May 26, 2020
Flores en la tormenta
Posted by Laura Kinsale Ana Eiroa Guillén

Inglaterra, 1829 Christian, el duque de Jervaulx, es uno de los hombres m s ricos y encantadores de la alta sociedad inglesa, pero tambi n es un hombre extravagante y un seductor empedernido Maddy Timms, la hija de un anciano profesor de matem ticas que colabora con el duque, le conoce personalmente una vez en esa ocasi n Maddy comprueba que Christian es un hombre intelInglaterra, 1829 Christian, el duque de Jervaulx, es uno de los hombres m s ricos y encantadores de la alta sociedad inglesa, pero tambi n es un hombre extravagante y un seductor empedernido Maddy Timms, la hija de un anciano profesor de matem ticas que colabora con el duque, le conoce personalmente una vez en esa ocasi n Maddy comprueba que Christian es un hombre inteligente y sensible Pero al d a siguiente, l muere en un duelo.Transcurridos unos meses, Maddy empieza a trabajar en un sanatorio para enfermos mentales de la alta sociedad y, para su sorpresa, se encuentra con Christian El duque no muri en el duelo, pero si no mejora en breve le declarar n legalmente loco y le despojar n de su fortuna.Maddy es la nica que sabe que Christian no ha perdido la cordura Aunque al principio Christian utiliza a Maddy para lograr sus objetivos, poco a poco sus sentimientos van cambiando

  • Title: Flores en la tormenta
  • Author: Laura Kinsale Ana Eiroa Guillén
  • ISBN: 9788483462805
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flores en la tormenta Inglaterra Christian el duque de Jervaulx es uno de los hombres m s ricos y encantadores de la alta sociedad inglesa pero tambi n es un hombre extravagante y un seductor empedernido Maddy Tim

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    I m going to start with a warning this is probably the worse review I ve ever written because of how deeply, how emotionally I connected with the hero My review is a cheesy, rambling, hot mess, so read at your own risk.With any book I read, I hope to connect with the hero and heroine, to feel what it is the author is trying to convey Well, I didn t have to try hard at all with this story, and no matter how many times I ve attempted to write this review, I find myself in tears And, as odd as it m [...]

    Duchess Nicole

    God forgive, Jervaulx that I sh d love thee That I should love thee Out of all of the Historical romances I ve read, this is the one that stands out as the most unconventional of them all What a brave author to have tackled this subject, and what a remarkably insightful, tender way to do it MY SYNOPSIS Archimedea Timms is a Friend a Quaker a quiet, devoutly religious and pious woman who grew up in that lifestyle She knows no other way and even if she did, she would still choose her way of life S [...]


    Laura Kinsale s Flowers From the Storm From my thread discussion topic post on s Historical Romance Forum sometime around Feb 09 unchanged I recently finished reading Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale This is a well loved book by many and remains high on the keeper shelves out there So how come I can t figure out why so many people fell in love with this couple I just don t get it I found the book to be all suffering, all the time i.e an over abundance of serious issues and long drawn out [...]


    5 Maddygirl stars.I loved this one Tortured hero, innocent heroine, Society, expectations, fear, love, hate, tears, laughter The Duke of Jervaulx was brilliant and dangerous Considered dissolute, reckless, and extravagant, he was transparently referred to as the D of J in scandal sheets But sometimes the most womanizing rakehell can be irresistible, and even his most causal attentions fascinated the sheltered Maddy Timms Then one fateful day she receives the shocking news the duke is lost to the [...]

    Bgurl (don"t h8 me cuz I"m honestful)

    Flowers From The Storm, by Laura Kinsale 5 Perfect Stars Nurturing Serene Spartan Quiet Forthright Spiritual And a Quaker Prim and decent, chaste, careful, loyal, moderately brave in some things, a lion in a few, and when he touched her, she fluttered nice feminine flutter, modesty and passion Christian Langland, the Duke of Jervaulx Damaged Tortured Extravagant Rakish Devious HedonisticAnd, a nobleman He was the Devil looking at her out of gentian eyes It s easy to be virtuous and deceitfully p [...]


    Written January 14, 20155 Stars It had it all A stunning AMAZING epic storyWho dare to start an 19 hours long audiobook I heard the rumors that in this case there was a great male narrator Nicholas Boulton doing this historical romance even better And, was it worth it Well, I didn t need than a few minutes to know this would be an fantastic adventure to take part in There are for sure a lot of heart stopping moments and I cried, yelled and lost my breath than once But gosh, I loved this book H [...]

    Julio Genao

    remarkableliciously dark and somewhat in my black hearted sweet spot love me a humbled bad boy, and love to hate a puritanical idiot unable to resist the promise of an orgasmd jesu what an orgasm.about the most erotic hetero love scene i can ever remember reading.

