Feb 17, 2020
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THE CONTEST YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUEDr Stephen Swain has found himself locked in the after hours darkness of the New York Public Library It isn t a mistake He s been entombed in the historic sanctuary for a reason as the guest of an unknown host, chosen for a night of fun and games He s unprepared He s afraid And he s not alone.Six other contestants roam the bTHE CONTEST YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUEDr Stephen Swain has found himself locked in the after hours darkness of the New York Public Library It isn t a mistake He s been entombed in the historic sanctuary for a reason as the guest of an unknown host, chosen for a night of fun and games He s unprepared He s afraid And he s not alone.Six other contestants roam the black halls, room by room, floor by floor, in the dead silence Each strapped with an explosive set to detonate should they escape before the night is over The terms are simple seven players enter only one will leave.Now Swain must navigate the labyrinth to outwit the unknown moves of his mysterious opponents, and to outlast the unimaginable dangers that await him Against insurmountable odds the contest has begun Should he win, the greatest, most unfathomable terror lies at the night s end the very reason behind the game

  • Title: Contest
  • Author: Matthew Reilly
  • ISBN: 9780312990046
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Contest THE CONTEST YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE COME TRUEDr Stephen Swain has found himself locked in the after hours darkness of the New York Public Library It isn t a mistake He s been entombed in the historic san


    Do I dareDisturb the universe T S Eliot The year is 1996 and The New York Public Library has just become the venue for the seventh Presidian It is a contest that is held once every thousand years, every time on a different world and the contestants are warriors chosen from each of the seventh worlds that exist A battle where seven contestants enter the labyrinth and only one leaves A contest to the death.Earth is the only world who doesn t have knowledge about this contest but with every Presidi [...]

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

    I will never forget the moment I formed a bond with an Australian author named Matthew Reilly It was a spur of the moment thing If I had not grabbed a book off the shelf of the San Diego Public Library called Ice Station, I might not be writing this review But I did, and it changed my life.I cut my teeth on action movies I started watching them when I was very young, and they hold a special place in my heart While I am a romance novel and fantasy book fan first and foremost, I have always loved [...]


    OK, this book is never going to challenge literary heavyweights in the classic states, it won t win prestigious awards that means it will sit on pretentious people s shelves never read, and it definitely won t be given review space among the highbrow books that get featured in the national press.But, this book is FUN It s fast, frantic, full of aliens and a very neat context that, had it not been written before publication of The Hunger Games, could be looking at an accusation of plagarism.I rea [...]


    3.5 starsThe premise of the story seemed familiar at the start A contest in which to survive you have got to win.Remember some famous book with similar theme Yes, The Hunger Games But the thing is that Contest was published in 1996 way before Hunger Games.Also, in this Contest which takes place every 1000 years , intelligent life forms from 7 different systems or planets including earth compete and the winner has to survive the other contestants and a monster known as KARANADON.Fan Art I found o [...]


    Wow What an exciting book A contest fought to the death by 7 contestants 6 are from other worlds, one is an unwitting human Unfortunately, his 5 year old daughter is with him Kid s gonna need some serious therapy This book is packed with excitement and amazing bravery Loved it But, come on The New York Library No Too sad.


    En la Biblioteca P blica de Nueva York va a tener lugar un juego mortal el Presidian Siete jugadores de diferentes planetas tendr n que enfrentarse en este escenario, donde el doctor Stephen Swain ser nuestro representante involuntario, que adem s est acompa ado de su hija peque a, Holly Pero, qu podr hacer un humano contra seres extraterrestres, aut nticos cazadores El laberinto Contest, 1996 , del australiano Matthew Reilly, es una muy buena de aventuras y ciencia ficci n, muy visual, con fras [...]


    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my God, this book was hilarious And in a fantastical train wreck kind of way, not a belly laugh kind of way I picked this book up because my Book Club book wasn t available yet, and I needed something to read I noticed this book because of the picture of The New York Public Library on the cover, and thought Hey, I work there.what s this about Well, let me just set the stage for you.Contest is about an intergalactic competition that takes place once every millenia in w [...]

    Mark Hebwood

    Part 1 in a four book review of Matthew Reilly s novelsContest Ice Station Temple Seven Ancient WondersI like the idea of a good adventure novel so I keep picking things up that I discard 100 pages in, unable to continue with a contrived plot, clich d characters, bad narrative, or ridiculous events And Matthew has written a few novels that serve up many, or even all, of these traits This one, however, I liked Ok so the plot is contrived this one tells the story of a contest held every millennium [...]


    oh my god, this sounds bananas i must have it.

    Kirstie Ellen

    ContestWhat I thought about this bookI am pleased to say this being my first Matthew Reilly book that I thoroughly enjoyed this story it was highly entertaining, something a bit different, and fulfilled all of Reilly s promises of action, action, action, and action I loved it Insane is probably a really good word to describe the experience.I ve never read Reilly before now, surprisingly, and I probably wouldn t have if a friend hadn t thrust this book into my hands and demanded I read it In my [...]

    Sasmaya Suliztiarto

    This book is awesome Since I m a big fan of action game, I looooveReilly s fast pace and the thrills The science fiction theme is very striking, mixed with the subtle story of a father who loves his daughter and lost his wife in an accident I love his writings He used simple words, unlike Dan Brown who also writes sci fi action theme and makes me read with the dictionary beside my bed And I just can t stop reading He put the right story in the right part, so we don t wanna miss any actions Plus, [...]

    Ignacio Senao f

    Ciencia Ficci n pura, a pesar de que la editorial no haya querido tirar por esto.Un grupo de personajes encerrados en la biblioteca son obligados a llegar a un punto S lo puede quedar uno.Lo bueno no es que se maten entre ellos, sino que hay una especia de monstruos que los persiguen Por cierto, los competidores no son todos humanos, y esto no es spoiler.Tiene escenas muy buenas estilo Alien, de ellos corriendo por pasillos y escondi ndose en zonas Pero son unas pocas p ginas tan solo, es una pe [...]


