Feb 24, 2020
A Short History of Byzantium
Posted by John Julius Norwich

Norwich is always on the lookout for the small but revealing details All of this he recounts in a style that consistently entertains The New York Times Book Review In this magisterial adaptation of his epic three volume history of Byzantium, John Julius Norwich chronicles the world s longest lived Christian empire Beginning with Constantine the Great, who in a Norwich is always on the lookout for the small but revealing details All of this he recounts in a style that consistently entertains The New York Times Book Review In this magisterial adaptation of his epic three volume history of Byzantium, John Julius Norwich chronicles the world s longest lived Christian empire Beginning with Constantine the Great, who in a.d 330 made Christianity the religion of his realm and then transferred its capital to the city that would bear his name, Norwich follows the course of eleven centuries of Byzantine statecraft and warfare, politics and theology, manners and art.In the pages of A Short History of Byzantium we encounter mystics and philosophers, eunuchs and barbarians, and rulers of fantastic erudition, piety, and degeneracy We enter the life of an empire that could create some of the world s most transcendent religious art and then destroy it in the convulsions of fanaticism Stylishly written and overflowing with drama, pathos, and wit, here is a matchless account of a lost civilization and its magnificent cultural legacy Strange and fascinating filled with drollery and horror Boston Globe

  • Title: A Short History of Byzantium
  • Author: John Julius Norwich
  • ISBN: 9780679772699
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Short History of Byzantium Norwich is always on the lookout for the small but revealing details All of this he recounts in a style that consistently entertains The New York Times Book Review In this magisterial adaptation of hi


    If we view ourselves from a great height, it is frightening to realize how little we know about our species, our purpose and our end Sebald was talking about flying over densely settled areas, but to read the compressed chronicle of a thousand year empire is also to view our species from a great height, and the experience offers just as frightening a vantage From the heights of historical survey, from the distance of many centuries, the professed, the higher motivations and justifications barely [...]


    Hey now, this was one long short history 431 pages of murder, usurption, blinding lots of blinding , mutilation, and just plain history I m exhausted I also couldn t stop reading.Being thoroughly confused about the Eastern Roman Empire and wanting to learn about the great Justinian, I added this volume to my collection with the view that I would just leaf through for a bit and then put it in the queue for a future reading Wrong I became enslaved to every new emperor and shook my head at the sac [...]


    This is history the way you always wished it could be but never is It is a scarcely believable catalogue of violent deaths try being pierced at close range by hundreds of arrows until you bleed slowly to death , sexual intrigues one Empress had specially trained geese to peck corn from her nether regions , and religious oddities men who live their whole lives on top of a column, for instance.With barbarian hordes, crusading knights, treasures and quests, the whole thing is like Tolkien got toget [...]


    Norwich compresses three volumes into one in his Short History covering the 1100 years and 88 emperors of Byzantium As you turn the pages, the centuries roll by quickly It soon becomes hard to remember exactly who did what to whom and when Although some figures stand out such as Constantine I, Justinian I and Basil II There is an upside to this compacted presentation One gets a feel for the sweep of history It is easier to see what changes and what stays the same over the centuries Below are som [...]


    Wow they sure did a lot of gouging out of eyes and tongues and noses and throwing people off cliffs Everyone is all, hey this new emperor will be great I bet we won t have to murder him with poisoned mulberries or whack him with a soap dish or behead him Then the poor little lamb takes power, has some good ideas, but reverts to insanity as quickly as he can and someone races to get the perennially useful soapdish and cheerfully start anew What years of glee And when they weren t having those fun [...]


    I ought to check my home library top shelves often or at least dust them from time to time There, seated appropriately but shyly between From Pagan Rome to Byzantium and Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II was this treasure, bought several years ago in advance of a long trip to Turkey.But then I was distracted by the proximate history of the Ottomans This time around, my interest in Byzantium, as well as its antecedents, neighbors and many descendents, is deeper, [...]


    This 384 page condensation of the original three volume history gives readers a complete introduction to the direct descendent of the Roman Empire.The book relates fascinating incidents about the main people, including an eyebrow raising commentary on Empress Theodora s early sex life, salaciously recounted by the contemporary historian Procopius The book explains the famous differences over Church dogma, which characterize the Byzantines for us today, and which eventually drew even me into the [...]


