Jul 02, 2020
The King's Gold
Posted by Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa

P rez Reverte, a former war correspondent, continues his popular Captain Alatriste series with a fourth swashbuckling volume following The Sun over Breda Diego Alatriste, a wily veteran of many 17th century military campaigns, and his sidekick, Inigo Balboa who narrates have returned to Seville after fighting in the siege of Breda With funds short, Alatriste accepts aP rez Reverte, a former war correspondent, continues his popular Captain Alatriste series with a fourth swashbuckling volume following The Sun over Breda Diego Alatriste, a wily veteran of many 17th century military campaigns, and his sidekick, Inigo Balboa who narrates have returned to Seville after fighting in the siege of Breda With funds short, Alatriste accepts a dangerous mission to intercept a load of smuggled gold and deposit it in the royal coffers Trolling the criminal underworld of Seville, Alatriste recruits a band of ruffians, and disguised as pirates, they prepare to slip aboard the ship transporting the gold, surprise and subdue the crew and beach the vessel What Alatriste doesn t expect to find on board is his old adversary Gualterio Malatesta and a large contingent of mercenaries Fans of the series have come to expect historical authenticity, crisp prose, complex characters, exotic settings and plenty of sanguinary action They won t be disappointed.

  • Title: The King's Gold
  • Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte Margaret Jull Costa
  • ISBN: 9780399155109
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The King s Gold P rez Reverte a former war correspondent continues his popular Captain Alatriste series with a fourth swashbuckling volume following The Sun over Breda Diego Alatriste a wily veteran of many th c


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    9 10 The story follows close on the heels of the Flemish adventures inThe Sun Over Bredawith Diego Alatriste and Inigo Balboa returning to the homeland by galleon, just in time to witness a British attack on the city of Cadiz The corsairs were looking for the Gold Fleet annual return with its holds full of treasure This sets up the plot of the current episode in the ongoing saga of el Capitan, a swashbuckling thrill ride combining the classic style of Alexandre Dumas with the modern action trope [...]


    Excellent yarn The best so far in the series Perez Reverte s reveries on the soul of Spain, expressed in the observations of Inigo Balboa, are poignant and beautifully woven into the fabric of a story of greed and honor And, of course, some graphic passages of sword fighting A hidden bonus that emerges from immersing one s self in these stories is the subtle incorporation of certain expressions from the period into everyday speech Now, when some f stick cuts me off on I 4 at 80 mph, my response [...]

    Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk

    It amazes me that the story is quite a simple one the Captain is asked to put together a party of men who will act as a band of pirates in order to steal gold that has been embezzled by corrupt courtiers and return it to the king, its rightful owner There, one sentence But the book A fabulous read that paints a glorious picture of the Spanish underworld It is amusing and fascinating I loved the feast given in honour of the murderer about to be hanged, full of pithy quips and observations Once ag [...]

    Yu-Hsien Kuo

    It was overall a very enjoyable swashbuckler read, with quite a lot of background into Imperial Spain, just like the first three books And just like the first three books, the expositions could have been less info dumpey I m also not a big fan of poems in books, but Arturo P rez Reverte clearly is.

    Ben Peek

    Shortly before N and I took off, I found a copy of Arturo Perez Reverte s The King s Gold for five bucks in a bargain bin Hardly the first in a series it is, in fact, the fourth I had heard about his books based around the character Captain Alatriste and figured I d give it a go if I ever came across one According the what I d heard, they were pretty enjoyable, and had a great use of history.Perez Reverte s series begins with Captain Alatriste and has proceeded through what I believe is seven no [...]

    Bill Patton

    Excellent, as are all the Alatriste novels so farHigh adventure in time period depicted in The Three Musketeers.


    In the fourth Alatriste volume, the captain and his ward Inigo Balboa return to Seville after fighting in the siege of Breda The very first scene shows them sailing into a home port festooned with English corpses The slain enemies, fruit of a failed Anglo Dutch attack on C diz, hang like bunches of grapes ripe for harvesting, except that these grapes had been harvested already It s a war torn, exhausted and corrupt Spain, but Alatriste clings to it loyally, having no other choice.The gold at the [...]


