Jul 06, 2020
Reckless Years: A Diary of Love and Madness
Posted by Heather Chaplin

In this page turning memoir, a woman tries to reinvent her life after divorce and discovers that sometimes finding yourself is not all it s cracked up to be.Trapped in a dissatisfying marriage for nearly a decade, New York journalist Heather Chaplin finally summons the courage to leave On her own, she finds herself intoxicatingly free, pursuing adventure, and juggling romIn this page turning memoir, a woman tries to reinvent her life after divorce and discovers that sometimes finding yourself is not all it s cracked up to be.Trapped in a dissatisfying marriage for nearly a decade, New York journalist Heather Chaplin finally summons the courage to leave On her own, she finds herself intoxicatingly free, pursuing adventure, and juggling romance on two continents in multiple cities She contemplates the meaning of life she falls for a handsome Irishman.But as the adventures progress, Chaplin s own reckless choices send her spiraling downward and toward a reckoning she s avoided all her life Pulled from Chaplin s own diaries, Reckless Years is a raw, propulsive debut unfailingly profound and impossible to put down.

  • Title: Reckless Years: A Diary of Love and Madness
  • Author: Heather Chaplin
  • ISBN: 9781501134999
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reckless Years A Diary of Love and Madness In this page turning memoir a woman tries to reinvent her life after divorce and discovers that sometimes finding yourself is not all it s cracked up to be Trapped in a dissatisfying marriage for nea


    Based on notebooks she kept between April 2006 and July 2008, Journalist Heather Chaplin chronicles this period of her life in an impressively open and brutal manner Having felt trapped in a frustrating marriage for over ten years, she finally decides enough is enough and forces a separation from her husband whom she resents deeply by now Setting out on a journey of self discovery which also takes her to Dublin, she re invents herself as a free and single person, falls for an Irishman, and disco [...]


    Author Heather Chaplin holds back nothing in this stunning memoir She recounts the ugly dissolution of her marriage and how she attempted to reinvent herself as a single woman, often to destructive results This is a raw, vulnerable look into how marriages fail and the emotional baggage that weighs us down This is destined to be an instant classic.I read an advance copy and was not compensated.

    Suzanne Luckenbach

    Shocking A greased bullet Expertly crafted Completely unique Truth serum.

    Christina McLain

    I dunno The book was honest and compelling at times but I just found it to be such a big downer, and unleavened by any flashes of humour or self awareness and sooo negative I do realize that the author obviously is intelligent and had really terrible parents who treated her and her brother very badly but the whole story seemed so bleak and disturbing I am glad she has found happiness now but I can see how her best friend got tired of her drama and terrible choices Really, it was draining and I u [...]


    I m a sucker for books that are largely built off of journal entries When I was a kid, I filled up notebook after notebook with these weirdly self conscious entries that seemed to assume that one day, I would become famous, live through a disaster, or stumble into a situation that would lead to me publishing them.So, I kind of love the idea behind this book a slice of a person s life as her marriage disintegrates and the emotional impact it has on her And the way it s written drawn from her actu [...]


    Heather Chaplin is a masterful storyteller I could not put this book down RECKLESS YEARS is deeply moving I laughed and I cried Not just cute, quiet little teardrops At times, I couldn t see through my tears and I would have to take a break from weeping Other times, SEVERAL other times I laughed out loud so loudly that I was positive that I would wake up my husband sleeping next to meCKLESS YEARS is a work of art It s the kind of treasure that stops you in your tracks and makes you think and fee [...]

    Lauren Horvath

    I LOVE THIS BOOK I m typically pretty neutral on diary entry format Don t love it, don t hate it In this book, it is so perfect, raw, and real Heather is such a gifted writer, and opens up in such a beautiful way The way she describes joy, depression, love, excitement, pretty much anything it s so relatable, so lovely I found myself going YES, YES during certain passages She really nails the ups and downs of life I could have read her entries over 10 years Definitely recommend.

