Jul 02, 2020
Badass The Complete Series
Posted by LeslieJohnson Elle Dawson

The Complete Bestselling Badass Series Includes Prequel When you grow up getting everything you want, it s hard to give everything you have Billionaire playboy Link Duffy dumps his parent approved girlfriend hours after he walks across the stage Hell, he s over it Goodbye Good riddance Now he s free to do anything he wants A crazy graduation night party ends with thThe Complete Bestselling Badass Series Includes Prequel When you grow up getting everything you want, it s hard to give everything you have Billionaire playboy Link Duffy dumps his parent approved girlfriend hours after he walks across the stage Hell, he s over it Goodbye Good riddance Now he s free to do anything he wants A crazy graduation night party ends with the ultimate hookup It s just him and the girl of his dreams Then the unthinkable happens A huge mistake A brutal cost A price even his rich daddy can t pay Welcome to the prequel of the Badass series Discover the defining moments that transformed Link Duffy into the ultimate billionaire military badass Collision Course Badboy Billionaire Link Duffy is a man now Making his own decisions and choosing his own path An elite Delta Force warrior, his only commitment is to his country and his team Everyone else be damned especially women In a small East Tennessee town, Grace Johnson is on a mission for herself They say what doesn t kill you makes you stronger Well, yeah, screw that She s making her own decisions and choosing her own path Everyone else be damned especially men Two lives Two worlds As different as night and day But fate has spoken and they re on a collision course But be warned When two worlds collide, you better bring a broom Destinies Collide Grace loves her new life as a traveling therapist and nurse She s in charge and is relishing in the freedom She s seeing the country, meeting new people and doing new things She s happy Almost Imagine her surprise when she s called for an interview in California Overlooking the ocean In a mansion No, not a mansion, a compound with guest cottages bigger than a normal person s house She knows she ll love the job, if she can pass the interview with the queen of all bitches and her husband, a famous billionaire Then she meets their son Link Duffy He s tough, bitter, and seeking revenge His entire life was changed in an instant, and he s hurt and mad as hell But there s something about him Something so raw and fierce And vulnerable And sexy as hell And when he looks at her, she knows their destinies collided for a reason Hidden Danger When you re dead, living is easy When you re playing dead, it s a lot complicated Link and Grace survive the initial onslaught But by who And why A jealous ex husband doesn t have this kind of power Of course, obsession has very strange bedfellows And Link s a ghost Aren t ghosts supposed to already be dead Destiny brought them together Fate joined their hands Love would be their ultimate weapon if the world played fair But it doesn t Not even close So where do they go, where do they hide, how do they stay together when there are hidden dangers around every corner Shattered In the movies, when you re on the run, you always survive Truth prevails and the good guys win Real life isn t that simple After escaping to the safe house, Grace and Duffy discover that safe is in the eye of the beholder The enemy is out there and wants them dead With extreme prejudice No questions asked Duffy has a different plan, but to fulfill it, he s forced to make an impossible decision Promises are broken.

  • Title: Badass The Complete Series
  • Author: LeslieJohnson Elle Dawson
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  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Badass The Complete Series The Complete Bestselling Badass Series Includes Prequel When you grow up getting everything you want it s hard to give everything you have Billionaire playboy Link Duffy dumps his parent approved gir


    I ve read thousands of books and never left a review before This book is AWESOME READ IT Enough said.


    omg this was amazing totally loved it

    Claudine Van

    5 Stars Wow really enjoyed this series Will definitely be reading books by this author.

    Michaela Zankl

    More than just a Romance NovelThis book is incredible and so much of what I expected Link, a somewhat out of control teenager, joins the Army to avoid jail time after a deadly accident During his time in boot camp he not only learns the value of teamwork but also understands that money does not solve issues Not only does Link excel in his military career but he is recognized for his efforts when he joins Delta Force After a raid goes horribly wrong Link finds himself severely injured, tormented [...]


    100% worth a read Wow this book is by far one of the best captivating books iv read over the years, it made me cry A LOT but was worth it as its a great book that I could read over again I love linc he is now on my book boyfriends list thankyou to Leslie for writing such a thrilling book that captures you from the start I can t wait to read the others

    Lynn Smith

    His Saving GraceAction and suspense from beginning to end I love how the book does the back story on Link and Grace You know where they are at in their lives and what leads them to that point in time Plenty of romance, while it might seem quick at the time it is a slow build.

    Debbie Fair

    Wow intense and moving these two s others shared to us a great military storyThe realistic characters in these stories are bold strong and believable The descriptions and scenes are well explained and Involved I look forward to reading of both authors works.

    Anna Beason

    AwesomeI loved this book So amazing Filled with excitement, romance and kept you wondering So you had to keep read


    BadboyThis was a really good read it did make me cry and laugh I can t wait to try from the author


    i love it


    Great bookIt s a long book which I prefer if it s a good one And this is a great one I laughed and I cried I loved the characters I loved the story.

    Kendra Needs

    Prequel Leslie Johnson and Elle Dawson, what an amazing start to this Badass series Even though he is a troubled boy in the beginning of this book Link has my heart, spoiled rich boy grows into a man when he is forced to join the army when he screws up one too many times, the one time that his father can not bail him out and he has to pay for what he has done While away at boot camp Link is surprised when the love of his life shows up, and they begin a long distance relationship, and as with all [...]

