Jul 06, 2020
Когда псы плачут
Posted by Markus Zusak

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  • Title: Когда псы плачут
  • Author: Markus Zusak
  • ISBN: 9785990581031
  • Page: 423
  • Format: None
  • Shirley Marr

    The Book Thief ASIDE, I have read the two other Underdogs books and now this third and final one I am ready to take a bullet for Markus Zusak That s right I m willing to die in Markus Zusak s place because he is such a formidable writer of such intense poetic beauty that the world cannot afford to lose him Fullstop I was wondering how he was going to top the predecessor, Fighting Reuben Wolfe I read the first few pages and could see that the writing had matured For starters, there were less of t [...]


    Boys feel just as insecure getting girls as girls do getting boys I just love that Although if this had been a woman author I would have written off her sensitive boy as unrealistic, but since the author is male, I give him leeway with emotions I d like to think rather than being chauvinistic, I m taking a man s word for it since us women can only guess Literature about finding love is normally the sappy girl s perspective and here you get insight into a boy so anxious to give love and find app [...]


    The second and third books in Zusak s Underdog series were basically a left jab right hook straight in the feels Fighting Ruben Wolfe and When Dogs Cry aka Getting The Girl are stronger books than The Underdog Both novels are still primarily character driven, but they read cohesively and the writing feels developed, closer to the style associated with Zusak s later work While I enjoyed The Underdog, it s in the next two books that I feel Zusak really hits his stride, settling into the rhythm o [...]


    You get what you get when a teenage boy is the narrator Very candid sex thoughts every third sentence Kinda makes me worried about the fact I have sons Anyway There are some definite similarities in the writing with Book Thief ie poetic flowiness , but I don t think Zusak hit his come together moment as a writer until Book Thief There is no comparison between the two Since there isn t, I ll try and be fair Its a coming of age story with an awkward boy lost in his own family not to mention lost i [...]


    I always have to think awhile after closing a Zusak book He gets me so hard in the gut it s hard to formulate a coherent review of the experience Getting the Girl is a continuation of the story of the Wolfe brothers begun in Fighting Ruben Wolfe Zusak writes close to the bone, exposing the marrow of what love is between a boy and a girl, and between brothers It s also about Cameron defining himself, as he is ripped away from all the safe places he used to hide, including his identity as Ruben s [...]

    Христо Блажев

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    The Wolfe family has moved into my heart Reading the first of the books that Mandee got me also why I fell into the Wolfe Brothers rabbit hole I love this cover.

    Lyndsey O"Halloran

    Somehow, I read this book before the others in the series which should probably have made it confusing However, even without having read the previous two books I feel as though this one stands quite well on its own The beginning of the book sees Cameron Cam , Ruben and Octavia together with Cameron narrating Cam has such a strong voice and one which is really enjoyable to read Out of him and his brother, Cam is the one to be seen as the weaker of the two He definitely doesn t have the success wi [...]


    The street.Was empty.She broke into me.The city was swollen The sky was numb.His voice clung strangely to his mouth.The moment was cut open It fell in pieces all around me, and I had no idea what would happen nextMy heart threw itself to my throat.I clock onto the truth.But for now, happiness throws stones.Her hair, echoing down her back in the dark.Ilove Markus Zusak.Can I say that I loved the writing enough for 4.5 stars, but the story only 3.5 and so 4 This is written for adolescent boys.And [...]


    This was the first Zusak book I read and I think it s under rated Zusak has a way with characters I literally ached for Cameron and his desire to have a girlfriend But what I loved most about the book was the depiction of Cameron s relationships with his family and the way in which Cameron is finally able to find himself.


    Ah be Cameron karde Ne kadar safs n sen Cameron b y mek istiyor ama onu kimse takm yor Nereye elini atsa elinde kal yor desek yeridir Finali biraz belirsiz olsa da g zel bir sondu lemeyi okurken Zusak n kendini geli tirdi ini de g r yoruz Genel bir yorum yaparsak seri beni tatmin etti Mart n n kard en g zel kitaplardan diyebilirim.5 4,5


    Family members dumping the loser underdogs seems to be a theme in Australian writer Markus Zusak s works see I Am the Messenger I felt hurt on behalf of Cam The fact that it is not true is not important In the vein of ya trends I cannot stand, the need to prove worthiness on a success scale by the end of the pages is kinda bullshit It s like proving on a test score what you had learned for the whole year as if most people don t cram the night before His brother s success with females is shallow, [...]


    As I started reading this book I was thinking hmmmm not hitting me like this author usually does A few pages later I was thinking that I love Cameron Wolfe Here is a nice guy, a good guy, the guy that should always get the girl but never does A boy that just wants to be loved of course he wants sex too, but then what guy doesn t Most books that I have read in the YA genre are usually girl narrated, and usually have a love interest that is basically an ass that happens to be sooooo beautiful The [...]


    So I picked up this book not knowing that it was the last book in its own series, but despite that I felt that this book was a worthwhile read.The story is so simply poetic and meaningful with so much unspoken words and considered thoughts and outcomes, Markus Zusak wove a tale that thinks rather than says that to be an underdog it entails the possibility and the chance of rising up and finding your place, which is a new perspective I ve never really encountered and quite enjoy pondering about.

