Feb 17, 2020
Balancing on Blue: A Thru-Hiking Adventure on the Appalachian Trail
Posted by Keith Foskett

This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00UZHW506 Shortlisted for Outdoor Book of the Year by The Great Outdoors Magazine.Every year several thousand people attempt to hike all 2180 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States Being the first of the big three hikes in America, it is where long distance hikers go to cut their teeth Keith Foskett has anThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00UZHW506 Shortlisted for Outdoor Book of the Year by The Great Outdoors Magazine.Every year several thousand people attempt to hike all 2180 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the eastern United States Being the first of the big three hikes in America, it is where long distance hikers go to cut their teeth Keith Foskett has another reason Dromomania, or the uncontrollable urge to wander, has been part of his life since childhood Hiking is his chosen method to placate the wanderlust Accompanied by an array of eclectic characters including a world champion juggler, a drug dealer, an Everton fan whose visa is expiring and a sex starved builder from Minnesota, his experience is far from normal Battling a fear of snakes, bears, being in the woods after dark and his own demons, it s physically exhausting as well as a psychologically challenging His adventure weaves a route through some of America s wildest landscapes and history, and is told with insight, humour and reflection.

  • Title: Balancing on Blue: A Thru-Hiking Adventure on the Appalachian Trail
  • Author: Keith Foskett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Balancing on Blue A Thru Hiking Adventure on the Appalachian Trail This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B UZHW Shortlisted for Outdoor Book of the Year by The Great Outdoors Magazine Every year several thousand people attempt to hike all miles of the


    My feelings were mixed when I finished reading this book As a fellow hiker and author, I really wanted to like it, and for most parts I enjoyed the story but once in a while I felt the author s view on and description of others, especially day hikers felt too harsh and unjust, and the way the author repetitively addressed one of the fellow thru hikers by a name she explicitly declined it s downright irritating.

    Cindy Stavropoulos

    Inspiring to say the least This book, Fozzie s 3rd, is an inspiring memoir about his very descriptive journey hiking the entire Appalachian Trail His words are witty and addictive He not only captures the difficulty of the trek but also the humorous episodes along the way Relating to Fozzie for me was not hard I, too, love the outdoors and prefer it most times over the drama of people and life stuff As a section hiker of the AT, I concur with Fozzie about its divine beauty, how it makes me feel [...]

    Mike Reuther

    One of the better accounts of hiking the Appalachian Trail I ve read.


    Doing the AT is quite a bit of a pipe dream for me Knowing that it is 99.9% accurate to state that I ll never actually do it, the best I can do is live it vicariously through Fozzie s narrative Fozzie, and his accompanying cast of dromomaniacs are good company throughout the book as it concentrates on a hiking perspective than did Bryson s A Walk in the Woods It s an easy style to read and never feels like Day nn and we walked from A to B the weather was cold wet sunny irrelevant there is a dis [...]


    Keith Foskett aka Fozzie has not disappointed me yet, this is the 2nd book of his that I have read and he is a wonderful writer and story teller, giving us quite an adventure I loved in this book how he starts and ends his journey with story of some of the people he did most of his hike with, I don t think I have ever read a hiking book that has portrayed fellow hikers the way he did and that was a lot of fun.When you read this book you will feel the passion he has for long distance hiking, and [...]


    I just didn t enjoy this as much as I was hoping to Some books pull you in and fire your imagination, you can feel and see what it s like to be there This was not one of those books I found the author calling a hiker by the wrong name and then apologising for it over and over really bloody irritating too

    Mary Vogelsong

    Fozzie the author s trail name allowed some of his fellow hikers to introduce themselves in the first chapter This confused me, as the POV kept shifting and I couldn t get a fix on who were minor or major characters Having recently read Hiking Through, I couldn t help but compare the two books Much of the material seemed familiar as far as descriptions of the trail itself Fozzie s writing voice was less formal, sometimes even crass, which I suppose was an attempt at humor As proud as he is to be [...]

    Patricia McCabe

    The book begins with short beginning stories of several other hikers and their reasonings for wanting to thru hike the AT from their point of view As soon as that chapter is done you just read from Keith Foskett s view I get wanting to introduce the other characters because they play big roles in the story but I believe it caused some confusion giving the feel that you will read from everyone s point of view Despite that, I was enjoying the book up until the 50% complete point though Once I got [...]


    Balancing on the Blue Thru hiking the Appalachian Trail 2015 by Keith Foskett is the story of Foskett s tale of doing one of the great American trails The Appalachian Trail AT is amazing trail from Georgia to Maine along the Appalachians.Foskett had already done the Pacific Crest Trail PCT so the AT was arguably a bit easier for him He d also already written books about hiking the Camino and the PCT so he s also experienced author.If you like reading these sorts of memoirs this book is definite [...]

    Amber Martin

    I expected out of this book, although I admit to not having read anything else from Foskett If you re looking for outright humor and an author sharing in the way of stories than facts than I suggest you look elsewhere However, I admit to learning a bit about the sections I have yet to visit Fozzie gives a great amount of info on the trail and does talk about hiking with a few others that were constants on the trail with him I suppose part of me is biased because I am currently the Trail Angel [...]