    Crystal Connor

    A fan for lifeI can not tell you how amazing these books are Lots of action Lots of love sex Lots of humor Touching on important issues that don t seem to get the much needed attention they deserve A brilliant piece of writing

    Eva (Romance2Review.com)

    Link Duffy starts out as your typical outrageously wealthy, gorgeous, drug using, drunk high school graduate He s an entitled, self absorbed teenage playboy That all changes when tragedy strikes and his life is forever altered when court ordered to join the military After years in the military Link is now a part of an elite unit A mission goes south and Link s life is again flipped on its head He has a long road ahead of him, and his new nurse physical therapist may be just the thing that keeps [...]


    What a great book And that epilogue.


    Incredibly fast paced, Badass the prequel was an awesome read Link thought he had it all, the money the girls the drugs and freedom Will the army be his salvation or destroy him Will Maddie wait for him to return Will he find peace or will pasts ghosts come back to haunt him Beautiful Ten years of hard work and determination have allowed Link to try and find peace His love for his army friends is not taken lightly and with time he s matured But what was the price that he had to pay Will his fami [...]


    Bada BookI read lots of romance and I tend to like lots of them I normally can found something positive to say about a book so when I say this was Awesome really mean that This book took some very heavy issues and made a positive on the end I read a lot of billionaire falls for the regular girl and quite a few military, I think this may be my favorite I have always had a soft spot for soldiers not only because they look so yummy in uniform but also because my favorite person in the world was a U [...]

    Holly Bargo

    Wonderful story, despite the glitchesTechnical glitches misused apostrophes, misspelled words, etc sprinkled throughout this story hardly make a blip on the radar This story was really good It had me laughing aloud at the realism portrayed between Link and Grace, the gastrointestinal upset scene will linger for awhile and make me giggle every time it crosses my mind The authors took a chance on such gritty realism and executed it well It works Link is an obnoxious brat at the beginning and I did [...]

    Lyn Brown

    Amazing Book CollectionOh my goodness Badass was AWESOME I was hooked from the start Billionaire Lincoln Duffy needed a knot jerked in his rich playboy butt That knot came in the form of a judge who said enough is enoughIt s prison or the army The army offered Linc the discipline he needed Years later he meets his an angel named Grace Finally having a reason to live Linc fights like he s never fought before The result is happily ever after with a beautiful blended family.

    Barbara Hill

    Badass The Complete Series A Billionaire Military Romance ReviewOmg, this book was just a phenomenon to read with its thrills, intrigue, and sexual chemistry The deep emotional struggles and physical challenges they experienced had me falling so madly in love with them This is my first time reading these authors, but I can garantee it won t be my last Be prepared to be draw in with the amazing story telling of these authors I will be sharing with my reading circle A very must read This is the se [...]


    I stopped giving 5 stars unless a book is truly mind blowing, but this one came pretty close It is thrilling, good character development and realistic except for the compressed timeline in terms of the hero s recovery I read the complete series as one book which worked very well for me I am not a great friend of cliff hanger sequels so I liked that I could just get the story start to finish In any case I am looking forward to reading Badass Jungle Fever

    Book Lover

    I loved this series It took me through so many emotions I cried, got disgusted with certain characters, and laughed out loud.The story is well developed and believable It has romance, danger, adventure, suspense and a HEA Book 4 is by far my favorite and does an excellent job of bringing it all together.Once I started this book, I could not put it down Highly recommend Can t wait to read Tate and Camille s story

    Tammy Ambrose

    You know a book is good when you read until midnight and only stop because you can t see clearly out of your eyes any Then wake up at 6 30 and its the first thing that pops in your head I live in a military town and know SF guys I also work at a PT clinic AND I live in Tennessee, so this book really hit home for me I loved the connection between the characters Books like this is why I read.

    Kimberly Morrow howe

    Amazing That was such an amazing read I don t know what I was expecting but it was not that The story had such depth and developed so well that it was seamless I absolutely loved the relationship build of Grace and Link I loved that Grace was a strong woman who could take everything that was thrown at her I will not lie and say I did cry a couple of times and growled at a couple too Great series and great author Would highly recommend

    Veronica LaRoche

    Really great series from start to finish Link being a billionaire playboy who was gotten away with everything except the last time and is forced to go to into the military or prison Going into the military has chafed him and getting injured he then meets Grace When they first meet they wanted each other but Grace couldn t lose herself in Link, but Link is persistent and being together has healed them both Really great series and a great ending

    Nicole Timmer

    Great readReally really great read Based on the title name, I wasn t sure about this book But once I started reading I was hooked I was turned off by Link s teenage self, but knew this was leading to greater events Grace and Link are meant to find each other and are great together They help each other heal mentally, emotionally, and physically Looking forward to other books by these two author s.

    Amy Blasingim

    Amazing This series had me laughing and crying I have never read a series of books written this way Where all of the books are the continuation of the same story I got lost and confused a couple of times even though the author started each chapter with the name of who s eyes we were seeing that chapter through Loved it and the characters

    Jessica Lowe

    I was given the books by the author and read the books in parts as they were released.I loved these books It is a great story with lots of twists and turns To have it all in one spot is even better I laughed with Duffy and Grace, I cried with them I was happy that the ending turned out perfect.Great read well worth it


    Excellent ReadDidn t know what to expect as I ve never read these authors before But I loved it The characters were real and addressed the REAL issues in life and relationships.I cried, I laughed hard, I was disappointed, and I fell in love Great character definitions, great grammar, all around wonderful set of stories.

    Becky Gates

    AwesomeA truly touching story I was involved from the first paragraph and could not put this book down Well developed story with lots of twists, turns, danger adventure and a very satisfying end for this remarkable love story It made me laugh, it made me cry Could not ask for a better indorsement.

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