Jul 08, 2020
The Body in the Marsh
Posted by Nick Louth

When a woman goes missing, it gets personal for DCI Craig Gillard But he could never imagine what happens next.Criminologist Martin Knight lives a gilded life and is a thorn in the side of the police But then his wife Liz goes missing There is no good explanation and no sign of Martin To make things worse, Liz is the ex girlfriend of DCI Craig Gillard who is drawn intoWhen a woman goes missing, it gets personal for DCI Craig Gillard But he could never imagine what happens next.Criminologist Martin Knight lives a gilded life and is a thorn in the side of the police But then his wife Liz goes missing There is no good explanation and no sign of Martin To make things worse, Liz is the ex girlfriend of DCI Craig Gillard who is drawn into the investigation Is it just a missing person or something worse And what relevance do the events around the shocking Girl F case, so taken up by Knight, have to do with the present The truth is darker than you could ever have imagined.Utterly gripping and full of twists, this is a compulsive thriller from master Nick Louth for fans of Robert Bryndza, Patricia Gubney and Carole Wyer.

  • Title: The Body in the Marsh
  • Author: Nick Louth
  • ISBN: 9781911591771
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • The Body in the Marsh When a woman goes missing it gets personal for DCI Craig Gillard But he could never imagine what happens next Criminologist Martin Knight lives a gilded life and is a thorn in the side of the police

    Dash fan

    BLOG TOUR REVIEWYou can find out about The Body in the Marsh and follow along with the Blog Tour on my websitedashfan81 2017 105 Intriguing Police Thriller with a Killer Twist The Body in The Marsh, gives you a real insight into a police investigation and all the highs and lows of uncovering the truth of a brutal murder It had me gripped from the first few chapters Nick took me on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows, twists and turns, suspicions and lies Just when I thought I had thin [...]

    Stephen Clynes

    Follow Detective Chief Inspector Craig Gillard as he is on the case to find a missing woman This is a regular British police procedural crime thriller.I found The Body in the Marsh to be an okay read It was a little frustrating for me in parts as it wandered around with the time frame, going back to when DCI Craig Gillard and the missing woman were both teenagers This story was not just told from the detective s point of view but included writings by the missing woman before her disappearance, t [...]

    Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

    5 Words Family, mystery, sentimentality, police, murder.I love how much the story twisted It lead you first one way, then another and another and another And I just didn t know what to believe There were so many suspects, so many mysteries.Although not incredibly fast paced, the story is certainly gripping I loved the interweaving story lines and how seemingly unrelated events were actually an integral part of what was going on It is an excellent police procedural and I loved the little details [...]

    Elaine Tomasso

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Canelo for an advance copy of The Body in the Marsh, a police procedural set in Surrey and Kent.DCI Craig Gillard is intrigued by a missing person report on 48 year old Liz Knight because she used to be his girlfriend 30 years ago Her husband Martin, a long term critic of the police force, doesn t appear too worried about her disappearance but when he too disappears and copious amounts of Liz s blood are found at her home the hunt is on.I thoroughly enjoyed Th [...]

    Donna Maguire

    donnasbookblog.wordpress I absolutely LOVED this book It was exactly the sort of book that grabs my attention and with this one it really didn t want to let me go I was gripped until the end and flew through the story as I was so keen to find out what would happen at the end I thought that the book was gritty and really well written, I loved the twists and turns and I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters the scene setting of the book was great as you really did feel as though yo [...]


    Note This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThe Body in the Marsh is my introduction to Nick Louth, but I m a huge crime fiction fan so when an email popped into my inbox with this blurb if you re a regular reader you ll know what a fan I am of Patricia and Carol I jumped at the chance to take part The Body in the Marsh follows DCI Craig Gillard as he investigates a complicated missing persons case The woman missing is Liz Knight, Craig s girlfriend for one won [...]


