Jul 02, 2020
Love's Sure Dawn
Posted by Naomi Rawlings

The bestselling Eagle Harbor Series continues with Book 3, Love s Sure Dawn No matter how hard she tries to help, Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing problems than she solves This time, though, things will be different She ll find a way to pay her family s debts, even if doing so requires leaving Eagle Harbor Maybe then they ll start treating her as a capableThe bestselling Eagle Harbor Series continues with Book 3, Love s Sure Dawn No matter how hard she tries to help, Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing problems than she solves This time, though, things will be different She ll find a way to pay her family s debts, even if doing so requires leaving Eagle Harbor Maybe then they ll start treating her as a capable woman who makes her own choices Gilbert Sinclair is going to marry an heiress With his latest business venture sunk at the bottom of Lake Superior, he needs money to replace the steamship he lost, so he heads to Chicago where his father s business connections should land him a suitable wife Like most things in his meticulously planned life, everything goes as expected until he discovers Rebekah Cummings working as the new cook on his ship Rebekah well remembers the pain she endured the last time she tried trusting Gilbert, and Gilbert can t afford to pursue the love of a working class woman But they can t stop the forgotten feelings swirling between them or ignore the sacrifices they d both have to make for a future together More than just a satisfying love story Melissa Jagears, award winning Christian author This is the best book series that I have found in several years Reviewer If you like inspirational stories of love, courage, and drama, then get your copy of the latest book in the memorable Eagle Harbor Series Eagle Harbor Series Where Love Finds Its Anchor Book 1 Love s Unfading Light Mac and Tressa Book 2 Love s Every Whisper Elijah and Victoria Short Story Love s Beginning Elijah and Victoria Book 3 Love s Sure Dawn Gilbert and Rebekah Book 4 Love s Eternal Breath Seth and Lindy winter 2017 Book 5 Love s Constant Hope Thomas and Jessalyn summer 2017 Book 6 Love s Bright Tomorrow Isaac and Aileen winter 2018

  • Title: Love's Sure Dawn
  • Author: Naomi Rawlings
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  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love s Sure Dawn The bestselling Eagle Harbor Series continues with Book Love s Sure Dawn No matter how hard she tries to help Rebekah Cummings always ends up causing problems than she solves This time though th

    Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)

    We get to know Rebekah and Gilbert in the previous books in the Eagle Harbor series, and they are both difficult characters I couldn t wait to see how their story would be told After some humbling experiences in the previous book, Gilbert is forced to reevaluate his strategy on accomplishing his goal of building the crane he engineered From an outside perspective, he seems selfishly bent on making this business venture successful at all costs, but as we learn about his real motivations his true [...]


    In the third book in the Eagle Harbor Novel series, Love s Sure Dawn, the author develops the characters of Rebekah Cummings and Gilbert Sinclair Gilbert is in search of an heiress to finance his follies Gilbert s biggest interest is money, and he ll use anything and anyone to obtain the amount of money necessary to replace a sunken steamship and the crane he has invented and built Rebekah seeks a way to help her family, struggling to make ends meet Ms Rawlings has created an unpredictable and c [...]

    Julia Wilson

    Love s Sure Dawn by Naomi Rawlings is another delightful Christian historical romance in the Eagle Harbor series It is the third book but can be read as a stand alone I enjoyed catching up on the fortunes of familiar characters.The novel focuses on the theme of wealth Money can be used for good but it is never meant to be a foundation for anything You ll never have this loving family you speak of if you try building a marriage on money Money should never be the focus of one s life.There is the t [...]

    Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)

    See full review at joyofreadingweb.wordpressI really enjoyed reading Rebekah s story Growing up with brother s she is somewhat the tomboy She has a big heart for others and feels a strong need to pull her own weight and do her part Her inability to be patient and wait for God s leading took her down a path that brought her heartache, but also growth.Like most who have read the previous two books, I struggled at first to like Gilbert However, as I got to know the real person he is, not the person [...]

    Lynda Edwards

    I will admit to some reluctance in starting this book, not because I had any concerns about the writing, but because I wasn t sure I would like the characters After reading about them in Love s Every Whisper, I didn t find much to recommend them But as they took center stage in their own novel I found myself irresistibly drawn into their story and I could not put the book down The writing was excellent and the story enjoyable as I returned to Eagle Harbor, all but rubbing my hands in glee as I s [...]


    This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor series I highly recommend reading the first two so that you get a deeper understanding of each character the town of Eagle Harbor I think you would find it much enjoyable that way Rebekah Cummings has long been an unconventional tomboy who wishes to join her brother Elijah in the fishing industry She can easily outwork any man and sail any ship She knows the ins and outs of anything to do with the waters But does she really know her own heart For once [...]

