Jul 06, 2020
Bitter Truths
Posted by Sam Crescent

Ruby Santos mistakenly believes the Dentons killed her brother For the past ten years she has been training, forgetting her own wants and desires to kill the men responsible for taking the ones she loved When she strikes at Oliver Denton, she never expects to be the one chained up by the end of the night The woman destined to be his wants to kill him It s just typical.Ruby Santos mistakenly believes the Dentons killed her brother For the past ten years she has been training, forgetting her own wants and desires to kill the men responsible for taking the ones she loved When she strikes at Oliver Denton, she never expects to be the one chained up by the end of the night The woman destined to be his wants to kill him It s just typical But Oliver can t let her go, and the he gets to know Ruby, the he realizes that she is perfect for him He will do everything he can to bring the justice that she seeks Against all odds, Ruby finds herself falling for the crazy Denton Yet how can she have a future with a man she once wanted to kill But when the truth of her family s killer comes to light, it s not the only thing that comes out of the Denton closet Their greatest enemy could tear the entire Denton family apart and Ruby with them.

  • Title: Bitter Truths
  • Author: Sam Crescent
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  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bitter Truths Ruby Santos mistakenly believes the Dentons killed her brother For the past ten years she has been training forgetting her own wants and desires to kill the men responsible for taking the ones she lo

    Hana ♡

    DNF Super boring, I cannot get into this.

    Meret Punk

    2.5 stars Its a nice bookBut I have to say I was really disappointed at this oneI enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, specially book 2This one on the other hand, not so much At some parts, I found it so boring, I couldnt wait to finish the book to be over with itI just hope book 4 will be better DI dont even know why Im not giving up on this series xD


    3 5Why why why why why why is it that at the beginning of every book from this series The H is doing anal with a whore Even it was before he met h I don t care It s descriptive and stars the book off with a sour taste It s soooo frustrating because these book are really good beside that beginning parts The H s are always OTT, Alpha and insta Love And it s 100% safe besides that being part Is honestly ruins the book for me Can t you just tell us he s a man whore instead to writing a very detailed [...]

    Chitra *CJ*

    Bitter Truths is the story of Ruby and Oliver.When Ruby s family and only brother Lionel is killed, she s mistaken by his last words and thinks that they ve been murdered by the Dantons.She vows revenge and molds herself into a killer for ten years, only to attack Oliver, the middle, wife fcking brother and him to realize she s his soulmate.This book also exposes the books namesake We learn the truth about the Coltons, an update on Sarah and Langdon, and the sad conclusion of Betty and Damien s [...]


    Secrets Secrets SecretsFirst I love that Sam Crescent gave us Oliver s fear of bugs Men alway act all macho but when theres a spider or roach involved they turn into sissy lalas lmao The proposal scene was hilarious I loved it My only dissappointment was that Ruby wasn t the usual curvy girl Sam Crescent gives us A part me understands Ruby s need for revenge helped her no longer be the chubby girl but I m still a little miffed lolI need Damian or Landon or any other Denton story soon Sam Crescen [...]


    Enjoyed it but totally unbelievable for sure.

    M M

    Love this series I hate the beginning, but the H h hadn t even met yet Great read.


    Although bitter truths is book three in the Denton family legacy series it is the first book of this series that I have read I REALLY enjoyed this book I absolutely adored Ruby I truly felt for her, all she wanted was revenge for her brother When she finally though she had made progress on getting that revenge ten years later, she finds out that she was hunting the wrong people I love everything about this book I love the storyline, every single character, the mystery and the insta love I wasn t [...]

    Katarina Silva

    NOVA ReviewOh, ma lord what is this thing I m feeling because I don t want to put this book down, is it the Denton s legacy Probably I want to continue with Ruby and Oliver forever because they are just the perfect amount of reckless, funny and romantic I ve ever wanted to read about.The first book for me was the best but Bitter Truths just stole the number one spot on the podium This story has the balanced mix of betrayals, deaths, action scenes and a lot of love All of this with Sam Crescent s [...]

    Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’

    ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third story of the Denton Brothers And the curse strikes again.Ruby has lost her whole family one terrible night Her family was friends of the Denton family and her brother just found out who the mole is in their operation And for that he had to die But they didn t kill everyone, they missed Ruby And all Ruby heard when she was holding her dying brother was the name of the Denton s and she thought her brother meant they did it to him So sh [...]


    While not my fav I can say that I did enjoy Oliver s story Def not thrilled with the opening scene him screwing a married woman its become the norm for this series I want to say that all except the first one have opened with a similar scene What made the book for me though was Ruby She wasn t the typical Sam heroine She was tough She trained for 10 years to take her revenge on the Denton s She also wasn t plus size Her training made her small and fit She gave Oliver a run for his money and didn [...]

    Jennifer Finn

    This is the third book in the Denton Family Legacy series by Sam Crescent Oliver Denton is 31 years old, he s the third oldest son in the family and he has a reputation of fucking a man s wife in front of them and then killing him afterwards He s ruthless and he makes no apologies for it Ruby Santos was 12 years old when her world was crushed to pieces Her beloved older brother, Lionel and her parents were murdered in their own home That night her brother knew something was wrong because he plac [...]

    Fabiola Cadet-Destil

    O.M.GOkay miss crescent, you got me addicted to the Denton Family Legacy Series, I m going to be honest the first 2 book were short sweet and I was wondering when the actions will happens But oh boy in Oliver s book the plot thickens and had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what s going to happened and miss Crescent you delivered, great story Sam Crescent and anxious to read the next book, see you in 2hrs


    I am really loving this series

    Laura Butler

    Just keeps getting better curse or notThis is the story of Oliver and Ruby but also we get a little bit of everyone s storyline I like how SC can do this without taking to much from the main characters Ruby s character intrigues me She s tough but vulnerable, knowledgeable but acts on impulse and loving but also a loner She knows that the Dentons are responsible for her brother s death So she sets on a long journey to destroy them starting with Oliver Oliver knows that she is his and he must sho [...]

    Lizzie b

    Oliver hasn t been a particularly like able person for me in the first two books He is cold and heart less so when he meets Ruby, due to her past, she is perfect for him There are interesting developments for Landon and Damien and Betty , we also find out how the couples from the other books are getting on Also we see a bit of Rick, the uncle.There are some interesting plot developments towards the end of the book that will lead to some tense and angst filled story lines for future books.


    AMAZING many twists and turns, lies and truths exposed Two lonely dark sad broken souls find each other I loved Oliver, yes he s dangerous and twisted but the moment he met Rudy, he was done Rudy, out for revenge, her entire life she was alone, destined to seek her brothers killer She trained her entire life to find justice, not only did this sweet, lonely, sad, broken, BADAS Chick get it, she also found her other half, her soulmate, her safety, her future THIS WAS FANTASTIC AND I LOVE THIS SERI [...]


    She was forgiven so quickly once they realized who she was I might have felt a little uneasy around someone that wanted to kill me the week before So many things happened in this one Maddox went down a peg or two in my eyes Poor Charlotte If you know about the legacy you should be careful with other woman until you find the one I ll be honest and say I m not sad Betty will be out of the picture I was actually hoping the baby would have turned out to be someone else s instead of Damian s I think [...]

    Angel Bare

    Love this series Love this series Sam is awesome w MC s, and, she brings the same flair of raw srories, sexy overbearing alphas, strong empowered women, all tied to a great story in her mafia books.


    Wow Yet again another great book by Sam Crescent I just absolutely loved it I just love this series I can t wait to read what she will come out with next A definite must read Happy Reading


    Need More Denton booksI love this series, I started reading the first one and I had to continue on to the next book I love the men and there curse It s a MUST read.

    Lesley Ortiz

    O Mine Loved it I didn t expect it to turn like it did I am gin g to have to reread the other two books I feel like I missed something.

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