    Meredith Reads

    If this had been one of the first accounts of an AT thru hike, I think I would have loved this book Unfortunately, it isn t one of the first and the book kind of fell flat with me I am ambivalent about the book through no fault of the author I think I have simply grown weary of NOBO hiking diaries this is who I met, this who I traveled with, these are the names of the shelters I passed, these are the towns I stopped inFozzie does throw in some beautiful descriptions of nature and those represent [...]

    Joann Hunsicker

    Experience the AT from your reading chairjolefarm yahoo I live about 2miles from the AT and while stopping for lunches at Millers Market in Danielsville PA my husband and I shared some time with some of the hikers while we ate We talked about our farming and enjoyed some of their stories and took some to the top of the Blue Mtn When I saw the book was about the AT I wanted to read it what a great read it turned out to be Enjoyable humerous informative and easy to read.Loved it Thank You Keith Fo [...]

    david stenberg

    Epic true account Loved this book Being a hiker from Maine, I couldn t have better captured the state than him in the final chapters An inspiring adventure And the author s perspective was very unique Starting The Last Englishman tonight Highly recommend Balancing on Blue for the mountain enthusiasist who is locked to a deskjob, while traveling, etc for the satisfaction of an outdoor experience.


    Another well written hiker logue from Keith Fozzie Foskett, this time an account of his hike of the Appalachian Trail This is not a gear review or effort to explain how to hike it or what to take, it is simply a short memoir of his experiences while hiking We get to know some of the people he met and hiked with along the way, and see through his eyes the trail as he experienced it An enjoyable read.

    Michael Brennan

    Be inspired to hike the Appalachian trailPreviously read hiking PCT very engaging writing style Really identify with the characters, and enjoyed the side adventures that happened These travel style books would really help if added chronology and a few maps Then in addition to good read would help if ever decide to embark on the AT thru hike Nothing detailed but mainly to determine where you are.


    Enjoyed going along for the journeyFozzie has written another enjoyable trail narrative, this time the Appalachian Trail He brings humor to the page and never takes himself too seriously I liked how this book wasn t just another trail journal The friendships he made seemed real and his enthusiastic dromomania was genuine Can t wait until his CDT book.


    Beware, if you read Foskett s accounts, you might want to pack and go as soon as you re done Always filled with great anecdotes and facts, one can only marvel at thru hikers strength and will to go I m amazed once and can t wait to hit a new road myself soon Adventures don t wait and this one needs to be read

    Ian Plimmer

    A relaxing companion of a readI enjoy hiking in the Lake District so I hoped I would enjoy this book I wasn t disappointed Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed picking up the trail each evening to get a few stories and anecdotes Well written and I could picture much of the trail A good escape.

    Terri Schneider

    I ve read a few of Keith s journey books and this one hits closer to the mark than the others, from a literary perspective and in how he draws the reader closer into his experience Great job, great journey Keep on hiking

    Cynthia Corson

    Enjoyable Great read I did not want the story to end I feel I just thru hiked the trail WOW and became emotional at Katahdin I am an AT section hiker with aspirations of a thru hike on this single foot path thru nature.

    Christina Butler

    Great readThis is a great read for someone who dreams of taking on the task of a thru hike I keep waiting for details of truth to turn me away from the dream, but reading this book has made me realize how I truly belong on the trail.


    I ve no idea how you manage to write such an interesting book about something as repetitive as putting one foot in front of another for a considerable distance but Keith Foskett has Great work, mate


    Again another trail done by Fonzzie and the people that he meets on the trail This time he is walking the Appalachian Trail Her goes into his thoughts and worries in this book then in the other books that I have read


    A very descriptive and entertaining account of Fozzies thru hike Its definitely up the with David Millers AWOL book However the need to start the book with his fellow hikers was a bit annoying, but after that I struggled to put it down.

    Ben Twoonezero

    A good book that may be not a page turner is a goodread You do feel as he does this walk he is beginning to feel his advancing years, this is evident when he tried his third US major hike the Continental Divide Trail I think he may have to look for easier trails in future.

    Marc Picard

    Great readWell written and inspiring Makes you want to go yourself Looking forward to the Continental Divide Trail Hope he does it soon


    A massive accomplishment hiking and writingI hiked this trail vicariously enjoying the good times and admiring the doggedness that got Foskett and his trial buddies to the end


    One of the best trail books I have read I might have given it 5 stars were it not for the over use of his joke Pink Bits, sorry, Lady Forward Every Single Time until the end of the trail.

    Mark Fradkin

    Entertaining and InspiringAn very entertaining and inspiring read Keith paints wonder pictures of the landscapes and relationships he encounters along the way Thank you Keith

    Graham Edwards

    A Great ReadI enjoyed every page I found it both thought provoking and inspiring I m planning my own thru hike as a result.

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