Feb 24, 2020
Show of Hands
Posted by Anthony McCarten

When a desperate car dealer advertises a competition with a simple premise that each contestant must keep one hand on a car at all times, and the last one standing will drive away the owner of a new Land Rover he sets in motion a chain of events that brings together an oddball group of individuals, each with a desperate need to win For the contestants, this publiciWhen a desperate car dealer advertises a competition with a simple premise that each contestant must keep one hand on a car at all times, and the last one standing will drive away the owner of a new Land Rover he sets in motion a chain of events that brings together an oddball group of individuals, each with a desperate need to win For the contestants, this publicity gimmick represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for a fresh start, a chance to break records, and to prove themselves in an unlikely test of endurance It pits the patience of an elderly night watchman against the youthful vigor and carefully cultivated stamina of a high school track and field star It sets a single mother who spends her life on her feet against a down on his luck Mensa member who tells anyone who will listen that he s got the whole thing figured out As the days and nights unavoidably carry on and big talk and clever strategies backfire the contestants true colors come through in unexpected twists At once lyrical and suspenseful, and by turns poignant and hilarious, Show of Hands and its all too human characters are ultimately unforgettable.

  • Title: Show of Hands
  • Author: Anthony McCarten
  • ISBN: 9781416586074
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Show of Hands When a desperate car dealer advertises a competition with a simple premise that each contestant must keep one hand on a car at all times and the last one standing will drive away the owner of a new L


    This was a nice surprise The story involves a contest to win a Land Rover by being the last person with your hand still on the care contestant aren t allowed to sleep, must stand, and are given a 5 minute break every 2 hours This story reminded me a lot of Stephen King s The Long Walke stories are similar and both show what happen to humans after long periods of no sleep This story was a lot less sinister than The Long Walk but there are definitely similarities between the two Overall, this was [...]

    Franzie Lovegood

    Die Moral von der Geschicht , die fand ich nicht.Obwohl vom Schreiben her sch n, konnt ich mich nicht dran gew hn.Warum ich gerade reime, man fragt es sich.Drum antworte ich,ich wei es nicht.Anthonys andere Werke,die hatten alle viel mehr St rke.Also alles in allemhat es mir leider nicht sehr gefallen.


    Ganz sch n langweilig

    Anna Schmelzer

    One of my favorite books


    Als erstes warum ich dem Buch nur 3 und nicht 4 Sterne gegeben habe weil ich mich nicht entscheiden konnte Und ich fand 4 Sterne f r das Buch zu gut, denn so gut war es nicht Die Geschichte ist seeeeeeeeeeeeeehr psychologisch Es geht im Grunde genommen darum, dass sich 2 Hauptpersonen Jess und Tom , die beide ein v llig unterschiedliches Leben f hren, zuf llig bei einem Wettbewerb eines Autoh ndlers kennenlernen, bei dem noch viele andere Tausend Leute aus London mitmachen 40 werden ausgesucht, [...]


    This weird English novel is about a crooked car dealer who wishes to jump start his failing car business by running a contest.The person who is the last one standing, who continues to put at least one hand on the car, wins a new car However, the car isn t new, and the dealer has many issues So do the people in the contest It centers on the woman who wants the car to carry her wheel chair bound daughter, the Mensa man who needs to pull himself out of debt due to his last business venture, the tra [...]

    Larry H

    Have you ever seen or read about one of those competitions where people have to keep one hand on a car as long as possible in order to win it This book tells the story of a group of English folks participating in such a contest, dreamed up by a car dealer struggling to make ends meet and dealing with challenges of his own It focuses on a few characters in particular Jess, a meter maid and single mother of a quadriplegic daughter, and Nick, a full of himself blowhard whose self confidence is abou [...]


    I would actually give this a 3.5 stars I liked the story it was unusual even if a little predictable The characters were interesting The story is centered around a contest to win a new car, where the winner is the person that has kept their hand on the car the longest Naturally all the contestants have their different reasons for wanting to win a car There is a little language, but it didn t seem too over the top for me It was interesting to see the characters get to know each other through a gr [...]