    Laura Hollander

    Getting The Girl, by Markus Zusak, tells a story of two brothers The older of the two, Rube, has girls falling head over heels for him On the other hand, Cameron is quiet He and Rube are friends, even if they are complete opposites Cameron doesn t pay much attention to any of Rube s girls until Octavia comes along To him, Octavia is different, not only is she around for longer, and not only does she talk to him, she s just different Soon, Cameron finds himself wanting Octavia, which, is why when [...]

    Bilge B

    S rf Markus Zusak in hat r na evirideki s k nt lar m mk n mertebe g rmezden geldim evirisi ilk iki kitaptan kat be kat daha iyiydi ama yine da k t yd.


    Review in portuguese by blog MON PETIT POISONMais um livro para s rie coisas que s acontecem no Brasil.O livro faz parte de uma s rie chamada Os Irm os Wolfe , onde os dois primeiros livros foram publicados pela editora Bertrand, mas eu n o sabia disso e li A Garota Que Eu Quero sem ter lido os anteriores e n o tive nenhum problema com isso Mas fica a dica para quem tem mania de perfei o e gosta de seguir tudo risca.Eu curto muito o autor pelo A Menina Que Roubava Livros faz um cora ozinho com a [...]


    Even though this is one of Zusak s early works, there s something about his writing that really gets me Certainly Getting the Girl is not as refined as I Am the Messenger or The Book Thief And if you ve read those other two books, you can plainly see that Zusak has recycled some aspects from this earlier work, incorporating them with explicit detail in those later novels Yes, the writing style of this particular novel is rough and scruffy, yet it embodies Cameron Wolfe, the narrator, so well Be [...]


    My colleague really doesn t like this book She describes it by saying, It s about this pathetic guy who stalks a girl, and then nothing happens Knowing the reputation of I Am the Messenger and The Book Thief, I wondered if her evaluation could be right Markus Zusak has written some fine, fine books Surely she s missing something I decided to see for myself.I m glad I did I think it is a good book, one well worth reading, but my colleague is also right there s just not much in the way of conventi [...]


    I had I am the Messanger recommended to me a while ago and liked it I also enjoyed The Book Thief and so I picked this book up because it was by the same author When I started reading this yesterday, I realized I had done it again that is picked up a book that I had already read And, once again I was disappointed in the second reading.I know this is a young adult novel, but it did not come across as a touching read about a sentimental young man Instead, it came across to me as a slightly mentall [...]


    My husband read this before I did and he thought it needed elf a John Green Vlogbrothers reference indicating that, y know, if there s a girl in the title, there should be an appropriate amount of girl in the story itself But I d read the prequel companion book, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, about two years ago, and knew what to expect Zusak clearly loves the Wolfe family, perhaps almost as much as he loves interesting verbs, and the focus here is on Cameron Wolfe s rivalry with his brother Ruben, and [...]

    Amy Gwynn

    The cover is so misleading There was such a perfect under lying theme in reference to dogs the last name Wolfe and the pack references with his brothers, walking Miffy and view spoiler Miffy s death hide spoiler being a turning point, the howling, etc I haven t had enough time to think about it because I finished the book 15 minutes ago, but the connections I ve already made are really enlightening Young Adults would benefit from the dramatic change the main character undergoes throughout the st [...]


    Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes After reading The Book Thief I was immediately a fan of Markus Zusak and without thinking got other books from him Unfortunately, Getting the Girl was nothing like The Book Thief I m partly to blame, since I got the third book in a series, but still even if I couldn t understand all that was going on I still expected something I couldn t feel any of the charm and awesomeness I had expected so I was actually really disappointed by this book.


    What a sweet, sweet book Zusak s writing is so beautiful and touching The story is vaguely similar to Perks of Being a Wallflower in that I felt the same when reading it My favorite line I shiver even now as I remember the feeling of her cool hands on my neck, and the touch of her voice on my skin.

    Marina Nova

    , , , .4,5


    By telling the story of three brothers, the author shows among other things, the joy of life The episode with their dog, Miffy, translates this feeling This book makes you smile when you finish reading it.

    Mihaella T.

    thank you, Markus Zusak, for always breaking my heart in such a poetic way


    Tahle kniha byla kone n t m, co jsem od Zusaka ekala Tak e jsem nakonec r da, e jsem to s touto s ri po 1 ne extra vyda en m d le nevzdala


    De boekendief las ik al dit is mijn tweede boek van Zusak.Het is een heel ander boek dan De Boekendief Een verhaal van een puberjongen over het zoeken naar liefde, een eigen persoonlijkheid, zijn positie ten aanzien van zijn ouders, broers en zus De eerste vijftig pagina s twijfelde ik, door het puberaal perspectief, maar naarmate het boek vordert wordt niet alleen het hoofdpersonage maar ook het verhaal in tempo en stijl krachtiger, waardoor ik het boek toch in een ruk en met graagte heb uitgel [...]

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