    A Short History of ByzantiumJohn Julius NorwichRead it in Hardcover at 431 pages including extensive Index, biblio, Maps, Lists, etc.This is the third Norwich this year for me While not a historian by trade he s managed to write some pretty fantastic history in both this and Kingdom of the Sun A Short History of Byzantium is actually a trimmed up work from a previous publication The original being a much detailed account which I had a hard time finding it was published in three volumes Since th [...]


    This is an incredible, epic, history I knew very little about the Eastern Roman Empire when I decided to read it, and consequently this book was rather like drinking from a firehose 1100 years of some of the most staggering and implausible history you ve ever read condensed into 383 pages, finishing off with a heroic last stand and the legends it inspired.I don t mean this to be the end of my acquaintance with Byzantium, but it was an electrifying introduction.


    norwich is like the batty old art history professor you had in college who seemed interested in the scandalous stories behind the scenes of each moment in history than the traditional information that fills the usual history texts he tells the history of byzantium in such a fun and lightning paced way its like a circus soap opera riding through history on a speeding roller coaster its great fun reading about all the intrigue, scandal and destruction throughout the empire, and norwich revels in [...]


    Knowing nothing of the Byzantium Empire this must be as good as it gets for a short history My only complaint was that the authors opinions as to the individuals was a touch too prominent for me and the lack of footnotes is also a small complaint I suspect I will never read another book that has so many eyes put out Brutal


    All encompassing history of an all too obscure subject.

    Czarny Pies

    This is a truly ghastly book by an historian who has written several outstanding works I wish now that I had stopped at the introduction in which the author explains that his Short History is an abridged version of his trilogy on the history of Byzantium Abridgments of this sort are typically lifeless as indeed this one is A bare bones narrative exists but the passages that provided narrative flow and spirit are gone Norwich s 900 page narrative of the 200 year history of the Normans Kingdom in [...]


    The fall of Constantinople in 1453 ended what the population always identified as the Roman Empire, but has become known as the Byzantine Empire that John Julius Norwich thought had been given a bad reputation in the West In A Short History of Byzantium Norwich condensed his three volume history of the Greek flavored Roman Empire into a general history for those interested in history but do not have time for lengthy studies.In covering almost 1200 years of history in about 400 pages, Norwich had [...]

    Ashley Nef

    Constantinople fell today 563 years ago Kind of poetic I finished the story of its 1000 year history today as well this was totally unplanned I just love Byzantium its history is even crazier than Game of Thrones, and the setting is the stuff of dreams gold mosaics, enamel pieces, rich silks, scintillating jewels, massive defensive walls designed by angels, nigh on mythic emperors and emperesses, and the Hagia Sophia rising above the city skyline above the Bosphorus Gotta love John Julius Norwic [...]

    Max Nova

    Greed Check Ambition Check Murder Check If Game of Thrones isn t quite doing it for you, consider checking out John Julius Norwich s A Short History of Byzantium Most of us in America, at least have a Byzantium sized hole in our knowledge of the history of the Middle Ages Which is a shame, because if ever there was a historical model for walking the line between East and West, it was Byzantium This book is actually a distillation of a much larger 3 volume set As such, it does feel a bit rushed a [...]

    Tim Martin

    _A Short History of Byzantium_ by John Julius Norwich was a well written and comprehensive overview of largely the political history of the Byzantine Empire At times the book felt a bit hurried as Emperor after Emperor rushed by, but then that is understandable given several facts First, Norwich was covering the entire history of Byzantium, its 1,123 year lifespan from its founding as the Roman Empire of the East by Constantine the Great in 330 to its end when Constantine XI died fighting with h [...]


    Rome fell in a.d 474 Tell that to the Byzantines, who for centuries persisted in being an afterimage of the classical world, evolving through the medieval before their collapse a century after the west had fallen to barbarism A Short History of Byzantium takes in over a thousand years of history, from Diocletian s administrative division of the Roman Empire into two halves to the fall of the great city Constantinople to the Turks There is great difficulty in a hurried survey like this, subjectin [...]


    I ve had a long fascination with Byzantine history and came into this book expecting a short overview of this enigmatic empire.How can you compress over a thousand years of history That too a history that is indelibly linked with almost all of Europe and West Asia for all nearly a millennium I ll be honest that John Julius Norwich doesn t do a smashing job, but a credible job that ll only be a stepping stone for it s readers to go out and explore the Byzantines.Norwich isn t a historian, and doe [...]