    OHH MY GODI SWORE that I wont read any Reilly books while commuting in public transport.I act like a MIME artist in a crowded train, while reading his never ending, relentless, freight train of writing I mean how many times am I gonna chew my nails to mere stubs forgetting that I got my manicure done the previous evening Contest, being his FIRST novel, is relatively naive on some accounts But its speedy He s gotten better with each of his book and I cant wait to get my hands on Five Greatest Wa [...]

    Ginny Purvis

    One of my all time favorite books The setting of this book was just ideal and the author mixed in just enough weird but did it in such a way as to make everything totally believable New York Public Library, aliens and a kill or be killed contest.n t get any better than this.

    David Bigg

    the sickest, this book is a boss


    Once you started this book you can t put it aside until you have finished it.

    Alexander Draganov

    Great action novel It deserves a movie I remember that I was so excited while reading it, that I couldn t force myself to leave the book and read it whole.


    I really enjoyed reading this book as I visited the New York Public Library last December during a charity event I was attending The building is a wonderful site to set an adventure thriller story in and Matthew Reilly has taken advantage of that This story has it all aliens, monsters, adventure, mystery and very unique characters The plot is an exciting contest and the losers die so that kept the pages turner all the way through This is an excellent debut novel and makes you want to read from [...]


    The book took quite a while to begin I think this is because of the amount of unnessecary characters and sub plots The NSA sub plot seemd to have very little purpose, and I am sure the author was visualising his movie on screen as he wrote the prologue pointless.I never became attached to any of the characters The daughter was written as an agressive and assertive third grade girl initally, however later she delivered lines that would be expected from a four year old The author had not real idea [...]


    The CONTEST is making yourself read to the end of this novel So many have commented on NON STOP action FALSE Quick pointless scenes does not equal action It should however, equal a quick read, but the dialogue, clich characterization and inconsistencies in so many aspects made getting through the novel as laborious as Holiday festivities with the family and in laws.There is nothing FUN or COOL about the concept The creatures are similar to every horror or sci fi monster you ve seen And the basic [...]


    Ok, I really do love Matthew s writing I started reading his Shane Schofield first, and then found Jack West Junior, which hasnt had a new book since 2009 s The Five Greatest Warriors 2009.This book is for the Sci Fi lovers out there and also those who follow Michael Crichton This could also be an off shoot of the Running Man If you remember that show with Arnold, and Richard Dawson.The premise of the book is this Seven players, each from a different world, compete for their lives in something c [...]


    I enjoyed this book, even though it had it s flaws It s a story that s been doned doned done And, yet, I found myself wanting to know how it ended He s put a new twist on the fight to the death between random contestants who can t escape from the maze unless they are the last man standing plot He s added to it with various details that really make to book feel unique It takes place in the New York Public Library cool It has unique alien races the details of which were well thought out It adds an [...]


    A man and his daughter are drawn into a battle to the death called the Presidium Seven life forms from different galaxies come together once every thousand years to determine superiority This year s labyrinth of choice is the New York Public Library Human s are the only representatives not aware of this ongoing contest and are the only species drawn into the event without consent Of course, no human has ever won Enter Dr Steven Swain and his daughter via teleportation of course and the contest i [...]

    Nicholas A. Joos

    ContestMatthew ReillyMarch 10th, 2003328 pagesFantasy ActionAlien thrillers usually take place on a mothership in Nebula F or have futuristic guns with lots of over exaggerated lightening, usually resulting in the deaths of humans Contest is an alien thriller that involves a human kicking the living crap out of said aliens Dr Stephen Swain is transferred via hyperspace to the New York Public Library, or The Labyrinth He is summoned while standing in the middle of him living room, talking on the [...]


    Un libro interesante Es una aventura que destaca la inteligencia sobre la fuerza para sobrellevar diferentes situaciones El hecho de que la trama se desarrolle en una biblioteca fue lo que me atrajo para elegirlo Recomiendo este libro si te gustan las aventuras y los seres de otro planeta Para los lectores de Buenos Aires consegu el ejemplar en las librer as de usados sobre Avenida Corrientes Si lo leen me cuentan que les pareci


    I love this book If you love The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games or any other survival action thriller novel, then this is an epic book to read A fight to the death, trapped in a New York Library, win or you die, deadly alien monsters around every corner A fast paced novel, not too long, an amazing storyline and awesome and frightening characters Would definitely read again 5 stars


    This book is total action the whole way through as is all of his books The summary of this book is about a man who was taken into a presdian a battle of the best warriors from the seven different worlds and having to fight for his AND his daughters life Also he has to try to protect a helpless librarian security guard who happened to be caught in the New York library when the presdian began.


    Totally rediculous and far fetched In saying that, one of the most fun reads I ve ever had Fast paced, action movie style plot Great descriptive language and even though I read this years ago, I can still remember vivid images from scenes.

    Cameron Smith

    A story about a bunch of aliens visiting the New York State Library Said aliens are angry and desire nothing than a fight to the death.When a mate saw that I was tucking into this story, he said, It s like the Hunger Games, only with aliens A good brief analogy, but I personally found it way cooler It s also over a decade older than the popular YA story.This is the first story Matthew Reilly wrote, and it has the constant, intense waves of thrilling action you d expect from him The basis of the [...]

    Tricia Riley

    Radiologist Stephen Swain and his daughter Holly are transported into the New York State Library Here he finds himself in an intergalactic contest It is a fight to the death and only one can survive I really enjoyed this book It was very fast paced and I found it hard to put down A pretty good effort for a debut novel.

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