    Phyllis Krall

    The author shares her emotional journey after she comes to the heart wrenching decision to end an unhappy marriage Her adventures are taken from pages of a diary that she kept for over two years.Heather Chaplin exposes her deepest fears and memories which lead her to make reckless decisions while she tries to transform herself into the person she feels she should be Her brutal honesty is totally compelling , revealing her inner self.This book had me hooked from the first page with its beautiful [...]


    This year I got out of a 9 year relationship, and it was strange and also exciting to see my experience captured so precisely in someone else s memoir There are very specific emotions that happen that Heather described so well, and following her roller coaster of emotions was relatable, too Taking a step back from the feels, I do think this could have been a little better edited She says in the intro that she made some of her friends into composites but I think she could have made even friends [...]


    Interesting story of life and the turns we take.

    Michele at A Belle"s Tales

    4.5 stars This is one of the most unique memoirs I ve read to date Author Heather Chaplin tells her story through the Moleskine journals she started keeping the day she realized she no longer loved her husband After finding the courage to leave her unhappy marriage, she is free to experience one adventure after another, and she lives life vivaciously but also at times recklessly I admire the things she shared about herself and the details she did not hold back Not many people would share their i [...]

    Arja Salafranca

    Out of love with her morose husband, the passion long since killed, Heather Chaplin changes her life, and finally separates from him But while it s her choice, and she may expect to be able to sail on happily, she finds that she spirals downward into a vortex of confusion, fear, and lust and love for a stranger across the seas in Ireland This memoir is fast paced, compelling a reckless journey indeed, and one many of us embark on at some or other point in our lives Chaplin s writing is wonderful [...]


    WOW This is one of the most powerful memoirs I ve ever read, in no small part because of how similar Heather and I are and how much I relate to her Full review to come shortly.

    Amy Sawyer

    I didn t realize when I bought the book it was in diary form Upon opening and seeing that was in fact the case, w information gathered from other means as well I felt a little bummed I don t typically like stories in diary form But I had already bought the book Once I started reading, it flowed just beautifully despite lapses in time not documented I actually felt her love and despair as if it were me going through it At first I didn t really know where the story was going but as I kept reading [...]


    4.5 stars.Started reading this book and didn t want to put it down Based on Heather s personal journals She is raw, unfiltered and brutally honest about her emotions through her seperation, divorce and facing her past and the pain that shaped her life The words flow on the pages and you feel her emotions Parts where she thought she was living adventures which she was just some scary situations and the reality of what she faced when she sobered up make you think about how some memories can scar u [...]


    I loved this book From the very first page I was drawn in to Heather Chaplin s extremely relatable situation She begins by describing her disastrous marriage and subsequent isolation from her once compatible husband fairly scathing , I wouldn t want to be described in that light and then goes on to tell the story of her divorce, single life, and the mental issues that she couldn t avoid dealing with any longer I read this book in one day simply because it was so engrossing I was up until 2 am ju [...]

    Milli (MiracleMilliReads)

    This book was a real life story about the author, Heather Chaplin and her troubling life after her divorce with her husband Heather wrote this directly from her diary and let us into her thoughts to feel what she was feeling at the end of each tragic event Heather finds it hard to be happy with her marriage and does not feel like living the life of lies any She walks us through her divorce and how each time she is left with no money Also, how people have helped her by giving her money and introd [...]

    Carole Knoles

    I expect that I will be thinking about this book for a while now that I have finished it The beginning, most likely, would hold a mirror up to many who , like the author, have kicked over the traces in order to end a relationship with an ill matched spouse or obsessed over the desire for a new and quite possibly also ill matched love Feeling something of a sisterhood with the author is just the beginning of a whirlwind trip into a vortex of depression bordering on madness that leaves you pulling [...]