    Greg Hoadley

    I still remember sitting in my high school history class, learning about the Roman Empire Our history teacher mentioned in passing that in the 5th century, it was only the Western Roman Empire that ended the Eastern half continued on for over 1,000 years and oh, by the way, for a time they got back a large portion of what had been the full Roman Empire when it was at its peak But after that little snippet, my teacher quickly moved on to something else.Why should that be surprising Because the Ea [...]


    John Julius Norwich s apparently famous 1200 page History of Byzantium trilogy gets condensed to just under 400 pages, in the hopes that by making it accessible and not force readers to commit to 3 books, instead reading just one and getting the most important info So yes the pace is a bit break neck, but Norwich still manages to explain things satisfactorily, yet never condescendingly.Besides all the history being skimmed over with 383 pages for about 1200 years of Byzantine Empire, there s no [...]

    Jacob Aitken

    This is history writing of the highest order Lord Norwich s work is truly awe inspiring I only regret that I have the condensed version and not the three volume work Norwich gives a summary of each of the Emperors, their faults, and how they determined the history of Byzantium Norwich also dispels a lot of myths about Byzantium Thanks to Gibbon and illiterate pundits today, most people think Byzantium was simply one long succession of inbred degenerates and sensual despots Norwhich shatters this [...]


    Surprisingly, a history book one can read from beginning to finish that reads like a novel, while retaining enough factual information to be an evergreen reference book Not that the one function doesn t intrude upon the other once in a while there are pages where you will hunger for details and isn t this how we determine the next books we want to read and other pages where one s eyes begin to glaze over all those Leo s, Matthew s, Constantine s and Nicholas ARGH But a book in which I was sorel [...]


    Ugh I learned a lot of emperors names and results of campaigns, and I guess I wanted that Sometimes you need a basic general history, but there s almost no social or economic history in here at all and no explanation.Norwich makes a lot of anachronistic moral commentary, such as one emperor being shamelessly bisexual, some theological dogma being a triumph of West over East, clarity over mysticism, and three or four emperors having saved Western civilization from barbarism or the Islamic tide or [...]


    This is a whirlwind tour of than 1000 years of rich history, thick with world changing events, communication and clashes between civilizations, battles, strategies, ambitions, plots, and the rise and fall of one of the most glorious and least known civilizations the Byzantine Empire John Julius Norwich has an incredible command of the subject, not only of the big events but also the little revealing details In a few pages he manages to accurately describe the historical events, slowing down dur [...]

    Chris Hall

    If rating system went to 10 instead of 5 then I would give this book 9.5 Not because it doesn t deserve 10 but because I m convinced it cannot be better than the three volumes that this is a condensed version of The author admits that much has been left out in the production of this single volume and if I knew what I know now then I would have tried to obtain the original three volumes.Having said that, this is a fantastic book for anyone who has than a passing interest in Byzantium It s a sham [...]


    I thought I left a comment on this and now can not find it Nevermind.As I wrote before I first encountered this book in college while looking for something extra to read about the late Roman empire I enjoyed it as a 20 year old I enjoy it now that I am much older It s a wonderful tour of history and it is rather unexpectedly hilarious I kept on saying to myself this is no way to run an empire, and it wasn t I feel that the history of Byzantium is often ignored, there are no movies about the plac [...]


    This one was a bit of a slog Don t get me wrong, Norwich s writing style is very light and not remotely academic, but there s a sameness to both subject and treatment that lulls one into an occasional sense of confusion The real trouble is that there s little emphasis on which events or people may be relevant than others Norwich skips from one battle or imperial intrigue to the next without ever drawing a breath Further, there s the lack of much context about other contemporary empires The Arab [...]


    Norwich is a true pro A few years back he published a phenomenal book on the Mediterranean This book here is a condensed version of his massive 3 volume history of Rome s red headed stepchild There s much less than one would expect on Byzantium s famed art here, as well as on the life of its ordinary citizens Instead, the book reads like an 1100 year litany of regicides, fratricides, matricides, infanticides, tyrannicdes, vivicides, prolicides, and even deicdies, and whatever else could get the [...]


    Last year as I walked through an exhibit of Byzantine art and artifacts, I thought I know very little about these people I should fix that By the next day I d bought this book, even if I didn t get around to reading it until this year Though Norwich had to condense a huge amount of history into one volume, I found it wholly absorbing, even up to the last pages, with the dramatic siege and last stand of the Emperor and his city At some point I may even check out Norwich s three volume history on [...]

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