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

    It s official this is my favorite story, ever I first read Flowers from the Storm in 2009 and fell in love with Christian and his Maddygirl from their very first words on the page, but it s such an emotional story that I couldn t bring myself to read it again, though I thought of it often That said, when my sweet friend, Lady Wesley, raved about the amazing narration given this story by Nicholas Boulton, I just had to give it a listen.And I am so, so glad that I did Honestly, I can t even begin [...]

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    Approximately twenty eight years ago, a young girl picked up a book from her mother s box of books out of boredom Her life was changed Ever since then, her favorite type of book has been historical romance She has read a lot of it There have been many that she has enjoyed But some books just stand out This is one of them.Because of how much I liked this book, this is a very long review I apologize if you don t like long reviews The short of it is I loved this book very much If you want to know w [...]


    Rese a completa masromance 201Quiz s un final que no est a la altura del resto de la novela es lo que me hizo quitarle una estrellita la primera vez que lo le Pero ahora, que he le do bastante m s, creo que se merece las 5Es una novela muy arriesgada, tanto por los personajes tan at picos que la forman como por la trama y la gran cr tica que se esconde detras Aqu no se salva nadie Ni Christian, ese libertino de vida amoral, derochador y fiel reflejo de una sociedad ego sta e hip crita Es un pers [...]


    This book was recommended to me as a sad story I think the people thought it was emotionally gripping but I found it to be neither First thing it was too long An easy 150 pages could have been cut out I thought Kinsale writes very well but I felt the weight I didn t find it any moving or emotionally gripping than any other love story I ve read ie it doesn t stand out for me On the cover of the book where it says One of the World s Most Cherished Love Stories I think that s a bit over the top.Jer [...]


    I wanted to like this book, I really did The premise sounded great and it received rave reviews As a work of fiction it was brave, detailed and uncompromising in its depiction of characters who were true polar opposites falling in love I liked the stark depiction of the Victorian asylum, the inadequacy of health services and rehabilitation, the constant jockeying of mercenary relatives, and political manoeuvring of the upper classes However, for me, as a romance it failed I found Christian comp [...]


    The we love a book, the harder it is to write the review, right I have to, with this one This is not, by any means, an average romance book It s the kind of romance which I would recommend to those who think romance books have so little to offer The book is so much than two people from two different world who break all the rules, find their way to each other, and live HEA From a woman s perspective, I say this book was too sad, too sweet, too emotionally intense It s an epic love story which h [...]

    María Ángeles

    Pues aqu llego yo y s lo le doy un tres estrellas.Tal vez soy dura Tal vez me arrepienta.Pero es que he odiado el libro, y despu s lo he amado Entonces m s estrellas No, quiero ser justa conmigo misma.La primera mitad del libro y es una mitad muy larga , me ha parecido lent sima Muy muy lenta Tal vez la autora lo haya hecho a prop sito para que sintamos en nuestras carnes la agon a que sufri Christian en el manicomio, para que suframos como l sufri el terrible trance de no poder comunicarse He a [...]


    Slowly the realization came to her He isn t mad He is maddened 4.5 stars.The Saint and the Sinner The Pilgrim s Progress Paradise Lost and Found This one is DEFINITELY on my favorites shelf, despite some quibbles I ve read it numerous times I ve considered keeping a copy stashed in the bathroom More recently, I listened to Nicholas Boulton s wondrous narration.Try my quiz quizzes resContents Several sex scenes, somewhat explicit Some swearing and profanity Some violence, including abuse at the a [...]


    5 STARSWith no rule but love between usWow This one blew me away LOVED every painful, blissful, second of it I want to go back and read it again, and again Romance perfection is all I can say There were so many amazing quotes and tender moments, I wanted to highlight the entire book The writing was brilliant I have nothing bad to say about this book I also want to thank my lovely friend Lisa for lending me her book, and her ear, and her now drenched shoulder to cry on, as I made my way through i [...]


    I did NOT want to read this book, I mean, a Quaker chick A dude who can t speak Bleck Well, this is a hot mess of awesome, everything but the kitchen sink is thrown into this dense plot, but in a GOOD way Characters are great, plot very taunt and gripping not talking about the sex scenes either, HAR HAR I enjoyed it thoroughly and have several other books by the author on my Kindle, including Shadow and the Star, a Victorian romance where the guy is a child prostitution survivor and a Hawaiian n [...]


    5 Stars Brilliant and emotionally draining There are so many great reviews for Flowers from the Storm, namely one from UniquelyMoi 1 Click RockChick, who was the friend who recommended this book to me, so I m not going to get too much into the story, just read herreview Thanks for the rec Dhes, I loved it I will say this though, it s a profound story, and while it surrounds tragic circumstances at its core, it s also amusing, passionate, sensual and hopeful A truly unique opposites attract story [...]


    I don t always read books with bare chested macho men on the cover, but when I do I read Laura Kinsale This book has a number of covers without such a picture but just my luck when I swapped for this book and received the bare chested man hair blowing in the wind edition So it took me a while to start this assuming it might be cheesy Perhaps the publishers do a disservice to the literary merit of this work by using such covers Anyway, the writing in this book is just overflowing with imagery and [...]


