular series The plot is interesting enough, as well as the solving who killed the one individual in the book, but again it was just a slow read for me I may try one in the series to see if they get better or whether being familiar with the characters I will enjoy [...]


    Prior Robert wants to remove Saint Winifred s bones from a Welsh village to the monastery Someone opposed to the plan is found dead Brother Cadfael, former Crusader turned monk, suspects a fellow monk s responsibility for the murder and investigates The author often uses medieval vocabulary, appropriate to the setting, which slows one s speed, but it is worth the reader s effort.


    Review litexplore 2018 02 03 rev


    The Abbot of the Benedictine monastery in Shrewsbury has decided his abbey needs the relic of a saint to raise their profile A vision by one of his monks means that his attention fixes on Saint Winifred whose remains currently lie in a small Welsh village Permission is granted to go and remove the remains and Brother Cadfael being the only Welsh speaker among the monks goes with them.What follows is a PR disaster and results in the death of than one person But Brother Cadfael works to see justi [...]


    3.75 stars I really enjoyed the first in this Brother Cadfael series, and look forward to continuing with it It wasn t a page turner that constantly called me back to it, but I was happy to spend time with the characters when I did pick it up There is a lot to like about Brother Cadfael, I love the setting, and am slowly learning about medieval history, which is great I also like a series in which religion figures prominently and positively, and people try to be good to one another, and show rea [...]

    Julie Bozza

    A very competently done murder mystery set in medieval times, which alas never really grabbed me However, I did like a few things The contrast between Cadfael s former adventurous life and his current contentment as a Benedictine was interesting, and I am sure is made good use of in other books in the series There was some interesting info when comparing Welsh village life with the English equivalent And Cadfael s solution to the ultimate problem here was creative and amusing and a little bit ou [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)

    A vision by Columbanus a rather ambitious young monk convinces Prior Robert who is in the market for Saint relics to be located at Shrewsbury Abbey Unfortunately Saint Winefride already has a home She s buried in Wales This is not good Mayhem will surely ensue and of course it does Just one question, can a long dead saint shoot a bow and arrow


    Once I got into the story, it was a page turner and I couldn t put it down.

    Barb in Maryland

    Technically a re read, for I know I read this when it first came out However, the passage of time erased everything about this book from my memory, except the fact that I really enjoyed it.Brother Cadfael is a worldly wise, innately kind Welsh monk of the Benedictine order I love him to pieces His wisdom and kindness are put to the test in this tale The ambitious Prior of Shrewsbury Abbey is determined to acquire a saintly relic, for the greater glory of his Abbey and to add a gloss to his resum [...]

    Bill Rogers

    Brother Cadfael is intelligent, practical, level headed, and a schemer It occurred to me several times in this book that he would make an excellent supervillain were he not also kind hearted and dedicated to good Let us thank God for that, because certainly that s what Cadfael would do.In this, Cadfael s first chronicle, Prior Robert has been thundering that the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul at Shrewsbury needs its own dead saint to bring in the tourists Or, excuse me, pilgrims Prior Rober [...]

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