    I suppose we could label this series as guy lit like MacDonald s Travis McGhee series or Fleming s Bond adventure, fights, chases, thrills are first and foremost while the ladies are few and far between, but always fully respected, and often very powerful, in Perez Reverte s world This book opens with a spectacular, victorious, parade of royalty And Captain Alatriste is becoming war life weary while his ward, Inago, is approaching manhood Something tells me Inago will eventually take care of Ala [...]


    It is 1626 The treasure fleet is due in from the Americas Laden with gold ingots and Spanish silver pieces of eight, Chinese silks, and other exotic goods from the Far East by way of the trade routes of Central America and the West Indies, it is learned that these ships, forbidden to anchor in any but specified stronghold Spanish ports along the sea routes, have been stopping off at another port because of foul weather and off loading great amounts of the cargo onto Flemish ships which the Spani [...]

    D.K. Cherian

    The King s Gold is apparently a Spanish novel that has been translated into English for our enjoyment The novel tells of the adventures of one Captain Diego Alatriste narrated by hos canin boy Inego Balboa, from his perspective It is unusual in that, while many novels are told in the narrative of some person, they are generally about that person who is narrating the tale Here however it seems that Balboa is recounting fond memories of his hero Alatriste The persective is unique However the negat [...]


    This is the fourth in the Captain Alatriste series by Perez Reverte After their return from the war in Flanders, Alatriste and the narrator find themselves in Seville, with little money and no prospects They are soon approached by an old friend, an undercover emissary from the King, and offered a dangerous but somewhat lucrative assignment.As in the other novels in the series, Perez Reverte manages to convey a sense of the profound corruption and dysfunction of Spanish society in the early 17th [...]


    I think this is my favorite of the Alatriste books so far The bits and pieces hinted at regarding the future of the characters are becoming and compelling It almost feels like a well paced suspense novel in which the end of each chapter leaves you racing to the next and the next to find out what happens Except the reveal isn t in the next chapter It may not even be in the next book You know what s coming but he won t give the details Not yet I couldn t put it down and picked the next one up ri [...]

    José Antonio

    Me ha encantado En mi opini n consigue genialmente describir la Sevilla del siglo XVII, las german as y el hampa sevillana Muy emotivo el gui o que hace el autor al gran Jos Saramago La honra siempre resulta complicada de adquirir, dif cil de conservar y peligrosa de llevar.



    Julia DeBarrioz

    You would do well to remember one thing honor is a very complicated thing to acquire, difficult to preserve, and dangerous to sustain Ask your friend Alatriste Top notch swashbuckling storytelling Imperfect heroes we adore, and a villain we love to hate Gualaterio Malatesta is back, and is involved in a plot to steal the King s gold fresh from the IndiesAlso, great fun, this one is set in the Andalusian jewel of Seville, rather than the usual setting of Madrid.I accidentally read this series a b [...]


    This fourth book in the series picks up after the events of The Sun Over Breda and there are recaps back to that and the previous books if you haven t read them all The use of a narrator takes away a fair bit of the tension, not only because you know that character survives to tell the tale, but also he appears to give away things that are going to happen in later books which I found rather odd The plot on one hand sheds light on the corruption in Spain in that era although I dare say the same t [...]

    Janis Durelle

    Wow, another wonderful adventure story by Arturo Perez Reverte Captain Alatriste and Inigo don t disappoint I especially appreciate the ability of the author to describe the scene and characters without overwhelming the reader with too much detail He goes in to depth about what they are wearing, their physical characteristics and facial expressions, their location, and the atmosphere of their surroundings I can vividly imagine the scene and the characters.I love these books so much I am sure the [...]