    A very interesting book about an unlikely topic a contest to win a car by holding on to it for as long as one can hold out without sleep A group of disadvantaged people with different reasons for needing to win a car, and an unscrupulous used car dealer whose business will go under without a new publicity gimmick A really suspenseful psychological story about what can happen when altruism and self interest conflict.

    Amy Langford

    This is a fun novel about some London citizens who enter a competition to win a car by seeing who can keep one hand on a car the longest with a break every hour This is a character driven story, and McCarten has a great sense for the range of human emotion and brings it forward with humor and a sense of understanding and even compassion I read this book on our vacation in Europe and couldn t put it down at the end of long days, even though I was exhausted.


    This book is similar in premise to the contest portrayed in the documentary Hands on a Hard Body people compete to win a car by seeing who can stand with one hand on it the longest, without sleeping It was a little hard to get into largely because the first character encountered is so unpleasant but then I stayed up way later than I should have last night to finish because I had to see who won That s gotta count for something.


    An enjoyable book that is quite different from most others I have read This one takes place at an auto dealers in England where several people are all vieing for winning a free car The trick they have to keep their hand on it the longest You get to meet some of the people and find out their stories and also see how they change as they go 5 days without sleep A good little story.

    Wendy Burks

    For a dollar store find, this book was a pleasant surprise I breezed through it in 2 days, enjoying getting to know the varied characters and the author s insight into their motivations for enduring a grueling Guiness World Record attempt There were fun moments scattered throughout to make this book a fun, fast read.


    The style was not particularly challenging A lot of fragments Dialogue and little exposition Snippets here and there of back ground but nothing burdening or challenging An easy read, if one is looking for something light for vacation or travel.For a detailed review visit ireadalotofbooks show of h

    Lindor Joelle

    If you re looking for a story with an obscure plot, well this is it I m pretty bored with your typical romance and urban fiction novels That being said, when I read the synopsis of this story I had to purchase it right away.The story didn t disappoint Each character will remind you of someone whom you have encountered in life.


    I truly loved this book It s about a competition to win a new car but really it was about so much You get to know these contestants, learn their stories, and as the book progresses you see their personalities challenged, questioned eventually evolve I read this in 2 days or so because I just couldn t put it down Good times.

    Leah Lucci

    Sadly realistic story of the grueling process of trying to win a car by keeping your hand on it People are stretched to their limits and discover things about themselves they never would have predicted It s fascinating.

    Heather Dufield

    I really liked it, the story flows along The characters were interesting and all had different reasons for signing up for this contest I think that the could easily turn this book into a romantic comedy movie.


    Some of the writing was overblown, but all in all it was an interesting book It s told from multiple perspectives this was particularly interesting because several of the characters were rather unlikeable, yet you cared about what happened.


    Good solid novel This was a nice distraction from all the memoirs I ve been reading.I definitely want to find of McCarten s stuff.


    3.5 I thought this book was a good book, but again nothing super special It gave me the entertainment I expected with a moral to the story that I wasn t expecting Overall I thought it was fun.


    Mildly entertaining.


    I m glad I own this book, because I ll read it again Author has good insight into human behavior and motivation Some great paragraphs explaining such.

    Lorena Drapeau

    don t bother

    Stephanie Martin

    Had to stop a quarter of the way through this book It was mind numbing and so boring Waste of time.


    This book was ok I got to the end, but I wouldn t recommend it You can find a better story to spend some time with.


    this one isn t about alien abduction


    Enjoyable, quick read Interesting concept for a story.


    Although the premise is interesting, it was too much of a drag The author should have not wasted the idea by the slow progress of the story.


    Easy fun read about the psychology of who participates in an endurance contest to win a car keep your hand on the car longest and the stories of those individuals.

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