    This was a giveaway that I was so lucky to win Thank you to Simon Shuster and for selecting me My unbiased opinion I LOVED this book It lived up to the promise on the description Intensely personal, emotional, moving and unputdownable My favorite kind of read a memoir with emotional honesty, clear prose and heart I chose not to read the reviews because I did not want any prior knowledge of what happens It was, as described, a roller coaster and I did not see certain details coming Highly recomme [...]

    Barbara Leuthe

    This was such a raw emotional book ,looking at her life and what abuse causes you to feel and be is moving.Having the courage to bare it all and show who you are is hard and she did it in a way that makes you really take a hard look at how we see people and what their reality is.I wish all the best for Heather and hope she continues to find her way and keeps her family and friends close for support.I received this book free as part of giveaways.

    Barb Eck

    This is one of the best books of memoir I have ever read It was hard to put down once I started it Heather Chaplin is a New York journalist who writes a very honest book about her dissolving marriage with a verbally abusive man After leaving the marriage, she pursues romance and adventure on two continents This is another wonderful book offered in the contest by I am so happy that they offer these quality books.

    Jaclyn Day

    Singlehandedly redefines the art of memoir writing Reading it made my insides feel like tenderized meat Chaplin s vulnerability and pain pulses off every page with excruciating and strangely beautiful clarity.


    I read this book in 2 nights straight I couldn t put it down And I rarely read books that fast now that I have young kids It s a true page turner.

    Allyssa Lewis

    I m not going to beat around the bush with this review, this was hands down the best memoir I ve ever read From the very first pages I was hooked on Heather Chaplins story I continued to devour this book in one sitting because I just couldn t bring myself to look away.As compelling as her story is, her writing style is what I couldn t get enough of She was so descriptive with the background, that you felt as though you could have been there with her Instead of reading this book, it felt like she [...]

    Becky Sandham Mathwin

    Entertaining in the way that a melodramatic, over the top TV show can be entertaining A very quick but often eye roll inducing read A lot of the book felt exaggerated sort of like the quote from Emily Dickinson Tell all the Truth but tell it slant One example Ms Chaplin describes a part of Balti as a lousy neighborhood I ve lived in the Balti area for many years and the area that she describes as lousy for those of you familiar with Balti, it s the York Road Senator Theatre Belvedere Square area [...]


    Wow, this book was hard to read Not because it s poorly written it s not , nor because it s not interesting it is , but because it just makes the reader feel SUPER uncomfortable Knowing that this is a true story, watching Chaplin s descent into madness is awful At first, I mostly felt annoyed by her behavior her inability or unwillingness to recognize her issues and deal with them resulted in her treating people close to her pretty badly Then I started to feel alternately embarrassed for and gen [...]


    I received an ARC compliments of Firstreads Giveaway and appreciated the opportunity.This memoir shares the journal entries of author Heather Chaplin s life in a snippet of time during 2006 2008 Her story feels like a train wreck, an out of control, speeding train headed straight for a wall After leaving an unhealthy marriage, the author ascends on a journey of self discovery which leads her through much crisis and despair I did not love the book and I did not love the author, but I was intrigue [...]


    This book did not go in the direction I expected It reminded me of reading a work of fiction with an unreliable narrator Other reviewers have described the experience of reading what is essentially Chaplin s diary during a chaotic, rather bizarre time in her life, as intense and like watching a train wreck, and I would definitely agree She s honest to a painful, embarrassing degree but not always self aware I kept wishing there were a chapter written by an outsider, to explain what they thought [...]

    Douglas Castagna

    A poignant and somewhat rambling memoir that takes place during a rough time in the authors life a separation and its aftermath That being said we follow Heather on her exploits and travails as well as her travels as she tries to take back her life, though there are a lot of setbacks along the way Sadness, pain, humor and the indomitable human spirit paint the tapestry that comprises the Reckless Years.


    Heather Chaplin does a great job of capturing the emotions of a disillusioned marriage This is an honest view from the two demons that haunt us all, separating the mental and the physical Said another way, doing what we think versus what we feel Well written and a most compelling look at her life.

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