    If you are a fan of police procedural stories with complex story lines, then this book is for you This shows the reader how evidence can be manipulated to show one thing, when in fact it is far from the truth Then there is the emotional side of the people involved in trying to solve the case, and those the case is about Loved, loved, loved this story I would like to thank Net Galley for my copy of this book so I could voluntarily review it.

    Serendipity Loves

    This book can be described in two words Roller coaster , it is most definitely gripping and the twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat until you read the last sentence If you are a seasoned crime fiction reader you may guess the ending, although there are many curve balls to knock you off the scent , however this does not detract from Nick s style of writing nor the story and it is still compulsive reading right to the last page Well worth, what I call, book sleep deprivation the fol [...]

    Pat Simpson

    A report of a missing person affects DCI Craig Gillard as Liz Knight was his first girlfriend over 30 years ago and he has never got over their break up The main suspect is her husband, Martin, especially when he disappears and Liz s blood is found in the family home This book is then a roller coaster of a ride, with lots of twists and turns It is a well written police thriller and features some very good characters As well as the main plot there is a side story of a past case which ties in well [...]

    Breakaway Reviewers

    A gripping page turner, right up my streetWow, what a great read I could not put this book down I started this book on Sunday and by Tuesday have already reached the end Not that I wanted it to end as the author keeps you guessing all the way through 360 pages but I wished it were twice that length.I now have another favourite crime writer to add to my ever growing list Not only is Nick Louth a best selling thriller writer but he is also an award winning financial journalist and investment comme [...]

    Patricia Marshall eckel

    I requested this book from NetGalley because it implied it was mystery thriller, and it was but it was also a detective procedural, which I prefer to avoid if I m being honest I surprised myself by reading all the way through it even when I knew how in depth it was regarding the investigative process I have the feeling it was well researched in that regard, which I appreciate Surprisingly, I actually liked the book It was a little predictable because I could see where it was going but it was car [...]


    This is the first book I have come across by this author, the title, cover and genre all fit my tick the box criteria so I delved in What a tangled web can be weaved, The Body in the Marsh is a complex police procedural story that held my attention with all the finite detail involved.So we have a missing teacher Liz, hubby Martin becomes the suspect until he goes missing To add to the confusion Liz is an ex girlfriend of DCI Craig Gillard from decades previously He is a bit of a wet blanket moon [...]


    I love a good police procedural and I haven t read one for a while so I was really looking forward to this and I wasn t disappointed This is the story of DCI Craig Gillard as he works to solve the case of a missing woman On top of this the missing woman is someone from his past and her husband is a top notch criminologist DCI Craig Gillard and his team work hard as they try and solve the case and come up against several obstacles along the way I found this story to be engaging and interesting an [...]


    Rarely does a mystery offer such an extreme and plausible twist Reading The Body in the Marsh, I discovered how deceiving appearances can be and how forensics can be manipulated to create a very different truth What first appears to be a standard procedural is definitely something far complex and far compelling The amount of research Nick Louth must have done in preparation is difficult to conceive The Body in the Marsh has two adjoining plotlines The first is the disappearance of an academic [...]


    A gripping novel that I couldn t put down until I guessed the ending about 3 4 of the way through Shame, otherwise it would have been a 5 not a 4.Still, if you like a UK police detective novel, this one is for you The ending should be a surprise and rather gruesome at that for many but there are clues in there if you know something about chess.


    The truth is definitely darker than you could imagine, especially in The Body In The Marsh by Nick Louth The story starts with DCI Craig Gillard rescuing somebody after a fall up in the Lake District As coincidences go it s a big one Her name is Sam Phillips, she s about to start working as a PCSO in Gillard s area, and they re both about to get caught up on two of the local force s biggest cases.Sam takes a missing person report about someone called Elizabeth Knight, who turns out to be Gillard [...]

    A Million Pages

    Body in the Marsh has an excellent cover I know the old saying, but that is truly why I picked this book I was expecting a detective novel, but didn t realize it would be based in Surrey and Kent It starts out with Detective Craig Gillard rescuing an unknown woman who gets trapped on a mountain during a winter storm I was thrown off by this part of the story and was hoping to dive right in to the mystery and intrigue It was no shock when they developed a somewhat dysfunctional relationship that [...]