    Kathy Anderson

    This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor Series I loved this book I was so glad to catch up with the characters from Love s Every Whisper again Rebekah Cummings is an independent minded young lady She is known for wearing men s trousers while assisting her brother on the family s fishing boat She prides herself in her capabilities She knows she is as strong or stronger than the other men on Elijah s Lake Superior Volunteer Rescue Team However, Elijah has forbidden her to go out on the rescue b [...]


    The Eagle Harbor Series is quickly becoming one of my favorite series and Love s Sure Dawn is the best one yet I was so happy to be back in Eagle Harbor and to catch up with all the characters.I was a bit leery of Gilbert He wasn t the most likeable character in the previous books So, it was really nice to get a deeper look at him, to understand where he was coming from and why he acted the way he did He s a complex and misunderstood guy I loved seeing him in a new light and he quickly became my [...]


    Love s Sure Dawn is another beautiful addition to the Eagle Harbor series I enjoyed this story, which is book three, just as much as the first two novels I knew that this would probably be a very interesting pairing between Gilbert and Rebekah, both of whom I was familiar with from earlier books.I was definitely not a fan of Gilbert in book two of the series, Love s Unfading Light Although there were hints of a heart change toward the end of that story and the possibility that there might be hid [...]

    Kathy Heare Watts

    SEEKING GOD S GUIDANCE IN EVERYTHINGThis third story in the Eagle Harbor series can read as a standalone I love series and seeing people we find in previous stories and meeting new ones This story did not fail to share so many emotions of love, forgiveness, and acceptance This story has a strong lesson and reminder of seeking God first in everything and waiting on his guidance in our life The story kept me captivated and the pages turning There is a great cast of characters, witty and enlighteni [...]

    Honour Fraiser

    Favorite of the Series so FarLove s Sure Dawn has probably been my favorite of this series so far There was a good variety of plot and I felt like I could relate to the characters than the others in the series Definitely worth the read.

    Lynda Knapp

    Very enjoyable Rebekah and Gilbert s story was very well written I did enjoy this Eagle Harbor book and will read of them I came to care about all of the characters and look forward to seeing them again Definitely recommend this book.


    I loved watching Gilbert and Rebekah develope I love the Bible verse used throughout, one not commonly used A good lesson in how we must bend sometimes to meet God s will.

    Cynthia Marcano

    What I LovedLove s Sure Dawn is one of those rare books where I loved both main characters Rebekah Cummings is a sassy heroine that goes after what she believes in She is a strong character that I couldn t help but root for her wholeheartedly.My love for hero character Gilbert Sinclair astounds me If you read Love s Evey Whisper Naomi s previous novel in which Gilbert is also a central character you can read my review HERE you can fully appreciate my astonishment How Naomi managed to make me fal [...]


    Love s Sure Dawn Historical Christian Romance Eagle Harbor Book 3 By Naomi RawlingsWOW, Naomi Rawlings just keeps on getting better Love s Sure Dawn is the third book in Eagle Harbor series, and a great addition to This series Rawlings weaves another historical Christian romance that will leave you wanting The story and the characters were so alive that you think you are right there with them The author pulled me in right at the very start Gilbert Sinclair was always the rich kid when they were [...]

    Cindy G

    A great read The setting of this book is beautifully familiar and the author s description is exquisite Her characters are richly deep and became as real to me as if they were present in the flesh I m anxious for the next release.


    Rawling writes some of the best sparring scenes I ve ever read And Rebekah and Gilbert have than their fair share of them in Love s Sure Dawn But then, this author isn t known for being kind to her heroes and heroines which is fine by me since it makes for a compelling and angsty read.Fans of the Eagle Harbor series will already be acquainted with Rebekah and Gilbert from the previous two books No worries if you haven t read the first two stories because this one also reads well as a standalone [...]

    Glenn Haggerty

    Feeling she s a burden to her poor Eagle Harbor fishing family, Rebekah Cummings hires on as a cook on one of Gilbert Sinclair s Great Lakes steamships While underway, Gilbert discovers the new chef is his old childhood crush and sparks fly Gilbert threatens to return Rebekah to her home for her own protection but Rebecca na ve in the ways of the world refuses, but discovers a softer side to this shipping magnet s hard exterior Gilbert dreams of financial independence from his controlling father [...]


    Book 3Michigan, 1883I would recommend reading Book 1 2 in the series first Gilbert Sinclair s invention has just sunk into the bottom of the ocean and is now in desperate need of funds He sails to Chicago in order to set his plans for securing a wealthy wife but that s until he realizes the new cook on his ship is Rebekah Cummings.Rebekah Cummings wants to prove she can find work and help pay off some of her brother s bills She finds a position as a cook but never realizes the ship belongs to he [...]


