Jul 02, 2020
Death of a Perfect Wife
Posted by M.C. Beaton

Hamish Macbeth, the laid back constable of Lochdubh, Scotland, has a new Land Rover to drive and a Highland summer to savor, but as fast as rain rolls in from the loch, his happy life goes to hell in a handbasket The trouble begins when his beloved Priscilla Halburton Smythe returns from London with a fianc on her arm His miseries multiply when clouds of midges tHamish Macbeth, the laid back constable of Lochdubh, Scotland, has a new Land Rover to drive and a Highland summer to savor, but as fast as rain rolls in from the loch, his happy life goes to hell in a handbasket The trouble begins when his beloved Priscilla Halburton Smythe returns from London with a fianc on her arm His miseries multiply when clouds of midges the diabolical Scottish mosquito descend on the town Then a paragon of housewifery named Trixie Thomas moves into Lochdubh with her lapdog husband in tow The newcomer quickly convinces the local ladies to embrace low cholesterol meals, ban tobacco, and begin bird watching Soon the town s fish and chips loving men are up in arms Now faced with the trials of his own soul, Macbeth must solve Lochdubh s newest crime the mysterious poisoning of the perfect wife.

  • Title: Death of a Perfect Wife
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780446614733
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death of a Perfect Wife Hamish Macbeth the laid back constable of Lochdubh Scotland has a new Land Rover to drive and a Highland summer to savor but as fast as rain rolls in from the loch his happy life goes to hell in


    Neuropsychologists tell us that humans reach their mental peak around age 27 Perhaps that explains my delight in the books of MC Beaton, since clearly I passed that milestone many moons ago They certainly make no intellectual demands, nor are they filled with clever literary repartee, nor are they filled with obscure footnotes or references They re just fun and the Hamish MacBeth series, the meanderings of a local Scottish bobby are read with particular aplomb and accent by Davina Porter a great [...]


    Having seen the title of the book of today, it came to me that for once we ll be having a truly nice person as the deceased I anticipated, and I sat back, began to read, and wondered how this change would be handled But, maybe the author just wants to people her books with victims that are only getting their just dessert I adjusted my expectations and was satiated from the moment the perfect wife keeled over to the end The story reminded me of another series starring a Scottish cop That s the In [...]

    Beth Revers

    I have been enjoying this series This one did a nice job of really clearly showing how Hamish feels about his desire to stay where he is and not be pushed into an upward mobility he does not want Interesting characters and a nice mystery Lots of involvement with the village, good spurts of humor that are character inspired Growth in relationships too.

    Elena Santangelo

    This was my first MC Beaton novel A few friends have been telling me to read these for years Others have said there s nothing to these books they re fluff In fact, a lot of reviews said the same So I expected something like a cozy mystery filled with cats or cooking or whatever, with not much of a puzzle or interesting characters or anything very meaty.I was surprised to find good, tight writing, and lovely descriptions of the Scottish countryside that made me feel like I was there The novel eve [...]


    Sometimes, Macbeth just wants to slug the bad guy instead of bothering with handcuffs and paperwork So he does This series is a blast of fresh air within the cozy police procedural genres.

    Julie Davis

    Now we re on a roll The narrator is so much better than the one for the first two book and the mysteries continue improving as well Light and enjoyable.

    Charlotte (Buried in Books)

    Yet proof that you can tell a decent story in less than 250 pages These books are such quick easy reads This one deals with the demise of Trixie Thomas, who has just moved to the village with her husband Paul from London to set up a B B She s immediately on the scrounge for any furniture anyone might want to get rid of this didn t seem quite right to me They were claiming they were skint but she was grinding coffee beans in a brand new grinder So, something wasn t right.Trixie quickly takes the [...]


    One day I shall go to the Scottish Highlands, and there had darn well be a murder, because Beaton has led me to suspect that there is murder EVERYWHERE I truly, truly loved this one, where a born reformer comes to town to open a bed and breakfast, and begins to make over the housewives of Lochdubh Angela Brodie, the doctor s disorganized, bookish wife, becomes her most devout disciple, and even the even keeled doctor wants to murder this perfect wife.

    Selah Pike

    I m glad I gave Hamish Macbeth a second chance I didn t love the first book, but I m enjoying the rest of the series I want to move on to book five, but I m concerned I ll burn out on the series.

    Una Tiers

    A fun, light read Beaton incorporates murder with the off and on romance of Hamish and Priscilla.


    Och but another great mystery with Hamish in the Highlands ferreting out the murderer ahead of his nemesis Detective Chief Inspector Blair The scene with the villager Iain Gunn and his bulldozer was so amusing I wonder what will happen with Miss Pricilla Halburton Smythe and Hamish now.

    Jenny Houle

    The series is really starting to draw me in now.


    Far fetched this one someone gets murdered in remote scotland and within the hour there are police helicopters, forensics, press etc Getting a bit repetitive now these, used to love them.


    Per quanto mi riguarda, la Beaton una garanzia Anche questo libro estremamente gradevole e leggero e, forse, un po pi giallo rispetto a Agatha Raisin Certo, nasconde al lettore una fondamentale informazione per scoprire l assassino, ma ad un certo punto ci si arriva comunque

    Jules Jones

    Fourth in the Hamish Macbeth mystery series I ve read the first two, and skipped the third because the shop didn t have it when I picked up 1, 2, 4 and 5 I have no intention of looking for the third, because this is the last of the series I ll bother reading return return As with the other books, this has the lazy, amiable village policeman having to deal with murder coming to his otherwise sleepy village In this case, Hamish spots Trixie Thomas as a potential murder victim fairly on, thanks to [...]

    Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    The trouble begins when Highland Constable Hamish MacBeth s beloved Priscilla Halburton Smythe returns from London with a boyfriend on her arm Then a paragon of housewifery named Trixie Thomas moves into Lochdubh with her lapdog husband in tow Crying poor, Trixie is cadging furniture and household goods from the locals, supposedly to furnish The Laurels , in which she and husband Paul are starting a lodging house But then why are none of the donated items and she is very choosy about what she a [...]


    This is my first foray into the print version of Hamish MacBeth having enjoyed the BBC television version The book was an airy, enjoyable read.The true light of the book is the lead character, a Scottish constable whose competency threatens him with promotion and departure from his beloved village of Lochdubh The character is extremely likeable The other stars of the show are the wonderful Highland setting and the eccentric characters that populate it Beaton writes of a place we would all like t [...]


    Hamish s friend Angela has a personality melt down due to the influence of a so called perfect wife who challenges her to discard her bookish way of life and her haphazard housekeeping methods The old Angela disappears and is replaced by a compulsive, cause oriented, health mad cook, permed within an inch of her life, who banishes her animals to the back yard and refuses to cook her husband s favorite unhealthy meals Turns out the perfect wife is a bit of a crook We re all on Angela s side and t [...]

    Kirsty Leishman

    I m enjoying making my way through the Hamish Macbeth series They re easy to listen to while knitting and before bed They re also a great way to catch up on my reading challenge goal, very quickly I like Hamish his peace with himself and his place in the world Overall, they re well plotted murder mysteries and this one saw a turning point in his relationship with Priscilla, previously described as the love of his life Looking forward to future adventures if very sedate adventures in this Highlan [...]


    Actual Rating 1 2Well, he s certainly no Armand Gamache, but I am growing quite fond of that lanky red head, Hamish Macbeth In this book four of the series, the seemingly perfect wife comes to the village of Lochdubh, and the mayhem begins as one by one the formerly content wives of the village succumb to her suggestions As usual, Hamish is at odds with his superiors and, as usual, Hamish wins the day.


    I really enjoy these books Trixie moves to the Highlands and manages to upset a lot of the menfolk but seems to get the women under her spell and embracing healthier life styles She is found murdered and Hamish has to find out who had a motive.


    Like the series Good plots, definite and consistent cast No graphics, gore, or language, not Christian later novels relate this Re read them when tired of harder sort Well narrated by Sean Grindell Recommended.


    A light quick read Just the thing for recovering from surgery.


    another friendly, light read I might be hooked on these for downtempo reading.


    La scelta di un libro molto spesso influenzata da vari fattori tra cui il genere, la lunghezza e quasi sempre la copertina Quest ultima ricopre un importante ruolo nella scelta del libro anche se spesso non lo ammettiamo Se la mia scelta fosse ricaduta sulla copertina sinceramente non penso avrei mai letto Morte di una moglie perfetta , commettendo un errore.Questo giallo narra la storia del giovane agente di polizia Hamish Machbeth che, nel tranquillo scenario scozzese degli Highlands, si trova [...]

    Barbara Rogers

    I m loving this series of books I can t believe I almost didn t read them There is a new couple in town and they are certainly questionable He seems to be an ineffectual man who lets his wife run everything She is a perfect wife who spins her own wool, gardens, cleans to perfection, etc So, what is wrong with this picture Well they keep telling everyone how much in need they are and asks everyone for donations of furniture, etc However, being the persuasive, hypnotic person she is, she somehow e [...]

    Anna Bendewald

    I was looking for a cozy mystery to take with me on vacation I was completely relaxing, brought no work with me, not even my computer only my phone so I downloaded these M.C Beaton stories via Audible I got sucked into the highlands of Scotland and the vivid atmosphere of the countryside and then the murder mysteries that kept my interest and kept me transported.How much did I like this book Well, not 5 stars like a book that changes my life or anything, but I downloaded of the Hamish MacBeth s [...]

    Toglietemi tutto, ma non i miei libri

    Come sempre, nei libri di Beaton, non mancano i pettegolezzi, praticamente sono l anima del libro.Amo il modo di scrivere della Beaton, quando lei inizia a narrare la storia mostrandoci l ambientazione entro cui si svolge, come se ci facesse sprofondare nella trama, ed allora che tutta l avventura ha inizio.Quando poi l autrice descrive i paesaggi, come se dipingesse un quadro tanto sono realistiche e vivide le immagini da lei delineate.Recensione chelibroleggere 20

    Peter Barr

    In this, the 4th in the series by M.C Beaton, Lochdubh, Scotland Police Constable Hamish Macbeth is confronted by the murder of an English woman who has been making a world of change in the town As usual, a team is brought in to investigate the homicide and Hamish Macbeth is sent on errands by the detective in charge But he knows his village and follows up on his unearthed clues The series is a good one This is one of the better stories in the series.


    A light mystery that I listened to on audio The Scottish Highland setting is great fun, with a cast of mostly unlikable crotchety villagers.Hamish MacBeth is the local policeman and the recurring character in the series He is young, easy going and not particularly ambitious, but is far from a bumbling pushover in his job There is just not enough here to make me sit down and read any books in the series, but I might try an audio edition again when in the mood for something amiable.

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