    A missing report for a 48 years old woman becomes an obsession for DCI Craig Gillard Elizabeth Knight used to be his girlfriend 30 years ago He remembers her as the sweetest person in the world He knows that she couldn t just vanish without telling anyone Her husband, Martin Knight, a person with very hard character and little bit forensic knowledge, doesn t seem to be very concerned about his wife s disappearance But when the husband disappears just a couple of days after his wife, the police [...]


    Liz Knight, a History teacher goes missing Her husband Martin is the first suspect but then he goes missing It seems an open and shut case for Craig Gillard who has to investigate a husband wanting to bump off his wife She s Craig s first girlfriend and he s carried a torch for her over 30 years this muddies the waters As progress is made the case becomes and complex I did think the detectives were a bit dim witted at times but it made a good story and added humour It was an ingenious plot wit [...]

    L Barker

    This was a page turner It must have been because I read it in a day I simply loved the book, right from the opening prologue which had the hairs stand up on my neck right through to the ending Clever, brilliant story telling from Nick Louth It is an excellent story, with missing people and a sub plot about failings by police, however for me the characters really make it There are some that add humour some make you cringe and there are strong women in positions of power The protagonist, Craig, wa [...]


    Visit the locations in the novel The body in the marshA very atmospheric crime mystery this one with settings and landscapes where there are either marshes or rocky, dangerous mountains So much could happen here couldn t it And it does The settings here than added tension and expectation to the mix and made for a backdrop to some really twisty turnings of a novel.I did find the lead DI a little bit of a wimp at times though pining for a woman he d dated but barely knew Still, an emotional polic [...]

    Karen"s World

    What a brilliant story, I would like to then Netgalley for the pre release copy I could not put this down, so many twists and turns and dead ends Where is Liz Knights body and why was she killed, now her husband has gone missing The police are constantly coming up with dead ends and should DCI Gillard start a new romance at this time when this is bringing up memories about his time with Liz Knight Superbly written and a definite page turner


    4.6 starsA report comes in about a missing woman The missing woman is Elizabeth Knight, and her husband Martin Knight is on his way home from a meeting Martin is rude to the PCSO when she calls him and says he knows where his wife has gone The police are also undergoing a review of supposed mishandling of the Girl F case At the same time, Professor Martin Knight was the one who wrote the initial report on the Girl F case He is well known to the police and not at all well liked And he is a collea [...]

    Brian Williams

    This is an excellent British police procedural thriller, a bit on the hard boiled side, with a surprising ending.DCI Craig Gillard and his team are brought on to find the disappeared wife of an outspoken critic of the police When body parts are discovered and the critic goes missing, an international manhunt for the critic begins The critic is an elusive fugitive, much to the embarrassment of the police A complication for DCI Gillard is that he once dated the missing woman, until she ended the r [...]

    Martha Brindley

    This is an excellent police procedural set in Surrey and Kent.DCI Great atmospheric settings with the marshes adding extra tension in the story Craig Gillard has a missing person to deal with but the missing woman is an ex girlfriend from 30 years back This is my only problem with this book, the fact that Craig is still pining for his lost love after 30 years Apart from that, well written, good characters, a very good plot and an excellent read I hope there is to come from Nick Louth Thank you [...]

    brian bedford

    The body in the marshI like all crime fiction particularly those set in Britain this one has twists and turns once you start reading you don t want to put it down Let s hope that the rest are as good.


    Review will follow soon

    Pauline Margaret Dean

    The body in the MarshNew author for me but very impressed,kept me interested from start to finish.Also kept me guessing will definitely be trying by Nick Louth.


    dnf did not like this book couldn t get into it didn t like the main characters


    Excellent One of the best murder mysteries I have read for a long time Full of believable characters and a convoluted plot A few niggles which should really drop it to a four and a half star.

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