    Oh, how to review this and not say something that s been said 100 times by all the other reviewers The powerful, brilliant and oh so sexy The Duke of Jervaulx has a stroke of sorts, but his family thinks he s lost his mind and shuts him away for his own good and no one to believe he s not insane and dangerous until Quaker Maddy Tims comes to Blythedale to help her uncle She lifted her head He wasn t a two year old He had not lost his reason He isn t mad he is maddened That s about all you need t [...]

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    parrafosenelvientoEs un libro que a quien le guste este g nero deber a leer, es dif cil que no lo disfrute.Despu s de haber le do tant simos libros del g nero encontrarse con algo m nimamente diferente ya es un logro Este va mucho m s all.Sus personajes se salen por completo de la norma Un duque que sufre una apoplej a perdiendo la capacidad de hablar y al que encierran tom ndolo por loco y una cu quera Es la primera vez que me topo con unos personajes como estos Adem s, est n perfectamente cons [...]


    3,5 Aunque el argumento me ha resultado original y la forma de escribir de Kinsale me ha parecido muy buena, la prota y concretamente su personalidad, me ha chafado pr cticamente por completo el libro Hasta el ultimo capitulo no deja de ser una falsa santurrona que se me hace insoportable todo el tiempo juzgando las acciones pasadas, presentes y futuras del protagonista Cuando el prota se encuentra en la situaci n que se encuentra, que ya es complicada de por s , ella a mi parecer m s que ayudar [...]

    Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical)

    This would have been five stars, if not for Maddie and her obsession with her religion She started out open minded, then became less so, which I found strange, since she was supposedly growing in love with Christian the farther along in the book Sometimes she s also a little too mean for my likingI just felt so bad for Christian, I wanted to protect him and put him in this little bubble of safety I seriously felt his pain as if it were my own This is one the most UNIQUE romance novels I ve eve [...]


    I ve put off writing this review for a couple of weeks Partly because I ve been a bit busy and wanted to take the time to do it justice, and partly because it s such an emotionally complex story that I felt a bit drained after listening to it and needed to have all my braincell in gear in order to be able to think straight Even now, I m not sure that s the case, but here goes.As with my reviews for The Prince of Midnight and Midsummer Moon, the short version of this review is It s absolutely fan [...]


    On , K asked me why I thought this book was romantic She doesn t this was my reply I have been thinking about this for a few days At first I thought isn t this like trying to describe why chocolate cake tastes good But that is a sensation Identifying a book as romantic is a mental process, so I ought to be able to do this.I don t think we are debating whether FFTS is a romance Its focus is the love between two people and it has a HEA ending That makes it a romance It does have other elements As [...]


    Pues me ha gustado muchisimoeo, si no me equivoco que es el primer libro que leo de esta autora y tengo que decir que me gusta como escribeLa historia me ha encantado al comienzo sufr y mucho yo soy muy sufr a pa estas cosas madre mia s lo pensaba que sacaran al duque de ese sitio ufff cada vez que sal a el Gorila me pon a mala,que corae me daba ese t o y la familia del duque tambi npor no hablar de los mete mierdas que hay relaci n de M y C me ha gustado mucho verdad que son muy distintos pero [...]

    Marisa Sauco

    La historia es bonita y muy original Pero, por momentos, la lectura se me hizo un poco lenta La construcci n de los personajes principales es exquisita En mi opini n, lo mejor de la novela.

    ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖

    El final es muy precipitado, drama al rolete, drama porque s que no aporta nada a la trama Y tira al traste, en 40 p ginas, lo que le cost en 400 construir.Todav a estoy pensando qu me pareci este libro y llegu a esta conclusi n Es un buen libro, est bien escrito y es diferente Y para los fan ticos del g nero como yo es un soplo de aire fresco Maddy se hace odiar por momentos porque es una mujer religiosa pero es prejuiciosa e intolerante Por un lado pude identificarme con ella porque yo tambi n [...]


    Warning Unpopular opinion timeI m sorry, I have to call it at 38% I really wanted to love this Regency era Man with a disability has to learn to overcome it with the help of a woman and they fall in love in the process So much potential But there was so much wrong with the execution So, let s recap the first 38% mild spoilers Christian, Duke of Jevaulx, starts in bed with a married woman he got pregnant And he tells her to sleep with her husband so he thinks it s his _ Great start for our hero H [...]


    This book is the PERFECT example of the old cliche you can t judge a book by its cover I was confused by the effusive praise for this story, thinking it just another dime store romance judging by the cover Never has that cliche hit home so strongly as when I started reading Ms Kinsale has taken an ordinary historical and completely turned it into a deep and riveting story with a richness seldom seen in this genre In fact, I think the publishers have done a huge injustice to such a fine book by l [...]

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