Aug 12, 2020
Talk Peace
Posted by Sam Williams Mique Moriuchi

Illustrations and an easy to read text call for all people of the world, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, to talk peace This inventive and playful book is an inspiring celebration of human possibility.

  • Title: Talk Peace
  • Author: Sam Williams Mique Moriuchi
  • ISBN: 9780823419364
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Talk Peace Illustrations and an easy to read text call for all people of the world wherever they are and whatever they are doing to talk peace This inventive and playful book is an inspiring celebration of hum

    Stef Rozitis

    The intent of this book is beautiful as is the presentation and pictures The text rhymes and contains opposites and word pictures to very quickly and simply give a message of tolerance, understanding and diversity For me the text was even over simple and I was torn about the Look at race in the face phrase, although I think it is true that we can only deconstruct prejudice by being honest and upfront about it, the use of the word race in such an oversimplified context seems to me to be problemat [...]

    Rachel Herrington

    This was a simple, easy to read book about the importance of peace in our world The book is basically telling you to do everything with peace in mind, and to talk peace everywhere It uses many prepositions such as up, down, in, out, high, and low My favorite quote from the book was Understand foreign land Take heart, take part, talk peace It was a warm and loving book to spread peace wherever you go I really liked that it contained so many prepositions I would use this book to teach prepositions [...]

    Kathleen Lance

    This book tells how to talk to peace to those all around you The message is that we should strive to talk peace in every aspect of life and in every each place we live or visit The author stresses that peace is the best form of universal communication and that we all are blessed by the presence of peace I personally loved this book I think it sends a very important message to readers in a simple way, while still being very effective The illustrations weren t my favorite, but they weren t terribl [...]


    Simple, yet powerful international book that teaches the concept of peace The characters demonstrate how to talk in peaceful ways around the community I read a review from School Library Journal on titlewave saying that with V Radunsky and Todd Parr s books about peace, that this book may not be worth adding to a collection I say that it should be part of a collection and theme promoting peace among children It describes peace in simple terms Concepts such as Peace are sometimes abstract for you [...]


    This book has a very nice premise and I really wanted to like it But the poem only sort of rhymes I personally think it should either rhyme or not, but not a mixture of both And while the narrative is somewhat lyrical, it s not very engaging Once again, it s a nice idea, it just wasn t executed as well as it could ve been.

    Ruth Ann

    Meet children and animals from around the world as the author encourages us to understand foreign lands and look race in the face A book that appeals to the humanity in all of us, no matter our size, location, or dress.


    This book is great, I think, for expressing to all how to treat all people with respect and to talk kindly to one another Whether you are an animal, human, or plant you should always talk kindly I think the book provides a positive message to young readers.

    Michelle Nero

    Love the premise of the book, but I thought it failed to deliver with a bigger punch

    Christine Turner

    Illustrations and easy to read text call for all people of the world, wherever they are and whatever they are doing, to talk peace hcpl This book would work will in Montessori.

    Jessica Bearden

    It was okay It talked about being nice to people but it wasn t great.




    Love this so much


    I am all for peace, but this book in no way talks about what peace is or how to talk about it This book is just a platitude.

    Courtney Hendrix

    Talk Peace is such a perfect children s picture book to represent treating all people equally and being nice to all people This book and the specific use of words is such a great way to express to children the way they should treat other people no matter their size, race, beliefs, etc It is all expressed in such a simple way and the illustrations are very outgoing as to reach a larger crowd.

    Madison Stockbridge

    This book is about teaching children to talk about peace everywhere they go I think this book would be good for k 1st I think it would be good for these grades because it is an easy ready and its a good lesson I think it would be really good for 1st grade because the students could be able to read it on their own.

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