    Enrique Jiménez

    Entre este tomo y El sol de Breda resulta dif cil decidir cu l es m s flojo Si bien la historia se pasa en un suspiro, resulta a ratos aburrido, perdi ndose en abundantes descripciones de la ciudad de Sevilla, lugar donde transcurren esta vez las aventuras de nuestro personaje favorito Asimismo, continuamos viendo c mo poco a poco igo va ganando m s protagonismo en la historia Lo mejor, sin duda, el final, con mucha acci n y una batalla de lo m s cinematogr fica A por el quinto.


    Al igual que con El sol de Breda, esta segunda lectura ha sido m s satisfactoria La serie recupera el tono de capa y espada pero cambiando el escenario De Madrid pasamos a Sevilla y al mundo de los jaques, germanias y gente de mal vivir de la ciudad andaluza Personajes inesperados hacen acto de presencia, lo que a ade un plus a la aventura Muy buena continuaci n.


    Spanish author, Arturo Perez Reverte does a good job of bringing Spain s history to life in his story of The King s Gold Much too macho for my taste, I do appreciate his interpretation as true to life as fiction can be Not historical fiction per se, it details an adventure of Captain Alatriste and his band of ruffians in southern Spain in the early 17th century.

    Ivan Bogdanov

    , .

    Roy Conboy

    Another great vision into a fascinating time.

    Paolo Nardi

    speloncalibro 2009

    Julián Pérez

    Arturo P rez Reverte a trav s de El oro del rey logra construir reflexiones perennes sobre la vida, el honor y el dinero.M gicamente nos transporta a pensamientos incre bles, pero obvios, de lo que era la vida en la poca del rey Felipe IV, la vida y los cargamentos de Indias y la estructura imp a de la sociedad, condici n que ha sido mantenida por la herencia tradicional del gobierno, las transacciones econ micas actuales y la corrupci n que sigue lanza en ristre, pero que cada tanto salta a la [...]

    Joyce Lagow

    Fourth in the Captain Alatriste series, set in early 17th century Spain.Superficially, the series looks like a variation of the swashbuckling action adventure reminiscent of the pirate scene Captain Alatriste, the protagonist, is anything but He is a professional swordsman,an, sometimes soldier of the king of Spain, often a hired sword for whatever dirty work requires violence He is also a devot of the theater and friend of poets An introspective man, he says little but stands fiercely by his fr [...]


    I give this book a lower rating than the previous books in the series, and it s not because it does anything particularly wrong It s a rather entertaining yarn about a heist or black op, since it s done at the behest of the authorities commanded by Captain Alatriste during Spain s Golden Century.The problem is that the mannerisms of the series are starting to tire me out The narrator interrupts the story so much to give us the same lecture on how Spain at that time combined greatness in the arts [...]


    The fourth of Perez Reverte s Captain Alatriste series, all of which I have enjoyed so far, The King s Gold brings the Captain and his protege back to a corrupt and gritty seventeenth century Spain from the battlefields of Flanders The last of Alatriste s adventures was a bit of a departure from the swashbuckling first two novels, focusing on the terrors of war, but this returns to those earlier themes Alatriste, the relectunt yet deadly swordsman and well read soldier of Spain and his young ac [...]

    Robin Riopelle

    Full confession I ve had a bit of a thing for P rez Reverte for several years I ve rifled through the canon, from the Club Dumas to the Fencing Master Then alit on Captain Alatriste series, and my buckles were thoroughly swashed Three years ago, and about halfway through this book, I put it down and didn t pick it back up I was insufficiently intrigued The poor man, he d done nothing wrong, still with the laconic Alatriste and his ebullient Inigo sidekick The poets and playwrights commenting on [...]

    Mark Robertson

    This was a fun adventure book with lots of meditations on the place of Spain in the aftermath of the discovery of the New World, which brought Spain many riches, and also in the aftermath of the Reformation, which ended up splintering Christianity and sparking wars that were partly about religion but certainly also about the increased wealth resulting from the age of exploration.The hero of this series, Captain Alatriste, is a largely silent killer who d just as soon kill a man as smile at him H [...]

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