    I truly enjoyed reading Love s Sure Dawn, Gilbert and Rebekah are both strong willed and that is what makes the book good They both are trying to makes lives better for other people and trying to do this without each other s help Rebekah gets a job on a ship as the cook and Gilbert is on the ship also I loved it and laughed when Gilbert realizes she is on the ship That s were the story began for me and I didn t won t it to end I gave Love s Sure Dawn five stars because it kept my interest the wh [...]


    My thoughts The third book of the Eagle Harbor series, Love s Sure Dawn, started a little slow for me at first Soon enough, I was turning the pages totally immersed into the peaceful setting of a small Cornish town of Eagle Harbor, Michigan Back to where I could hear the waves rolling in off the lake, the storms crashing against the rocks, and feel the love and caring of this wonderful familyMy favorite character was Rebekah with her strong independent but yet loving nature She doesn t want to b [...]


    Love s Sure Dawn is a captivating tale The characterization is excellent, and I lost myself in the drama and romance of Gilbert and Rebekah s story I always marvel at the emotional and spiritual growth of Naomi Rawlings characters and the inspiration that is beautifully woven through her stories This talented author has masterfully stirred my emotions throughout this compelling series, and I can t wait to read If you re a fan of historical romance, I highly recommend Love s Sure Dawn, as well a [...]

    Barbara Thompson

    I love this book, Love s Sure Dawn, by Author Naomi Rawlings Eagle Harbor, Michigan is a fabulous setting that s beginning to feel like home The characters are so fabulous written, they feel realistic to me If you haven t read the Eagle Harbor series, you are missing some marvelous novels I became so absorbed into this book when I was reading, everything else seemed to disappear Each book gets better and better and I highly recommend reading Love s Sure Dawn by Author Naomi Rawlings This book is [...]


    I really enjoyed reading about Rebekah and Gilbert in Love s Sure Dawn by Naomi Rawlings The characters were well developed and fun to get to know It was interesting to see them mature and grow within the story I loved the historical setting and the rich background material that Naomi wove into the book This is the third book in the Eagle Harbor series, but it can easily stand alone This is classified as Christian fiction and is inspirational in nature, but it didn t come across as preachy It wa [...]


    This was a well written book I like how Rebekah and Gilbert interact with each other You know there s that sense of unavoidable attraction between them They re both stubborn to a fault, yet both follow their own paths, even though it separates them for awhile Gilbert has dreams that he wants to see come alive, and he is willing to sacrifice true love for that dream Rebekah wants to help her own family via distance and still live her own life and make her own choices She feels that her family doe [...]


    What a great addition to Naomi Rawling s Eagle Harbor Series Rawling s takes the life of George Sinclair and tells it beautifully He s the typical rich kid who always got what he wanted except now that he s grown he doesn t just want to run to his father and ask for money to replace the ship and crane that he sunk in Eagle Harbor He was raised to be selfish and demanding Can he continue to be that that way as a grown man A must read that includes the beautiful tom girl Rebekah Cummings and all h [...]

    Wilani Wahl

    Wow What an awesome book I could not put the book down I felt like I was right there with the characters They seemed so real I loved the inspirational thread throughout the book This is a third book in the series Each book can stand on its own but it will be enjoyable if read in order Each of the books are wonderful An added treat for me was to read of books in this series are coming the book is well written I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    Deanna Stevens

    Love s Sure Dawn is the continuing story of Eagle Harbor and the Cummings family This family has it s up s and downs and with faith and love the family became so real Rebekah and Gilbert certainly went the long way around to see and find what they both really wanted I love Christian romance, small towns, and historical places that come alive on the page, so I certainly enjoyed Love s Sure Dawn I highly recommend all of the Eagle Harbor books can t wait for the next one in the series I was gifted [...]

    Melissa Henderson

    Rebekah has a strong will and a mind of her own She wants to help provide for her family, but, to do that, she must take a job away from her family The decisions that she makes may prevent her from finding her true love Will she find happiness in her life and her romance In this story, Naomi Rawlings brings the reader along as the characters make decisions and choices that may or may not be the right ones Great story.


    A strong, single woman who feels a need to work on a ship to help her family s financial troubles finds herself with opposition from the ship owner, and the many experiences begin.Rebecca is head strong and bent on doing things her way Gilbert is an impatient business man with a heart of gold He feels her plans will get her in trouble, which in some ways, they do.Good story Interesting and well written.

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